How to Watch YouTube on Firestick Again | Installation Guide (2020)

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This article provides a complete guide to Install YouTube TV and YouTube on Firestick. This process is quick and easy and is compatible with all the Firestick and Fire TV devices.

The Amazon Store deleted the YouTube Firestick App because of the conflict between Amazon and Google back in 2018. The good news, however, is that the two tech giants have restored their connections and YouTube once again is present on the Amazon Store.

Without a doubt YouTube is a go to media streaming app and now that it is back on Firestick, it is call for celebration!

Since YouTube is officially now available on Amazon Store once again, it can be installed using a 2 minute process all across the United States.

Although the Firestick device can be jailbroken for free access to all sorts of media content using the Best Kodi Addons and Kodi Builds, still YouTube stands to be a “must have arsenal” on Firestick. Let’s dig into its installation procedure.

YouTube on Firestick Installation Process

If you have installed YouTube on Firestick from any third party source, it is IMPORTANT to UNINSTALL this version before you download the official YouTube from Amazon Store.

FirestickJailbreak Tip: Use a good VPN for Firestick to avoid the government and ISP surveillance radar, access all geo-restricted content along with many other advantages.  

Like we have told you above that YouTube is now officially present on Amazon Store and can be installed on Firestick. Here is a simple procedure for its installation:

Switch on your Firestick and allow the main window to pop open.

When the Home Window opens, tap on Search in upper left side.

Firestick Main page

Enter the name of YouTube and tap on its icon in the search results.

Search YouTube on Firestick

Tap on the YouTube icon from the apps list that pops up.

Tap on YouTube from search results

Then tap on Get if you are downloading YouTube for Firestick for the first time around.

If you have installed YouTube previously then tap on Download.

Install or Download YouTube

Give sometime to for YouTube to download and install. This can take up to 2 minutes.

download YouTube on Firestick

Now Tap Open to launch YouTube. You can operate it using the Apps and Channels.

Launch YouTube

How to get YouTube App ready on Firestick?

The YouTube App is now installed on Firestick and is ready for use. However there a few requirements you need to complete to get the app fully ready for Firestick.

Do not worry! This will not take long.

Tip: Place the YouTube App on Home Screen of Firestick

Visit the main screen of Firestick. You can open the YouTube app from the List of Apps instead of the “Apps and Channels” category.

You can place the YouTube App on Home Screen. Even though this is not necessary to do but it will make things convenient! Follow these steps to place this icon on Home Screen.

Press and hold the Home button on Firestick remove and choose “Apps”.

Firestick Apps

The list of all installed Apps will appear.

YouTube is freshly installed so go down to the end of this list to locate YouTube.

Apps and Channels

Tap on “Options” on your remote and then tap on “Move” from the window that opens on the screen.

Options in Apps and Channels

Now you will be able to move this app’s icon to anywhere you want to.

Use the Press button and place the icon anywhere you like.

You can now check the Home Screen to find YouTube icon present there.

How to begin using YouTube?

When you launch the YouTube App for the very first time, the SIGN IN to YouTube will pop up. This is not necessary, but we advise you to do so. It will open all the restricted content and you will be able to look at your saved playlists subscribed channels and history.

You can also use this app by “Use YouTube signed out” option. This way you can also access tons of content. Then later you may add your account to YouTube.

Follow these steps if you wish to SIGN IN:

The SIGN IN window will appear as shown below.

Sign In to YouTube

Type in the Sign In Code or Sign In using your Google ID registered on YouTube.

YouTube on FireStick Installation Methods

YouTube can be installed on Firestick through Amazon Store by following a straightforward procedure. However we have listed two alternative procedures as well in case the first one does not work.

However, if you have installed YouTube using the first method then no need to obey the instructions for the alternative procedures.

Here are the three methods to install YouTube on Firestick.
  • Procedure 1 (Basic): YouTube TV Firestick through Amazon Store.
  • Procedure 2: Live YouTube TV App via third party app.
  • Procedure 3: Open YouTube TV using the FireStick browser.

Procedure 1 (Basic): YouTube TV Firestick through Amazon Store

You should note that Live TV using YouTube does not work apart from United States.

To be able to watch YouTube TV apart from United States, refer to Procedure 2.

Follow these steps to install YouTube on Firestick through Amazon Store:

Launch the main page of Firestick and go to the Search option at the top left side of the home screen.

Search on Firestick

Enter YouTube TV in the search bar and tap on YouTube TV once the search results pop open.

Firestick YouTube App Search

Tap on the icon for YouTube TV in the proceeding window.

YouTube TV icon

Then tap on Get if you are downloading YouTube for Firestick for the first time around.

If you have installed YouTube previously then tap on Download.

Get or Download YouTube

Give sometime for the App to finish downloading.

download YouTube

Now Tap Open to launch YouTube. You can operate it using the Apps and Channels.

Sign In to your YouTube account if you already have one

Or Click Try It Free to sign up.

Sign Up for Free

Procedure 2: Live YouTube TV App via third party app

If you wish to access YouTube on Firestick in any country apart from USA, you can use the third party APK file. If you have purchased the YouTube TV subscription then you can access YouTube TV through a VPN.

For subscription you will require a debit or credit card issued from USA or a PayPal Account.

Simply follow these steps below:

Open the Settings of Firestick using the top menu bar.

Firestick Settings

Choose and Launch My Fire TV on next screen.

My Fire TV

Then tap on Developers Options.

Developer Options

You must look at the Apps from Unknown Sources which should be ON. In case this is OFF, switch it ON.

Unknown Sources ON

Tap on Turn ON to give permission to apps from unknown places.

Apps from Unknown Sources

Visit the Home Screen of Firestick and tap on Search at the top left side.

  • Search for the Downloader App. Tap on the App when it appears in the Search results.
  • Follow the prompts to finish installing Downloader.
  • This app will side load YouTube.

Launch the Downloader app.

Remove any displayed prompts. f any prompts are displayed, get rid of them

Tap on the Home present in the left menu.

Tap on the text box with https://.

Now enter this address when a pop window is displayed by using the keypad.

Give sometime for YouTube APK to finish downloading.

Tap on Install when you are prompted.

Once the app has been installed you can either tap on Open and begin using it. Or you can click Done and remove the YouTube TV APK file.

If you have selected Done then tap on Delete.

Press Delete again on the next screen.

You can move out of the Downloader App now and visit the main screen on Firestick. Choose the second row in the category Your Apps & Channels.

Then navigate to left and tap on See All.

Apps and Channels

Then go to the last row in the apps list and tap on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV

If you wish to move this app to Firestick’s Home Screen, tap on the menu button on the Firestick remove. Then tap Move in the window which appears. Simply move and place the app wherever you want.

Move YouTube to Home Screen

You will then be asked to select the resolution of your choice.

YouTube Resolution

Then press Allow.

Allow Button

Now you can sign in to your YouTube Account or Try it for free if you do not have one.

Sign in to YouTube

On the next window you will find an activation code.

Now according to your instructions visit this link from your cell phone or PC

Sign in using your Google ID through which you are subscribed to YouTube.

Then type the code on your Firestick Browser.

activation code

Procedure 3: Open YouTube TV using the FireStick browser

The third procedure involves using the Silk Browser to open YouTube on Firestick. This browser is installed by default on Firestick.

If you have uninstalled this browser you can download and use YouTube again following these steps:

1. On the home screen of FireStick tap on the lens icon for Search at top left side.
2. Enter ‘Silk Browser’.
3. Tap on the ‘Silk Browser’ from the search result list.
4. Then click ‘Silk Browser’ icon in the proceeding window.
5. Tap on ‘Download’ button to finish downloading the app.
6. Now you simply have to launch the silk browser and visit this link

In the End…

These are the three procedures for accessing the official YouTube on Firestick and Fire TV devices. You can use this app to sign in to your Google Account and manage your subscribed channels, saved playlists and history.

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