What is Kodi |Complete Guide|Stream Movies, Live TV & Sports

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Kodi has become a known name in the media industry. It is in use of anyone who is fond of streaming content from the internet.

This media player has been around ever since 2002. It was initially referred to as Xbox Media Player but by 2003, it was known as the Xbox Media Center. This was the case till 2014 until the XBMC Foundation gave the service its famous brand name Kodi.

What is Kodi Software?

To define it simply, Kodi is free of cost media player which is open-source.

When one hears the name of a media player, immediately VLC player pops up in one’s mind. Generally, media players such as the VLC player simply play the media from the device’s internal storage. Kodi has the capability of doing this as well. However, what makes Kodi stand out is its capability to stream content using the internet. And the good news is, it does it for free!

This free of cost media player provides you access to TV shows, movies, live TV and much more. All one has to do is know which Kodi Addons to install. However, to enjoy a complete entertainment experience Kodi Builds is the ultimate go-to tool.

Furthermore, Kodi has compatibility with all famous software platforms. The famous compatible platforms that host Kodi are:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Mac
  4. Windows
  5. Amazon Firestick and Fire TV

How to install Kodi?

As we have mentioned Kodi is compatible across a number of platforms. Let’s take a quick look at the Kodi installation process for each of these.

Install Kodi on Amazon FireStick and Fire TV

All of the Fire TV devices are quite similar to each other hence remain the same in a number of aspects. The Kodi installation procedure also remains the same on all of the Fire TV devices.

But you must remember that Kodi is not hosted by Amazon App Store however you can sideload it on Fire TV devices. Read our detailed guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick.

Install Kodi on Android Devices

All the Android devices support the Google Play Store and its services. Kodi is also an official app of the Play Store.

All the user has to do is download and install the Kodi app from the store on any of the Android devices.

Install Kodi on Xbox and Windows PC

Windows 10 and Xbox One: Kodi is accessible on the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. Enter the word “Kod” in Cortana Search. Then tap on the icon of Kodi. Then keep following the prompts to finish installing Kodi.

Windows 8, Xbox 360 and previous versions: The downloader can be accessed on the Kodi official site https://kodi.tv/download. Tap on Windows here.

Install Kodi on Mac and iOS

To download Kodi on Mac and iOS devices, visit the main page of the Kodi download site https://kodi.tv/download. Tap on the icon of OS either Mac OS or iOS.

A pop-up window will open through which the installer will be downloaded. This pop-up will also comprise of the installation guide through which you can seek help.

How to start using Kodi?

Kodi itself does not stream any entertainment content in fact it is a simple media player that allows content playback. You can play this media using your internal storage through Kodi. Kodi is famously known because it streams content using the internet free of cost.

In order to start using Kodi you need the help of Kodi Addons, Builds, Skins, Repository and a few other supporting features.

What are Kodi Addons?

Kodi indeed is famous on its own however what makes it worthwhile are its addons. Addons open a whole universe of free content available on the internet. No matter what you want to watch whether TV shows, online TV, sports or movies, addons will stream it for you. Hence it can rightly be said that to get started with Kodi, the use of addons is an absolute essential.

Even these addons do not host their own content. They simply fetch the best quality streaming links for you.

You can read FirestickJailbreak.net’s list of Best Kodi Addons to know all the ones that you must install.

You can then further read our guide on How to use Kodi Addons to get started.

What are Kodi Builds?

Kodi Builds add to the visual appearance of the Kodi’s user interface. In simple words, Builds customize Kodi’s interaction with the user. These Builds are already equipped with the famous and functional addons, you will not face the hassle of installing them manually.

You should know that these Kodi Builds are dependent on addons for their functioning. Hence, they can be included in the category of “non-essentials”. But you can easily get started with the Kodi experience just with the addons. If you ask our opinion then we would say that Kodi’s experience gets much more enhanced with the use of builds.

The Kodi builds eventually rely on addons for content streaming. Thus, one could say, they are the non-essentials. That’s not entirely untrue. You might get started with a bunch of addons and without any build. But, Kodi is just so much more fun with the builds. Even though it’s not mandatory, I personally recommend a Kodi build.

To use Kodi Builds you can take help from FirestickJailbreak.net’s exclusive Builds guides:

Install No Limits Magic Build

Install Streamline Build Kodi

Install Kodi Titanium Build

Install 1Amazing Kodi Build

What are Kodi Skins?

The outstanding feature of Kodi is its attractive appearance on screen. The interface appears this attractive because of Kodi Skins. Just like there is a wide variety of addons available, there are a number of Kodi Skins available as well which can be installed free of cost.

Once you have a Kodi Repository, you will be able to see all the skins available there. These skins let users customize menus, shortcuts, images and other icons on their interface. You can have an amazing Kodi set-up appearance according to your requirements.

What is Kodi Repository?

In simple words, a Kodi Repository which is commonly referred to as the ‘repo‘ is a library comprising of various Kodi addons. These addons are segregated into their relevant categories. Instead of completing the installation of these addons manually, you can just install a repository and it will have all the addons that you need. 

Kodi addons are constantly updated in their repository when their new versions are launched.

In fact, whenever you read instructions for installing any Kodi addon, the manual will first ask you to install a particular repository that will comprise all the addons including the one you wish to install.

What is Kodi Wizard?

To explain it simply a Kodi Wizard comprises a number of Kodi Builds that you can select and install. In addition to this, a wizard has some useful tools such as the speed test tool, Android Apps Tool, and the buffering tool.

Everything that we have introduced above such as the Kodi addons, builds, skins and repository are all packed into a Kodi Wizard!

Essentially any Kodi Wizard is a time-saving entity that can perform multiple functions at one time.

What does a Kodi EPG do?

The EPG is a form of an e-guide program compatible with the addons for live TV which are present on your Kodi App. This is quite similar to the guide that accompanies your cable or dish TV through which you can stay updated on what is airing on TV.  

Is Kodi replacing the Cable TV?

Kodi has everything you require which can easily replace your Cable TVs such as its capacity to stream live TV channels and store content which you download.

Is Kodi Safe and Legal to use?

Kodi is absolutely legal to use. It is also safe to use given you install the relevant addons and builds provided by trusted sources. You can read FirestickJailbreak.net’s exclusive guides on addons and builds to know further.

You do not need to fret over the legality of Kodi. It is validated by the fact that Kodi is available in the Microsoft Store as well as the Google Play Store; both of which only includes the trusted apps. This is a basic litmus test to check the authenticity of any app.

However, when you stream free of cost content through Kodi Addons, you may have to face copyright issues. Since every activity you perform on the internet is mirrored by your ISP, government and many third parties.

It is important to mention that we are not advertising the use of copyrighted content but we care about your right to privacy.

In this case you can avoid any serious troubles by using a good VPN. VPN encrypts your server traffic and has other benefits as well

In the End…

This article gave our users a quick overview of what Kodi is; everything that the user needs to know before getting started with the Kodi experience. You can further stay tuned on JailbreakFirestick.net for detailed guides and updates on Kodi. Remember to share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

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