Top 5 IPTV Subscriptions to Jump Start Your Cord Cutting Journey!

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Let’s be honest, Jailbreaking Firestick was not enough. Sure we got hold of those apps and add-ons, but what about those IPTVs?

We all know cutting the cord and having an IPTV instead is a BIG buck saver, but even then IPTV services come with a cost. So what do we do next? We look for the best subscription packages.

At any given point almost everyone is spreading out to find the services which suits them the best. Since most of the regular customers do not have the experience nor expertise, they often head out for reviews.

Cut the cord

Social media KILLS the real deals! Because everything is so biased!

After a long crazy anthem on which subscription to go for, I came to a simple conclusion.

 Test out the features for myself in a completely unbiased manner.

Of course that meant shamelessly consuming my bandwidth limit with a few sleepless nights, but I guess it was all worth the shot.

An interesting cord cutting confidentiality popped up when I realized how I was paying $528 annually for my Cable TV network!

Guess it gave me all the more reason to stick to my mission.

So here is what I learnt about subscription packages:

  1. No one is telling you truth until you sign up for your own trial package.
  2. Most boosted IPTV service on self-acclaimed platform are probably there because the IPTV services paid for the reviews.
  3. Not all the channel count is true. Most platforms have pitched the highest possible channel count just to increase their traffic and users easily fall for it.
  4. IPTV service providers are always monitoring their video charges and at times what others are telling you in terms of saving money is not always true.
  5. Sticking to a single subscription package is not a wise option, given how the packages, servers and web portals are always fluctuating.
  6. Not ALL IPTV services need sign in credentials. Save yourself the complication of fishing for the sign in portal when it does not even have one!

To make your subscription friction-less, here are the subscription packages which helped me figure out which IPTV packages should I opt for.

Sapphire Secure IPTV

Free Trial AvailabilityFree of Cost and Unlimited
Monthly Packages$5.00 USD per month $8.00 USD per month $10.00 USD per month
Total No of Channels Generic overview 33,000 Channels (New Channels are added)
Payment MethodDebit/Credit Card Payment Bitcoin/Lite Coin-PayPal
IPTV EPG Availability Yes
Total Connections Up to 4 connections based on the package you have purchased
Availability in Different Regions  USA/UK/CANADA/ASIA
Promo Code50% off using the promo code: BigCiga4 OR  TewfikB
Multi-Screen FeatureYes

Sapphire Secure was an accident which started from the 24-hour trial testing. I honestly did not expect the IPTV service to be a winner for myself. Usually I head for reviews before purchasing a subscription plan.

With Sapphire Secure IPTV however, I felt a little adventurous and went straight ahead for the trial, as it turns out I REALLY liked the service.

Sapphire Secure IPTV subscription features

Sapphire Secure is the ONLY IPTV service provider which is serious about their website traffic, since its quite self-explanatory.

Here is what I found there.

You are getting 3 different packages. Each has its own set of perks and limitations.

Silver Bundle $5 for 1 connection watch, Gold Bundle $8 for 3 connection watch and Platinum Bundle $10 a watch.

Starting from $5.00 and going till $10.00, based on the bandwidth, disk space, connections and number of channels you are willing to invest in.

How Much do you save with Sapphire Secure IPTV vs Cable Networking?

I would not bore you with the details of it, but here is the tweak of it. Once I started streaming with Sapphire Secure I immediately felt comfortable with the bundle packages because I felt the IPTV service was a good buck saver. With $5 subscription and 50% off promo code you are saving $480 on an early basis.

Legal Service or not?

Sapphire Secure is legal as long as you are not viewing or downloading any copyrighted content.

Do they AutoRenew on a monthly subscription?

Yes, your account is auto-renewed as soon as the payment is done. PayPal users might find some difficulty as the website is not currently supporting PayPal.

What others are not telling you?

When you get started with the service, the total channel screening from a plus account is exact 1593 with little PPV and no Movie/Show screening on its own. The EPG categories are good, but constant refreshing is what will help you find the best content.

Reviews, Bits and Pieces

sapphire secure iptv

Jailbreak Firestick’s Recommended Bundle

Go for the trial first, then directly choose any of the Plus bundles for yourself. The Plus and Regular bundles are for the same prices therefore choose a plus option for yourself.

Official Link:

Top Dog

Free Trial AvailabilityNo Free trial at the moment
Monthly Packages$6 for one month
Total ChannelsNo total count given, an estimate of 3000+ channels
Payment MethodCredit Card
IPV EPG Availability yes
Total connections2
Availability in Different Regions  USAUKCANADAASIALatino, Brazil, Turkey
Promo CodeNo

I deliberately choose to test out Top Dog IPTV because of the obvious hype of its cheap yet interactive user interface.

Top Dog IPTV subscription features

Top Dog IPTV has one good to all package with which you can sign up directly with the only choice between 1 connection or 2 connections. I admired this features, since it helped me make up my mind without much hassle.

How Much do you save with Top Dog IPTV vs Cable Networking?

With $6 a month, you are saving up to $468 on yearly based as compared to conventional Cable networking.

Legal Service or not?

I would like to assume Top Dog IPTV to be a legal service since there has been no reported illegibility charges and no mainstream content is copyrighted at the moment.

Do they AutoRenew on a monthly subscription?

Yes, they Auto-renew on monthly basis. However unlike other services, if you fall a little short on your payment, Top Dog IPTV account lends you a little room for late payment.

What others are not telling you?

The website is down almost all the time. However, because of its huge demand you can get it up and running by submitting a ticket.

Reviews: Bits and Pieces

top dog iptv

Jailbreak Firestick’s Recommended Bundle

Avail the 2 connection bundle, since the price range is same. We say this because often 1 connection has more variety of channels than the other one.

Area 51 IPTV

Free Trial AvailabilityYes
Monthly Packages$10 a month
Total Number of ChannelsAcclaimed 700+ Live HD channels
Payment MethodPayPal Only
IPTV EPG Availability Yes
Total Connections You can add more connections with $5 per connection
Availability in Different Regions  USA/UK/CANADA/ASIA
Promo CodeNo

Area 51 IPTV kept flashing on my Facebook feed and hen later I found its reference whiling searching for record IPTV. Needless to say this particular IPTV is very much liked by the users because of its cheap bundle packages.

I thought I might give it a try given how the service acclaims of HD streaming in $5 a month.

Area 51 IPTV subscription features

The subscription features are very simple. You are paying for one connection $10 a month. You can subscribe for 3, 6, 10 and 12 months based on the same rate.

For trial purposes, even though there are no free trials available you can sign up for $5 a month.

Area 51 is very particular about their server usage, and therefore initially they are only going to offer you a single connection. They do not overshare their web server, so extra $5 per connection is an inside story.

How Much do you save with Area 51 IPTV vs Cable Networking?

You get to save up to $380 if you subscribe for the yearly plan.

Legal Service or not?

Area 51 IPTV is completely safe and legal to use. They are very particular about their quality and I there have been no copyrighted content ever reported.

Do they AutoRenew on a monthly subscription?

Their account is a very sensitive to the connection, however their expiry date is unlimited.

What others are not telling you?

The total channels of Area TV IPTV are around 1306. When I first subscribed to the service I was alright with the channel list, however not everything on Area 51 is in HD despite quality shows and categories.

The website does not overshare; therefore, you have to be quick around buying your favorite subscription.

Reviews: Bits and Pieces

area 51 iptv

Jailbreak Firestick’s Recommended Bundle

Area 51 IPTV yearly bundle with 1 connection is sufficient enough for covering all of the major content.

Official Link:

[Update: Their servers are usually restored back shortly before fall season, mark your calendars at the end of September.]

Streams IPTV for US

Free Trial AvailabilityYes- 72 Hours Trial Period
Monthly Packages$10/Month $30/3 Months $60/ 6 Months
Total Number of Channels7720
Payment MethodCredit Card – PayPal
IPTV EPG Availability Yes
Total Connections 1 connection is free of cost Add up to 4 additional connections
Availability in Different Regions  USA/UK/CANADA/ASIA
Promo Code35% off by first come first serve basis on their official website. All you have to do is sign up for the service.

My best friend switched from streams4u to Streams IPTV for US. As he knew about my IPTV hunting, he suggested me Streams IPTV for US. Needless to say the website is pretty impressive with everything explained till the finest detail and cheap packages.

Streams IPTV for US subscription features

Streams IPTV for US is pretty basic.

$10 a month. That’s all!

 Based on their bandwidth limit, they allot you connection even though they claim you can get up to five connections but that is not completely true.

How Much do you save with IPTV vs Cable Networking?

With $10 and an additional of $5 if you choose extra connections you are still saving $360 a year!

Legal Service or not?

Streams for US is completely safe of any copyrighted content. They have super strict policies and reliable client chain.

Do they AutoRenew on a monthly subscription?

Yes, they do. This is the only IPTV service so far which has the most highly networked client based customer support. For any account issues, the team is the first one to contact you. In case your payment is delayed, you get the chance to make delayed payment while your account is still functional.

What others are not telling you?

The reselling feature! Streams for US has most recently introduced a reseller plan which helps you share your connections by making them paid. You do not owe the service whatever you earn through those connections.

Reviews: Bits and Pieces

streams iptv for us

Jailbreak Firestick’s Recommended Bundle

If you want multiple connections for a cheap package price, simply choose the 6 Months 5 connections plans.

If you want a single plan, 3 months with 1 connection for $30 is good enough for getting you started with the IPTV service.

Official Link:

Other IPTV services Subscription Packages

Helix TV IPTV Smart TV IPTV BeastTV IPTV Nitro IPTV PVR IPTV Simple Client (Free IPTV service on Kodi) GSE Smart TV IPTV (Free IPTV Service)Vue Media IPTVThunder TV IPTV Fluxus IPTV (Free IPTV service on Kodi)
Paid Trial $2.99 for 48 hour
1 month 5.39 EUR (one time activation fee)$11 a month per device $14.99 a month for multiple devices2 connections- $20 4 connections- $35 8 connections- $50$5.53 a month$15-$18  based on customized subscription
3 month 2 connections- $60
6 month
12 month
24 month$104 for 1st cycle Regular rate after the 24 months $45 a month
Yearly saving $40, with addition to premium category$463.32$396$288 $461.6$312

The Players Klub IPTV

Free Trial Availability No
Monthly Packages $9.9/ Month $27/ 3 Months $48/ 6 Months
Total Number of Channels 3000+ Channels
Payment Method PayPal
IPTV EPG Availability Yes
Total Connections 1
Availability in Different Regions  USA/UK/CANADA/ASIA/Australia  
Promo Code No

I found The Players Klub on my IPTV hunting venture and so to say, the offers were quite attractive.

The Players Klub IPTV subscription features

They don’t really have a trial based program so I had to invest in the services. Turns out they are giving you the edge by only letting down a single cent from their package.

You get $9.9 per month. It may seem oddly funny, but guess on a 3-month subscription plan you get to have $27 saving at least $9 a month.

How Much do you save with IPTV vs Cable Networking?

Unlike other services they are offering $84 for a yearly subscription, which means you are saving up to $444 annually!

Legal Service or not?

I would like to claim that the IPTV service is completely save for surfing, there has been no reported copyrighted content so far.

Do they AutoRenew on a monthly subscription?

No this is where I can be a little biased but wouldn’t like to be. The service was all good and running until my monthly plan finished and their website would keep redirecting me back to my old subscription plan.

Fun fact, my history of buying the subscription plan was all erased. I had to go to their twitter account to retrieve the new billing link.

What others are not telling you?

The PVR is a built in option which actually works. EPG is not very much of a reliable option for Player Klub but for a cheap IPTV service I would overlook this option.

You get to invest in a reselling plan, which is not the hot selling cake of the overall service, but is there to attract the crowd.

Reviews, Bits and Pieces

players klub iptv

Jailbreak Firestick’s Recommended Bundle

The service is good; I would give it that. To keep the bundle and streaming running the 3 month plan is the best one to avail.

Official Link:

The Final Show Stopper?

Sapphire Secure IPTV.

There. I said It!

I know, you were asked not to be biased, but leaving my readers all the tough hassle might be better at the end.

My experience has definitely led me to believe IPTV as more than just a cord cutter tech science. Who knew cutting out on money could be this much fun!

Let me know if you agree with me here. Till then, happy streaming!

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