Install Tomb Raider Build on Firestick in 2 mins | [Updated 2020 Guide]

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Tomb Raider Build has the best working list of Kodi Add-ons for 2020, and we will be telling you why.

Tomb Raider has been one of the few Kodi Builds which has hosted a stable user interface and working list for over a long period now.
Tom Raider Build

It has almost all of the functional and popular Add-ons we have on our top best Kodi Add-ons for 2020.

Not only that it also hosts a long list of recommended Kodi Game Add-ons which you will not find anywhere else!

Note: Most of our users have complained of a rough interface of Kodi for most of their Builds and Add-ons. For the reason we are now telling our users to reset their Kodi to default settings before proceeding with any installation.

You will have Tomb Raider Build installed on your Firestick in few easy beats.

Stay Safe!

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Install Tomb Raider Kodi Build

Fire up your Kodi and navigate to the option of Settings.

Click on Settings.

tom raider kodi

Next, click on the option of File Manager.

file manager

Click on Add Source.

add source

You will see the options displayed on both of the sides of your screen. Click on any of them both will lead you to the same option.

A small window Pop-up will appear. Click on the option of <None> in it.

add file source

When you select None, you will be required to type in the exact following URL. http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo

tom raider-1

Note: In case of any broken link or typo error you would not be able to extract the zip file required for installing the Repository and Build.

Proceed with clicking on OK.

You will now see a small box which will pop-up as Add File Source window.

Here you are required to name the media source. You can name it anything you wish as long as you are able to remember it later in the process.

We will be using the word mavrepo name here for our convenience.

Click on OK.

tomb raider 2

Click on the Back button of your keyboard until you are taken back to the Kodi Home Screen.

Choose the option of Add-ons from the Menu Item.

tom raider -3

Click on the opening box you see at the top of your display screen.

Next click on the option of ‘Install from zip file’.

tom raider 4

You will be taken to the option of Unknown Sources. Click on the option of Settings.

tom raider 5

This is to allow the installation of Unknown Sources.

Note: Tomb Raider Build is not from the official Kodi Repository therefore it is considered as a third party app. Rest Assured Tomb Raider Build is competing safe to download and browse.

The toggle for Unknown Sources will be turned OFF. Simply click it ON.

tom raider-7

Click on the option of Yes.

tom raider-8

You will head back to the Zip File Installation option. Click on the option of Install from Zip File.

There you will be able to see the option of the media source you must have previously stored with a name.

We had used the name maverpro, so we will be clicking on that option.

tom raider-10

Next click on the option of repository.maverickrepo.zip.

wizard repo

Wait for the Maverick TV Repo Add-on installation message to appear.

Once the installation has been successfully achieved, click on the option of Install from repository.

There click on the option of MaverickTV Repo.

Click on Program Add-ons next.

program addons

Click on the option of Maverick Wizard.

maverick wizard

Maverick Wizard successful installation will be notified after it has been installed.

Click on Continue to proceed.

maverick wizard-1

Click on the option of Build menu.

tom raider build

You can see the option of Tomb Raider Build.

Hover over to that option and click on Install.

tomb raider build

Click on Yes, Install.

maverick wizard

The file will be downloaded shortly. Wait for it to finish.

Click on OK.


The app will close. You will be required to click on Kodi to re-open your installed Build.

The Build is all set to use.

Perks and Features Not to Miss of Tomb Raider Build!

Tomb Raider Build is a great Build but it may take some time for to launch because of its bigger storage capacity requirement.

Do not worry though that is not how the user interface is. The navigation throughout the Build is very smooth. The categories are well established and self-explanatory which makes Tomb Raider Build super friendly.

Some of the notable categories for Tomb Raider Build are:

  • Magic Dragon
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Kids Zone
  • Docs Zone
  • Music
  • Add-Ons
  • Power

The popular Kodi Add-ons available on Tomb Raider Build are:

Note: Tomb Raider Build might not work very smoothly if you’re using it as an App on your Window PC.

Despite this one shortcoming the Build is fabulous in its functioning.

What Do We Think about Tomb Raider Build?

It is one decent Kodi Build to have on your Firestick. If you have not looked elsewhere for a reliable Kodi Build as yet, we suggest you start from Tomb Raider Build.

It has all the popular Kodi Add-ons for you to get started.

With Tomb Raider Build you will get a fine collection of good Video options. It also features an on demand video option. Apart from the mainstream Kodi Add-ons you will also get the option of viewing Live TV channels.

In a way Kodi Build covers everything you would want to have collectively on your Firestick.

Get exploring with the Build already will you!

Let us know about your thoughts with Tomb Raider Kodi Build, in case we have missed on any feature.

Till then happy streaming!

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