3 Step Streamline Build Kodi 18.4 Leia Installation Guide (2020)

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Streamline Build is a new member of the collection of ideal Kodi 18 Leia builds. During the course of this tutorial, it is important to realize that Kodi 18 is still new and when it comes to its builds there aren’t many options available in the collection. 

Even though there are many add-ons of Krypton that seamlessly work on Kodi Leia but sad to say that this is not true for builds. 

streamline build kodi

All the Kodi Builds that have been re-coded according to Leia are rumored to have been running into trouble even before their launch. The good news, however, is that Streamline Build has indeed marked its success for Kodi Builds. 

This guide will comprise of in-depth instructions on the installation procedure of Streamline Build for Kodi Leia. 

This installation process will do justice on the following devices:
  • FireStick, 
  • Android TVs, 
  • Android Boxes, 
  • Android Mobiles, 
  • Mac & Windows, 
  • Software/Hardware for Kodi

Moreover, it is essential to note that Streamline Build operates smoothly once it has finished downloading from the Whiz Kid Wizard. This build can operate on devices with low specifications and is light in weight. 

Streamline Build works ideally with FireStick and Android TV box devices as well. Furthermore, this build is packed full of easily manageable add ons for videos, television, TV shows, etc. Few examples are listed below:

It can rightly be said that Streamline is simple in its installation and has made its way in the list of Best Kodi Builds! 

Installation Procedure for Streamline Build on Kodi 18.4 Leia

For the ease of understanding, the process of installing Streamline Build for Kodi has been divided into three major steps: 

Step 1: Switch on the “Unknown Sources”

Step 2: Complete the installation for Whiz Kid Wizard

Step 3: Finish the installation for Streamline Build 

We will guide you in detail about each of these steps. Just keep reading further ahead and do as stated. 

Step 1: Switch on the “Unknown Sources”

  1. Open Kodi and when the Home Screen pops open, go to Settings option present towards the top left side of the page.
kodi home screen and settings

2. Access the System when you are shown with options on the screen

kodi system option

3. Here you need to tap on Add-ons present on the left side of the screen. Then scroll down towards the right side to click on the option of Unknown Sources and toggle the slider towards ON.

unknown sources add-on kodi

4. If you are displayed with any warning pop up then tap on Yes to ignore it. 

kodi add-on warning

Streamline Build is totally secure and now you have successfully finished preparation for installing the Streamline Build Kodi Leia. 

Step 2: Complete the installation for Whiz Kid Wizard

Streamline Build for Kodi is hosted by Whiz Kid Wizard hence it is important to carefully install it and can be done by obeying these steps below: 

  1. Open the Kodi Settings by accessing the Home Screen
kodi home screen settings

2. Tap on File Manager in the list that appears

kodi file manager

3. Then tap on Add Source

kodi add source

4. In the proceeding, window click on None

add file source kodi

5. Now make use of the keypad that appears on the screen and type in the following in the empty field: http://whizkid.one/wizard. Tap OK

streamline build kodi leia

6. Come back to this window and enter the same path name you entered above. This can be any name you wish to recognize the source. Tap OK. 

enter path name

7. Visit the Kodi Home Screen once again. You will have to tap on the button for back more than once. Then tap on Add-ons

kodi add ons

8. Access the icon for Package Installer at the top left side of the screen. You should be searching for the icon of Open-Box. 

kodi package installer

9. Click Install using the “zip file next”

kodi zip file

10. Tap on Whiz or on the name you have assigned it back. 

install zip file whiz

11. Access the zip file plugin.program.Whiz-Kid-Installer.zip

install whiz zip file

12. Now you need to stay put till the Whiz Kid Wizard Add-on has been successfully installed on which you will be notified. You need to be patient here. 

whiz kid wizard

13. The next pop up window that opens tap on Dismiss

kodi add ons

14. Now another pop up window will open where you need to click Continue.

whiz kid wizard

15. Then you will come at the final pop up, tap on Build Menu and access the Kodi Builds list to find Streamline Build. 

kodi add on

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Whiz Kid Wizard host for Kodi. 

Step 3: Finish the installation for Streamline Build

  1. Visit back to the main Kodi Home Screen. Access Add-Ons and then tap on Program Add-Ons.
whiz kid wizard

Launch the Whiz Kid Wizard.

2. Tap on Builds. 

whiz kid wizard kodi builds

3. Then tap on Streamline Builds which you can find under Leia Builds. 

whiz kid wizard streamline build kodi

4. Select the option for Fresh Install. 

Trigger: You may also pick Standard Install but it is best to install the build after resetting Kodi. That’s exactly what Fresh Install will do.
whiz kid wizard fresh install

5. Tap on Continue when you are prompted.

whiz kid wizard continue

6. You need to give some time to Streamline Build Kodi Leia so that it downloads successfully. The time for this depends on your internet speed. 

streamline build kodi leia

7. Once the installation is done, tap on OK to forcefully shut Kodi. At times Kodi can shut down on its own without any warning. 

Open Kodi again to access the downloaded and installed Build. 

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Congrats! You now have a secure connection. 

Recap on Streamline Build for Kodi

If you follow the guidelines above as stated you will have no trouble downloading Streamline build for Kodi. 

Once the build is downloaded you will have no trouble navigating through its features and if you are a Kodi user then there is nothing new to learn. 

The screen of the build has a simple layout just like all other common builds and the main menu bar is easily accessible and visible on the screen. You can use the sub-menu bar as well which further sub-divides the relevant options for you. Summing it up!

You can seek comfort in the fact that Streamline is indeed one of the most perfect builds for Kodi Leia currently. It has a manageable size and a good video add-ons collection which any Firestick user would crave for plus its layout is user-friendly. However to enjoy its complete perks with Firestick remember to protect yourself from ISP throttling by using a good VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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