How to Install Smart TV IPTV on FireStick | Step-by-Step Guide (2020)

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Smart TV IPTV is your hub for all the amazing IPTV subscriptions you can secure in your pocket. In our testing, we have found Smart TV IPTV to be the safest bet on IPTVs you can have out there.

smart tv iptv

Read through our article to know bits and pieces of why you should have Smart TV IPTV for the win!

The biggest pick we took while testing out Smart TV IPTV was the convenience it provides for all of your subscriptions in one place. That is a rare find, especially when an IPTV has to be the main portal for other IPTV channels subscriptions.

Smart TV IPTV supports all the basic and advanced playing formats. (another benefit which will not push you to upgrade to any weird player you might not have space for).

Smart TV IPTV is one of the best choice for IPTV service providers in our suggestion. To check some of the best IPTV service providers for 2020, click here.

Just so you know, IPTV stands as ‘Internet Protocol Television’. IPTV is the new emerging ‘IT’ entity in the tech world. This amazing inexpensive technology is rapidly replacing all the traditional cable and other satellite services.

Is IPTV Illegal?

A question you should always ponder upon before making any purchases. However, when it comes to IPTV services there are no black and whites. We do not have knowledge on which IPTVs hold proper licensing o broadcast their channels.

Previously we have tried reaching out to such services to know about their terms and conditions. However, what we can assure is that most of the PTVs mentioned here are popular and in use worldwide and are relied on from many users without any legal issues ever faced.

So to some extent it is safe to say that you can rely on us. Moreover, if you are accessing any IPTV on Amazon FireStick, then you should be particular that it is legal by all means.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 46% discount on your annual plan!

In our personal experience, IPVanishVPN has been one of the fastest and most reliable VPN with a smooth user interface and almost null log policy. IPVanishVPN has multiple servers with strong security check, ensuring your connection stays anonymous on one of their many servers.

Register for IPVanish VPN, by clicking on the link

Our readers get an exclusive hefty discount, so make sure you are making the most of out it!
  • On your FireStick device, go to the homepage and type in and search for ‘IPVanish VPN’ in your search bar.
  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

How to install Smart IPTV on FireStick

You must know the drill by now, like always we need to get started with enabling the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’.

Let’s jump directly on the steps to be followed:

Fire up your ‘FireStick Homepage’.

Go to ‘Settings’.

smart tv iptv

Navigate to the ‘My Fire TV’.

smart tv iptv settings

Access to ‘Developer Options’.

developer options

Click on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’.

Make sure the toggle shows it is ‘ON’.

apps from unknown sources

You will come across a warning pop-up as soon as the Unknown Sources option is enabled.

Ignore any such warning pop-up.

Tap on ‘Click ON’.

smart tv iptv apps from unknown sources

You are all set to get started with the installation procedure of Smart TV IPTV.

Here is how you can do it:

1- Fire up your main FireStick Homepage and go for the search option.

2- Search through the options for the app ‘Downloader’.

Please know: Downloader is an app, through which we were able to download third party apps, such as Smart TV IPTV in this case.

Follow step-by-step instructions which appear on the screen for a smooth downloading experience.


3- Get started with your Downloader app.

Often after downloading the ‘Downloader’ you will come across random warning prompts. Dismiss all of the warning pop-ups.

Smart TV IPTV is completely legal and safe to use.

4- Copy and paste the following URL or follow the link below:  https://www.firestickjailbreak.net/smart

Proceed with ‘OK’.

5- The Smart IPTV APK will be shortly prompted on your FireStick device.

6- Downloader app will automatically run the Smart IPTV APK for you

Proceed with ‘Install’.

7- Stay a little patient folks! it may take a minute for the app to install.

8- After the app is installed you will see a pop-up, showing that app has been installed.

Open the app, click DONE and delete Smart IPTV APK link for the space to clear up.

Enjoy your streaming with Smart TV IPTV!

Smart TV IPTV Features To Be Mindful of

-Smart TV IPTV offers all of its great services under $7 ($6.10/5.49EUR to be exact). But is the app worth paying? Totally!

– Please know that Smart TV IPTV is a host, not a playing domain. IPTV service providers are the playing domain for IPTvs. You would need to separately buy a subscription for that.

– Unlike others, Smart TV IPTV allows you to have multiple subscriptions in one player.

– It is available on all of your official services, however you have to sideload on your Amazon FireStick regardless.

– All of your multiple subscriptions and streaming is accessible from one single location.

How to use Smart IPTV on FireStick

Note: Below is how you can access all of your installed apps.

Below is what you will see as soon as you open the Smart IPTV app on FireStick.

smart tv iptv

Smart IPTV only offers a 7-day trial period. You would need to activate the Smart IPTV service.

Here is how you can activate the Smart IPTV service, using the following URL:  https://siptv.app/activation/

You activation should be before the trial period, or else you will loose all of your playlists.

After you have successfully activated the app following the link provided above.

Get started with Smart TV IPTV using the trial demonstrated in the picture below: https://siptv.app/mylist/

As you can see on the web-page below.

smart tv iptv playlist

Have your MAC address entered and then:

  • File (any from your local device).
  • URL: TXT or M3U URL provided by the IPTV service provider. (you would need to check that out for the one you have installed).
  • EPG: The format of the EPG URL by the IPTV service provider you have installed.

After your working playlist is added, you can see your Smart TV IPTV all geared up and running.

How to access Smart IPTV on FireStick

Since often it is hard for most users to access Smart IPTV on FireStick, here is how you can do that conveniently.

FireStick offers multiple ways to access installed applications.

1- Go to ‘Settings’, and then go to ‘Applications’.

From ‘Applications’ navigate ‘ Manage Installed Applications’.

You will find ‘Smart IPTV’ there in the list. Launch it.


2- If you hold down the ‘Home’ button, you are directed towards ‘Apps’.


3- On your Home screen of FireStick (under the title of Your Apps & Channels). Press on ‘See All’.

Scroll a little down to find ‘Smart IPTV’ along with other apps.

If you want to regularly visit this app, you can also move it to your Home Screen by clicking on ‘Move’, in the menu button using your remote.

Since IPTVs are new in market, make sure you keep an eye on our regular updating of content. We will also be talking about cord cuttings on our page, so that we can help our users figure out why they should shift to ‘cord cutting’.

Before proceeding please know that we update our content regularly. Although we try our best to cover all aspects of the targeted feature, however we will encourage our readers to make our work more interactive by commenting below with their thoughts and experiences.

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