2020’s Showbox Alternatives for Uninterrupted Streaming (100% Working)

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The list of the top Showbox Alternatives is an important one. Since sadly Showbox abruptly ceased to exist and has remained one of the most famously used apps for streaming movies and TV shows it is missed by its users. In fact, this App has been highly known among Firestick users as well. Now that this app no more exists, in reality, it is only imperative that the users know about the best Showbox Alternatives.

Best Showbox Alternatives

You must know that Showbox and Terrarium TV have a lot of similarities and hence their alternatives overlap as well. So read ahead because these Showbox Alternatives are your next streaming haven.

The Top 8 Showbox Alternatives

Before we move on to listing down the Showbox Alternatives it is also important to inform our users that all of these alternate options have gone through trial and are famously known among the present users who love to stream movies and TV Shows.

However, if you have been a user of Showbox then you would know that it was not one of the most user-friendly apps, in fact, Mouse Toggle had to be used with it for it to be operated on Firestick. This was troublesome, to say the least. Now with any of these Showbox Alternatives, you do not have to complete the installation of any other app you can simply directly use them for streaming.

1. The Cinema APK

This app can definitely be listed in the top Showbox Alternatives ever since Showbox has been taken down. Cinema APK is an app of Android and runs smoothly with all of the Firestick devices including Fire TV and Firestick 4K. It runs with a remote hence is hassle-free, unlike Showbox that required Mouse Toggle.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK comprises of the best movies and TV show library which are periodically upgraded so that users find all the latest released content. In fact, their content is updated so regularly that at times the latest of movies can be found after minutes of their release time. Also, the quality of streamed content is top-notch as well that will simply just make your day.

Furthermore, the app has a highly user-friendly interface with an easy to browse through the library and consequently can be claimed as the top Showbox Alternatives.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

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IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 67% discount on your annual plan!

You can read further ahead on why using a VPN is necessary.

2. The Titanium TV

Another famous name among the Showbox Alternatives is the Titanium TV which you can understand why it is a relevant alternative because it shares a lot of characteristics with Showbox. It would indeed be right to say that both of them are twin apps of Firestick. Once you install and use Titanium TV on Firestick you will understand what we are referring to. After the departure of Showbox, Titanium TV can serve as an excellent alternative to it.  

Titanium TV

If we talk about the features of Titanium TV then you must know that it has a huge library of movies and TV shows as well to browse through. All the latest movies and TV shows that get released can easily be located in this app. The quality of videos that run here is of the best quality as well as standing par with any other high-quality streaming app. You can also sign with Real Debrid using Titanium TV for a more enhanced streaming experience.

3. The CatMouse APK

With every passing day that the media industry is revolutionizing, there are more and more streaming apps that are getting released on a day to day basis. Only a few of them get visible though however CatMouse APK is new in this list and has made its launch known among the others.

CatMouse APK

CatMouse also enjoys the perk of having the best and the most updated collection of TV shows and movies which gets updated on the basis of new releases and aired episodes. This app ensures that the media that the users are viewing never falls short. CatMouse also enjoys the perk of having the best and the most updated collection of TV shows and movies which gets updated on the basis of new releases and aired episodes. This app ensures that the media that the users are viewing never falls short.

It also has the capability of getting a wide variety of links from a huge range of online sources but the truth, in reality, is that it only gets those links that have the best of qualities. The ideal streaming experience can be enjoyed if you link CatMouse APK with Real Debrid!

4. The UnlockMyTV App

There is another well know Showbox Alternative that allows you to stream the best content anywhere at any time you went especially the content that has recently been released. This app also enjoys its place in harboring a wide range of media library with all sorts of TV shows and movies which get updated on a regular basis. This app can definitely provide you with unlimited hours of nonstop entertainment for your guilty pleasures.

UnlockMyTV APK

UnlockMyTV is also relatively new to the streaming family and can rightly place itself in the top best alternatives for Showbox. It has found its way into the best Showbox Alternatives list for its smooth performance and running.  

Furthermore, this app is light in weight with a user-friendly interface and has the ability to get all the best quality links at a good pace. It has the feature for playback as well which you can enjoy even in 1080p resolution quality.

5. The Kodi App

Kodi is another famously recognized name in the list of media-related apps that can easily replace any other streaming app for its smooth performance and quality of streaming. This app opens a plethora of new content, in fact, takes you into a whole new universe of movies, TV shows etc. However, you need to install the best Kodi Addons and you are good to go with this app.  

Kodi TV

The main benefit of using Kodi is that it does not depend on anyone’s developer and has an open-source base that is contributed to by a big group of volunteers. Kodi is also periodically upgraded for its content and monitored for the quality of content. If you know the right add-ons to install you will get all that you need.

Kodi can rightly be named as one of the best Showbox Alternatives which can be installed and used within a matter of minutes on Firestick. Furthermore, it is easily supported by Windows, Mac and iOS as well.

6. The TeaTV App

Tea TV app came into limelight when Titanium TV was taken down but it has existed quiet before. Now that Showbox doesn’t exist any more Tea TV further gained its importance as one of the Showbox Alternatives. Once you use this app you will also get o know why it’s called as one of the best replacements for any media streaming app.


Just like the other apps that are in demand, you will see that Tea TV also has a huge library of shows and movies that are regularly updated. This also fetches only the best quality links from across the web. Even though it does not have a good playback speed like other it has a reasonably good quality of the content that it streams. Once again if you use Real Debrid with this app you can enjoy better quality links.

7. The CyberFlix TV App

CyberFlix TV is also a great app when we talk about Showbox Alternatives and works just like Titanium TV, in fact, it would not be a mistake to call it a Titanium TV clone. It has a very similar design layout and interface to Titanium TV.

Cyberflix TV

They have all of the basics of any media app correctly placed; it has a great catalog that is regularly upgraded for the latest shows and movies. Anything that gets released instantly is update don this app. It is light in weight and fetches the best quality links for you to enjoy and stream from.

8. The TVZion App

TVZion even though it is not one of the best replacements to Showbox but it would not be a mistake to list it here in the Showbox Alternatives list. This is not a bad app, in fact, it has a lot of good features with a well built content library and has tons of entertainment experience to offer but it does not stand par with the other apps on the list especially if you take into account the top 5.

Zion APK

All of the latest movie titles and shows can be located right on the home screen of the app and you can browse between all the latest releases easily. This app is totally compatible with remote and runs fairly smooth across all Firestick devices and Android as well.  

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