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Roku Vs Firestick: Exclusive Buyer’s Guide for Streamers (2020)

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Roku Vs Firestick…. Let’s see who wins the Final Face-Off…

Cutting the cord may seem like you are cutting down on a lot of expenses but it is only smart when you know where to move to from there.

Streaming devices have definitely gained popularity in the world of entertainment. But its always confusing when you have to choose from a big pool. Especially if you are not tech savvy, you won’t know which feature to prefer and what are the drawbacks of a streaming device that can be ignored.

Roku Vs Firestick
Before we answer the more complicated questions, let us ensure you that: Whether you have ditched the Cable TV for Firestick or Roku, you have made a smart choice by cutting the cord.

Why Should You Go For a Streaming Device

Titanic sank in 19s and so should have the Cable entertainment.

It is slow. It is limited. It is expensive as compared to other alternatives. It is a lot of things that an entertainment platform SHOULD NOT BED

With streaming devices, you are offered the ease of quick access (although that depends a lot on your internet speed), unlimited content and a way of keeping yourself hitched on a show even when you are away from home.

Feature Comparison of Roku Vs Firestick

Devices Amazon Firestick 4K Roku
Price $35 $24-$30
Available at Amazon Amazon
Dimensions 3.9 x 1.18 x 0.55 in 2.83 x 1.54 x 0.75 in
Weight 53.6 g 26 g
Processor Quad-core 1.7 GHz Quad-core
GPU IMG GE8300 ARM Cortex A53
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 + LE
PortsHDMI output, micro USB + OTG connectionPower, HDMI 2.0a, mini USB for wireless reciever
Total HDMI Ports 1 1
Number of USB ports 1 0
System RequirementsHD Television, High speed internet connection WiFi (dual antenna) and HDMI inputHD Television, High speed internet connection WiFi (no dual antenna) and HDMI input
Video Content FormatHLG, H.264, H.265, HDR 10, HDR 10+, VP9, Dolby Vision WebM, MKV, MP4, MOV, M4V
Audio Content FormatDolby Atmos (EC3_JOC), Dolby Digital Plus (eAC3), AAC-LC, AC3, FLAC, MP3, PCMAAC, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AC3, MP3, WMA,WAV, E-AC3
Picture Format GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG HLS,CMAF, DASH, Smooth
Networking Dual-band wireless receiver (802.11ac MIMO) Dual-band wireless receiver (802.11ac MIMO)
Controller App Android, iOS Android, iOS, BB10
TV Compatibility HD TVs, Ultra HD and 4K (other TVs that have HDMI port)HD TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs, 4K Ultra HD, HDR TVs
Power Input 5V-1A 5V-1A
Power Consumption ~ 4W  <3W
Storage 8 GB 256 MB
Cross-Platform Search Yes Yes
Parental Controls PresentNot Present
Voice CommandAlexa Voice Control FeatureLimited to Roku Mobile App
Warranty1 year (additional for US users)2 years

Don’t Miss Out On These Extra Details…

Comparing Firestick with Roku

Additional Storage

Firestick already has a greater storage capacity than Roku (8GB Vs 256 MB, the comparison is pretty clear). Moreover, you can make use of OTG Cable for additional storage. Roku provides the option of using a micro SD card. It also has a 512 MB inbuilt memory.

Content Control Via Parental Restriction

Firestick’s Parental control Feature is a MUST-HAVE. It allows you to restrict content that seems unsuitable for children. With Firestick 4K, you can also limit internet access to devices. Typically, a 5-digit PIN may be needed to connect to the device.

Roku does not directly offer Parental Restrictions. However, there is a way to go around it. Roku allows securing a channel with a 4-digit code that Is required for future access. However, once the channel is opened, you can not restrict the content that is present there.

Mobile Applications

This is one feature where Roku clearly has the lead.

Roku allows free downloading of different mobile applications. You can use your phone to control the device or connect it to view pictures or videos.

Amazon provides voice search using mobile apps but this is limited to selected countries only. The application also allows keyboard entry and access to different games or other apps.

Content Programming

The two devices are highly competitive in this aspect. On one side Roku offers over 450,000 TV shows and movies in addition to an on-demand streaming service.

On the other hand, Firestick has access to exclusive movies and shown on Amazon Prime as well as Amazon Originals. It will also allow streaming channels like Cinemax, STARZ, SHOWTIME, HBO and Netflix.

9 Common Questions To Make The Final Answer Clearer

Amazon Firestick Vs Roku

They are more similar than they are different. Look closely.

Tom’s Guide characterized Firestick and Roku as being “Cut from the same cloth”.

That is not completely false. Both of the options are pretty comparable when it comes to the factor of price. They are also both equally responsive in remote navigation. They both work well when you have a strong internet connection.

Roku and Firestick have released a long list of models trying to keep with user’s demands. And in a nutshell, both of them have done a pretty good job!

Is Amazon Firestick 4K easier to set up and use than Roku?

There is no denying that both of the devices have an easy and traditional set-up. You will not be needing an extensive guide for this. Just plug the device to your TV, turn the power supply on, and navigate using remote or remote alternatives.

The only major difference between the set-up process of the two devices is: Roku will let you enter your username and password with the help of your phone or computer, Firestick does not. It is what it is.

Roku Vs Firestick: Which one is cheaper in the long run?

The first section of the table above might have given you a clear comparison of prices between the two devices. However, there is more than what meets the eye.

Amazon Firestick would cost you $35. But if we are looking at price Vs choice, the Firestick offers a greater deal of content as compared to Roku. If you are smart enough to resort to Firestick Jailbreak, most of the premium channels and restricted content will be available to you for free.

Which of the two devices offer better navigation?

Both of the devices offer remote control navigation. They can also be controlled through navigational mobile apps and wireless keyboards.

Roku gets some extra points with completely synced power and volume buttons. However, its channel-specific buttons can not be customized.

Firestick’s remote is remarkable. It is easy to use and offers a voice search option. There have been some negative reviews by the users regarding the batteries dying out too quickly. As a solution to this, there is a long list of Firestick Remote Replacements available to make use of.

Which one offers a better user interface?

Digitaltrends have called out to Roku interface as “Bubbly” and used even more fancy words for describing the Amazon’s Firestick interface: Techno-flash. There is truth to both of these terms though.

Roku has a very user-friendly interface. You can mess around with the channel organization, arrange them the way you want to see them or even customize your home screen.

Firestick use has been made extra easy with Alexa Voice Control Feature. That is one thing Roku is unable to compete with. However, you will notice that the focus is more Amazon’s content and recommendations as compared to your own app placement.

What is the comparison between the power process capabilities of Roku Vs Firestick 4K?

This is simply a race of technology. The recently updated devices generally have better power processing abilities. There is no argument on that. Let’s move on!

Amazon Firestick 4K was updated to the latest version in December 2018. Roku released its 4th version in 2015 which was designed especially for users looking for a cheap streaming device alternative.

Which one is the better choice when it comes to content quantity and quality?

A lot of lacking in things like ease of navigation and pretty user-interface can be ignored when the content is to die for. We know that we have invested the money because we want to WATCH stuff. So one thing is for sure, there is no compromise on the content quantity and quality.

On a ground level, it might look like that both of the devices have a similar set of selections. From politics to education, thrillers, fitness, and content from all types of genres are available.

If you have let your Cable TV go for a streaming device, neither of these options would be disappointing. Don’t worry both of you have them pretty covered!

What should your choice be if you are a solid gamer?

If your gaming life ends on Candy Crush and Angry Birds, look no further than the Roku device. It has all the “cute” games you will need.

But if you truly are a GAMER, the limited dose of Roku’s game library will not be enough for you. No worries, here the Firestick has exactly what you need. It comprises a huge library of advanced games.

Amazon has recently launched the idea of its own game controller. These accessories are specifically meant for devices like Fire TV and Firestick. However, at present, a reliance on a third-party product might be needed to enjoy the gaming experience with the Firestick.

What will YOUR final choice be?

The final answer that any user decides on will take into account what they were actually looking for. Some might prefer price over content, others would settle for gaming over user-interface and so on.

Our final recommendation would definitely be Firestick 4K. It offers a little of everything. With Amazon Firestick 4K you can be sure that you are not missing out on anything. What do you have to

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