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Restart Firestick in Under 30 Seconds | Top 3 Working Methods (2020)

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There could be multiple reasons to why one would wish to restart Firestick. If you have just finished up cleaning up your Firestick’s storage section and end up facing issues with streaming or performance, then you might need to restart Firestick.

This could ultimately be the fix you have been looking for…

Furthermore, at times the Streaming Apps on Firestick may freeze preventing you from accessing the Home Page of Firestick. In this scenario as well, you would have to restart Firestick for the streaming services to go back to normal again.

restart firestick

Also, at times installation of new apps or their updates need you to restart Firestick for proper functioning of the app.

Hence, all in all, no matter what the reason may be, you need to be prompt with all the methods you can use to restart Firestick. Keep reading folks!

Why would one need to restart their Firestick device?

The top reasons why one would want to restart their Firestick are listed below. Before we move ahead with our methods it is important we tell Firestick users why their Firestick device may need rebooting.

  • When one frees up space on the device by clearing storage,
  • When one installs a new app or updates an old one,
  • When the Firestick screen freezes on a certain app,
  • When the Firestick device overheats,

Top 3 Methods to Restart Firestick

There are three easy arenas you can explore to restart Firestick. We are going to explain each of these methods one by one. Although the first method is pretty straightforward but in case if it doesn’t work you can always rely on other options.

These methods will restart your Firestick device in no more than 60 seconds.

NOTE TO REMEMBER: Even though the below described methods will easily restart Firestick but none of these methods will turn your device back to factory settings. For factory settings, you completely need to reset your device.

Method 1: Restart Firestick Device by Unplugging and Re-Plugging

The most straightforward way to restart Firestick is through unplugging its cord from the power outlet or the device itself and then re-plugging. This works wonders for a frozen screen or when you are handicapped in terms of accessing any content on Firestick.

So simply unplug your Firestick device, wait for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back. And you are done restarting your Firestick device. Once you plug it back in, the device will go through the restart cycle.

When the Firestick device restarts, it takes s minute or so to reload the apps and menu. So do not panic, if the main screen takes its time to appear.

In case your Firestick is plugged in a way that removing it is a hassle or you are unable to access the outlet then we suggest you move on to our next method.

Method 2: Restart Firestick using the Remote

If you cannot access your Firestick outlet in order to unplug it, then the second simplest way to restart the device is through the device’s remote.

1. On any display of the Firestick screen, press the Pause/Play button on your Firestick remote and the Select button at the same time for some seconds.

See the image below for reference.

restart firetick with remote

2. Your device will then show this message “Your Fire TV Stick 4k is Powering Off”.

firestick home screen

3. When the device successfully shuts down, it will reboot on its own and the screen will appear in no time.

Method 3: Restart Firestick from Settings

The last method we will explain probably will take the longest and should be used as a last resort in case the above 2 methods do not work out for you. This method involves restarting Firestick from within the settings.

The previous two methods will resolve the issue if your device’s navigation fails to work. If your device’s remote and the device itself is properly working then use the steps below to restart it:

1. Access the Home Screen of Firestick, go to Categories and then place cursor over Settings.

Firestick Home Screen

2. Now tap on My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

3. Now keep scrolling, then find the option for Restart.

restart firestick

4. Tap on the button Restart.

Restart button

5. You will now see the message that says “Fire TV Stick 4k Powering Off”.

Firestick power off message

You have successfully restarted your Firestick device.

In the End…

Use all the above described methods to restart your Firestick device in no more than 60 seconds. After the device finishes rebooting it would take some time for the home screen and the apps to load on the screen.

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