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Top 10 Reasons for using VPN

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Internet is the life and blood of almost every other individual these days and in fact, day to day tasks can be accomplished on the internet in a matter of moments. However, it is wise to mention that the internet is indeed a dangerous arena because your identity and browsing history is at constant risk. If you wish to mask your identity and your browsing activity, using a VPN is a must. This article will list down all the reasons as to why must one must use a VPN so you can get started right away.

What are the top 10 Reasons for using a VPN?

  • Stay out of the radar of Government Surveillance

Governments all across the globe have the capability to keep a check on anyone’s online browsing activity at any point in time. This is now a commonly known fact for which VPNs have gained popularity all across the globe. Governments can check one’s emails, browsing history and all other kinds of online activities.

Of course, no one wants such kind of constant surveillance over their heads. Consequently, if you make use of a VPN all kinds of online activity that you conduct will be kept private from any prying eyes.

  • Overcome Censorship

Censorship in Iran, UAE, Saudia Arab, and other places is a bigger issue than government surveillance. These countries have restricted access to a lot of websites even the common ones like Facebook, YouTube, etc are blocked. In order to access these websites in these countries, you require a VPN.

VPN will shift your IP address and toggle with your geo-location and will make all your traffic encrypted. This process will help you overcome censorship issues anywhere in the world. 

  • Freely use Apps like Kodi

Kodi is one of the most renowned apps that stream entertainment related content. However many of the links that Kodi is providing are not legal to open due to copyright license issues. Hence if you wish to access this copyrighted content you require a good VPN to bypass the surveillance of your Internet Service Provider.

  • Access Blocked Sites at Work Places

It is a common practice to block certain websites such as social media networking and entertainment sites in schools and offices however if you use a VPN you can bypass these blocked sites and browse them. 

  • Keep your Identity and Data Secure

There are people who make their banking transactions online using the internet and for obvious reasons, this information is something that should be kept hidden at all costs because any malware intrusion can give access to your banking data to any other person waiting for it. Hence, in this case, VPN is your only safe haven.

  • Keep your online activity under the radar

Anywhere online these days you use your name and other personal details to create profiles which are then used by advertising agencies and healthcare facilities to access you. They then show you particular kind of ads to lure you in so they keep your digital history in their records as well.

Of course, you cannot remove this data permanently but using a VPN can help you with spying and with unauthorized collection of your data.

  • Use Netflix USA

There are services on the internet that can only be accessed in certain regions of the world. Examples of such services are Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, etc. If anyone is from a different region where these services are unavailable and wants to access them then VPN can help them.

Even though Netflix is available all across the globe but the content streamed in USA is not accessible to all hence using a Netflix VPN can help you draft your geo-location of USA. You can easily stream the restricted content.

  • Protect yourself in Public Browsing

If you work somewhere where you have to frequently travel from place to place and use public internet then VPN can come in handy. The public networks do not have stringent security measures put on them so anyone can access your browsing data and traffic.

If you are accessing your bank account details on a public network then this is a situation which demands extreme caution. Using a VPN in such a case will protect your data from all kinds of malicious intrusions on public networks.

  • Enhance your online gaming

VPNs are a thing for online gaming as well. People who are into online gaming would be aware that many servers cannot be accessed because they are geo-locked. However, with the user of VPNs, any gamer can access all kinds of servers and start online gaming with players from all across the globe. You can even open bonus content that is otherwise available only in handful of selected locations.

  • No legal repercussions with p2p downloads

Without the use of torrents, the internet is at times useless, to say the least. Even though the use of torrents and p2p is perfectly legit but you might be in the trouble zone if you access copyrighted content. If you are downloading and viewing the content that is copyrighted you may land into serious legal troubles.

This issue can easily be resolved with the use of a VPN because that way your ISP and the government will not know what you are downloading neither you will have to face any legal difficulties. 

Now that you know the top reasons for using a VPN here is a list of some of the best VPNs and the deals you can avail on them.

Stay Cautious on your Online Activities

The modern-day internet user uses the internet mostly for downloading and streaming both of which are completely legit however if you stumble upon copyrighted content you might have to face serious legal troubles. When you are using torrents it is imperative that your online activity remains a secret because you can land into hot waters. Same is the case while you are accessing the geo-restricted content on Kodi. In this regard, a VPN is the only thing that can save you. 

Moreover, if you use a VPN you can easily stream any kind of content without alarming your Internet Service Provider. This is essential while streaming and downloading because ISPs conduct throttling of their network to filter out users who are accessing restricted content. Under such circumstances, a VPN can save you from the trouble of being identified. 

To further make you cautious in this regard here are the real-life experiences of some Reddit users who not only were caught streaming restricted content but had to pay heavy fines later on.

3.3k points·2 years ago
My cousin downloaded some songs on a friend’s computer and they received a complaint. They freaked out, refused to contest anything and he wound up having to pay like $80 a song for a 12 song album.
  • Another user had to pay $3500 due to downloading music illegally.

Evil_Bananas 2127 points 2 years ago

An ex-GF of mine got ‘caught’ for downloading some music and was threatened with jail time if she didn’t pay… I think it was $3500, which she was from a rich family so she did. It was before we dated so I can’t say for sure it was a scam but it sounded super fishy. Apparently they did list specific titles which she downloaded in the letter though… regardless she never heard another peep about it and as far as I know hasn’t pirated anything since.

  • One more user ended up with a fine of $2000.

I was prosecuted for Dallas Buyers Club and I worked with a lawyer. Cost me about $2000 plus lawyer’s fees. Fortunately, my lawyer was amazing and ultimately didn’t bill me. I could do an ama if people are curious about other details. #fuckdallasbuyersclub

After reading all this don’t you think using a good VPN is a more convenient option than having to deal with length legal repercussions?

Concluding Remarks

Use of a VPN is no more a luxury or an option. In fact if you are not using any VPN already then you are in wait for some disaster to happen for you. We cannot highlight enough that your online activity is being pried on constantly hence if you wish to stay out of the surveillance radar you should start using VPN now.