Are you someone who has started using Amazon Firestick or you are someone who is looking into purchasing Amazon Firestick then this is the place where every resource related to Amazon Firestick can be found. This article will walk you through all the processes that need to be adopted to stream TV shows live movies, sports and much more.

Amazon FireStick is small scale but efficiently usable device for media related purposes that has the capability of converting a normal television to a smart television.

How it does this is by connecting the HDMI port of your television and then will begin streaming the media content you wish to see over your Wi-Fi connection. Amazon FireStick is so handy that it can literally be carried in your pocket so that when you have to travel you can carry it around anywhere. If you have an HDMI port along with a TV and a Wi-Fi connection then you can use this Amazon device anywhere.

Furthermore Amazon FireStick is not a burden on the pocket in order to grant access to the entire library of streaming arenas to the users. The most recent Amazon FireStick 4K will cost you somewhere around $49.99. The latest Amazon FireStick device inculcates the streaming capabilities of 4K with impressive updates from its last versions that will only allow you to stream Full HD videos.  

FireStick runs on a modified version of the Android operating system and uses Amazon Store as the official app store. There are dozens of apps and games to download and use.

In addition to the entertainment arenas which can be subscribed for such as Hulu, Netflix, Prime Videos, Amazon FireStick opens you to the full streaming world of third party apps. Amazon FireStick furthermore, lets you load these third party apps on Amazon Store.

How to get started with Amazon FireStick?

Connect your Amazon FireStick to a power plug and then get this connected to your TV using the HDMI port. Give it some time to gain power. If you are doing this for the very first time your device will complete a simple process of setting up. Furthermore you will also require an Amazon Account and a set up for Wi-Fi.

How to watch free TV Shows, Movies and Sports using Amazon FireStick?

When your Amazon FireStick is ready to be used then the next task is to begin enjoying your favorite content whether TV, movies, sports or any other content that you are craving to watch.

Everything about Amazon FireStick Jailbreak

Many users try to jailbreak the Firestick to stream free of cost content on their devices. The term of “jailbreak” is a mere term describing the habit of toggling around your hardware simply by completing the installation of the “Kodi” app which is unavailable on Amazon itself. Hence stay assured that if you jailbreak Amazon Firestick it is totally legit and your warranty will not be nullified.

How to stay away from trouble?

Before you begin the use of your Amazon FireStick which is jailbroken we would like to give you a heads up that you must own a good, legit Fire Stick VPN so that all your stream time is sectioned as private. Your Internet Provider, government and in fact some other apps may also keep an eye on your online streaming activities. VPN use is a must since use of Jailbroken Firestick can land you into legal repercussions which would be hefty and painful on your pocket.

It is imperative that you use a good VPN like IPVanish.

Kodi is a central platform for all your streaming requirements

If you have jailbroken your Amazon Firestick using Kodi then you should know that Kodi is a media player that does not own any kind of content but you can use certain sorts builds and add-ons to gain access to unlimited streaming arenas.

Here are some famous Add-ons

  • Exodus Redux Kodi Addon
  • Odin Kodi Addon
  • DeathStar Kodi Addon
  • Venom Kodi Addon
  • The Players Klub IPTV
  • 7 of 9 Addon
  • SportsDevil Kodi Addon

These add ons are only required to begin streaming the content you wish to see hence Kodi is essentially unnecessary but it is a good recommendation. Any kind of build that you use will amp up your experience with an update on the interface by introducing new interactive elements on the dashboard. These builds have pre-installed add pns and the best-rated ones fall under the category of popular as listed above.

Here are some famous Builds

  • Streamline build
  • No Limits Magic Builds
  • Xanax Build
  • One Nation Builds
  • Titanium Kodi Build

If you wish to get a renewed experience with Kodi then you can register with Real Debrid. This is the service will put many best quality, premium streaming links if you place a request for a video playback.

What are some of the Top Streaming Apps

There are many apps which are of best quality and all are present on the official Amazon Store. Firestick will allow you to take subscription of many channels or go for the option for pay per view. So if you go for the first option it is amazing since it costs no money at all.

The real backbone of Firestick is its capability to provide access to run certain third-party apps which can then let you stream unlimited movies, provide back bone to third party apps and allow you to stream through a whole library of movies, TV shows, sports and much more.

There are a number of apps available in the market but not all are compatible with Firestick in fact only a handful of apps of Android can work here and can adapt themselves easily with the TV screen. Moreover, for a profound experience the app should be friendly with the remote.  

Following are some of our recommendations.


Cinema APK (HD Movies) 

Titanium TV


CyberFlix TV


The Stick Variants

There are four main variants of Fire TV which can be purchased easily and these are listed below:

  1. Fire TV Stick 4K: This is the latest one which has been launched in the Fire Stick Line up and is in the third generation and is compatible with 4K playback and even supports the Alexa Voice Remote.
  2. Fire TV Stick or FireStick: This is the streaming device counted in the second generation and has stayed most famous in the Fire TV series.
  3. Fire TV Generation 3: These have more power in its processor, double the RAM and support 4K as well and are much more enhanced than Fire TV Stick.
  4. Fire TV Cube: This is equipped with the special Echo Dot and also has Field Voice Recognition, Fire TV Cube advances all its predecessors or siblings! This provides a profound entertainment trail for the users it also has some utilitarian worth because you can use it to operate your home appliances as well given that they are compatible.