OTG Cable For FireStick | Smart USB choice for Firestick (2020)

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With OTG cable on the market, USB drives have become an old call, and if you ask us, they are certainly out of the door.

What is OTG cable you ask? OTG is a new standard feature which reads your data from a USB device without connecting to a third operating device such as PC. In short the new replacement for your conventional USB drivers.

This is a featured specification which has been newly introduced in the Android Phone platform.

The device itself becomes a USB hosts which isn’t an ability every gadget has for itself.

Previously USB drivers were a great alternative for storing your data however, they were unable to connect to your phones directly. As a result, USB drivers had null use for people who operated most of their daily lives from their phones.

USB OTG stands for USB On-The-Go. Meaning you have a USB feature for yourself wherever you take your mini device and that is the phone you carry.

This might be a small feature almost an unnoticeable feature for most phone users, but the specification itself is quite a big throw. That is exactly we will be telling you how.

OTG Cable

You can do a lot with this small device. You can use it as a USB flash drive or you might as well use it a game controller for your Android device. Shocking isn’t it?

The device is not specifically for an Android based device, but since it has very smooth compatibility in terms if running and connecting with an Android device. Therefore, we will be focusing more on its usage with Android.

You can also use OTG device to simply upgrade to USB ports as it is an inexpensive way to upgrade your current device as well.

Let’s look into how USB OTG cable can be explained.

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Here is what is involved in the traditional OTG cable system

It includes a host, peripheral, input, output and communication router channel.  

Here is a small pictorial representation of what you should be looking out for the setup features.

OTG cable-2

The peripherals here are the storage formats such as the hard drive, flash drive and other storage devices. They do not have any communication on their own. They cannot directly communicate with each other and the initiation of the computer controls is also not generated by the peripherals.

The host is primarily the data providing resource and have in control of all of the devices.  

Your network is catered by the host in this scenario. It provides data, resources and even applications to other devices as a part of the networking. Therefore, making sure to have a good host is quite important.

Moving forward in the OTG system you will come across the targeted hosts and the embedded hosts.

Targeted hosts are the authorized hosts which can be used for communication purposes while connecting with the emended hosts. These hosts are mainly the USB portals you will find in your main host that is your computer.

While both of these work non coherently the only slight difference between the two mediums is that one of them hosts a very specific peripheral oriented role, meaning only specific peripherals can be adjusted for the main transferring of the data.

OTG is a little different, and much more convenient. OTG can convert to both a host or a peripheral based on its convenience. This makes it quite handy to carry and this is why it is more applicable with the android devices.

Some of the examples of the OTG devices are the mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 Players and the printers we use.

You must think now how is this a new technology when it has been serving previously in other such devices? You have thought it right.

OTG cables were not previously sought of as USB access to be used by the Amazon Firestick. Now with the new technology on the rise, you can easily access the OTG Cable on Firestick using the USB portal on the main Fire TV device.

Looking at the specifications of the OTG cable

First things first you need to know if your device supports USB OTG. You can easily do that by simply checking on the manufacturer website or the box it came in.

The specifications will be included in the device details and you can simply look at it to understand whether your tablet PC or phone supports any of it.

Unlike the old boring conventional USB drivers, you will be using the OTG Cable to directly communicate it with the peripheral and vice versa. The role is often switched based on the user interaction of the host.

Interestingly the cable is designed for devices which do not have standard USB port sizes but can be easily connected through a USB flash drive.

Note: There will be a limitation if you are using OTG cable using the USB port on your Firestick. As mentioned earlier it is specifically designed to be for devices which do not have these USB ports in built in them.

The main difference between the connecting portals depends on the Mini-USB and Micro-USB portal. Here is a little pictorial demonstration of what the USB might look like.

OTG cable-3

Please note that there is various type of standard USB connectors such as Type A and Type B. in our suggestion Mini-USB is the best usage for devices like Fire TV however if you are looking forward for the usage of OTG on your phone system then you can simply move ahead with buying a Mini USB with a Type port mouth.

Look for the differences in the picture above.

Note: Whenever making USB purchase please be mindful that you are going to purchase according to your device need. This is important for small sizes in the USB collection.
Tip! Before purchasing, even if it seems like the perfect fit and you do not know much about the specifications simply run your finger over the mouth of the usb you are going to purchase, often it helps you understand that how small or big the plugin is going to be. Do the same for the port of your host you are purchasing the USB for.


It is a little outdated but it is still found on most of the MP3 players, game controllers and other such options. So before going for the OTG purchase, do know what your intended for making the purchase in first place.

Micro USB

It is new in market and therefore it will be found with much smoother convenience as compared to Mini -USB ports. Still there are further toes of the port such as Type A, B Or C again depending on the device.

Just so you know: The different port types are there mainly to access how fast or slow the transfer is of the data. The latest standard type for the new USB ports is now Type C. It is very much portable and easy to carry. Also It is small and takes very little space. Apart from the super-fast transferring abilities you can also use it for powering of your devices.

Nonetheless you should know about majority of the OTG cables now found in the market have Mini AB retectable. Don’t freak out it is not another complex spec, it is simply o tell you that the device can work both as a host and peripheral vice versa.

Therefore, don’t leave out on the OTG cable in case you found any such reference given on the cable you are aiming to buy. Rather we suggest this is a good spec to look for, as it will easily tell you how transferable the data is or not.

Moving forward let’s look at the communication protocols set for OTG Cables USB.

Communication Protocol for OTG Cables

The communication protocol is a necessary spec to note as it is mainly there to be used between devices. Through a fast working protocol, you are easily able to communicate messages data and even formats from one device to another device.

As we have mentioned earlier the OTG Cable hosts a dual interface meaning it can be a host and a peripheral side by side or even vice versa. The main protocol used by OTG here is the Hot Negotiation Protocol.

This protocol supports an additional support to the Firestick, for example through using this protocol via the OTG cable you can actually increase the totoal storage capacity of your Firestick which was something not applicable before.

How does this protocol allow you to reverse the role?

For example, on your TV screen you have opened up your Firestick and downloaded a file from Fire TV. You plug in your OTG cable, the Fire TV becomes the default host and the USB drive you are using here will become your peripheral interface. This is the HNP protocol.

Now if you have something stored in your OTG cable you will be able to transfer into your Fire TV making it as your peripheral device whereas the the Fire TV will be your USB drive host. Through this protocol HNP will be allowing these two roles to switch right away.

Let’s comes down to the OTG Data Transfer Speeds

Transferring speed is quite important when checking out the specification for OTG Cable.

He normal compatibility with the OTG cable transferring speed is using the USB 3.0 and is compatible with USB 2.0 as well. However, the normal spec that you will find for the OTG cable is definitely 3.0 USB port.

What are the devices that are compatible with an OTG Cable?

Please know that not all of the OTG Cables are compatible. You can refer to the manual for that purpose.

Note: Always check for the device’s manual lists of specifications and the details. In case you did not find the specification on the manufacturer list, you can simply head online for that purpose to look for updated information.

Next in case you are unable to find it anywhere-which is a little unlikely- you can check out the product specification from the USB-IF logo which stands for The USB Implementer Forum. There you will find a whole compliance of different manufacturers.

Do not be confused if the logo is saying ‘HI SPEED’ or ‘SUPERSPEED’. This indicated strictly that the speed can vary from 4800 Mbps to 10 Gbps depending on different configuration of the OTG cable.

You can easily download an app guide for different checking of apps which can help you identify if your device is compatible and supports the USB OTG. Simply go to Amazon Fire App store to find such apps. You can easily find many apps from there.

Apart from the mainstream connectivity what are the main uses of the OTG cable?

  1. Allow apps of Firestick to be able connect to a storage device. It helps it outsource its storage which is not applicable otherwise on the Fire TV.
  2. You can easily transfer your file to and from the main portable hard drive to your mobile device.
  3. You get a spate option of using a mouse on your phone with very easily navigation which enhances the user interface.
  4. Using it on your phone you can also easily connect to a printer in order to print files an images.
  5. You can transfer huge bulk of digital media.
  6. While majority of the transferring is happening, it keeps a tab on the storage of your digital media as a backup on your USB. It automatically makes a backup file on your USVB flash drive of your data and media of your mobile phone data.
  7. The fun part you can play music from your USB flash drive to your mobile device.
  8. You can easily compose emails and messages on your phone using a keyboard. You can simply use a plug in keyboard for the purpose.
  9. Using the cable device, you can easily use it as a game controller and a joystick.
  10. You can use Ethernet connection and through the connection you can easily use it to connect to your mobile device as well.
  11. You can share the power of the device. This feature is more applicable in the tablets so far. You can use it as a power bank later on.
  12. Usually for DSLR controls you need to carry a separate SD card you can use OTG cable to simply use it as an extension for your DSLR storage. It also enhances your usage quality.
  13. While using the OTG cable on your phone you can also use it as a better sound quality feature. You can simply plug in a USB microphone.
  14. You can even convert your OTG cable into an LED flashlight!
  15. You can connect to a LAN-to-UB controller on your mobile device through the OTG cable.
  16. By using the OTG cable you can also easily make it compatible with any of the musical instrument. For example, for our testing we used the Pro Piano App and it worked super smooth.
  17. You can sync your contacts and apps on your device which will act as a peripheral from your phone very easily.
  18. You can recharge your smartphone using another smartphone as a power bank.
  19. OTG Cable also allows you to mirror your mobile phone screen on a device which is compatible such as TV or a larger display screen for watching videos, movies and shows. You can even game with this little device.
  20. It will also allow you to connect to an optical drive to your mobile phone.

These uses are a few to name, OTG cable has ample of uses. You will be in for a surprise if you know how many ways you can use OTG cable as.

Here is how you can use it on your Fire TV in few easy steps:

  1. Take your Fire TV stick and connect it into the HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Plug the USB connector into the Fire TV stick. This is the male part of the Micro-US connector.
  3.  Now take the Firestick Power adapter and connect it to the female part of the adapter.
  4. The female adapter which will be the OTG Hub Adapter will be connected to the Micro USB power cord cable.
  5. You are all set for the transfer of files and data now. These two ports can switch vice versa as peripheral and host.

So what do we think about the final OTG cable?

The USB on the Go is definitely an exciting feature to have. It makes your life much easier. Hence, if you are an avid Android user you will find the OTG cable a very competent feature to have in your pocket.

Moreover, you will find this connection feature in-built in the new android phones. However, you can use the OTG cable in the old versions of Android as well.

Let us know about other uses of OTG cable we might have missed out on. The cable device can surely do a lot for you!

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