Top 20 Mobdro Alternatives | Exclusive List of 2020

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We understand that life will be really hard if you are suddenly not able to access you favorite live-streaming app without knowing any other options. For this reason, we have listed Top 20 Mobdro alternatives that you can try your hands on ANYTIME.

Live streaming has become a serious business over the last few years. So if you are an Android user and a Live TV fan, you must have heard of Mobdro live streaming service.

The genres on this app range as far as Sports, Tech, Gaming, Anime, Movies, Music and the list is genuinely never-ending. Although Mobdro has won over a million users in a very short period of time, it is always healthy to know your back-up options.

Remember To Stay Safe!

Landing into streaming illegal content on internet is not very unusual nowadays. The internet itself is  risky business and you can never be safe enough while using online apps.

You can only be looking for entertainment without knowing that your own security is at stake. Before you get worried about your privacy or your content being geo-restricted during live streaming, we have a smooth solution for you : Invest in a reliable VPN.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPSs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 46% discount on your annual plan!

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  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

Mobdro Alternatives

Live NetTV

What do we have here?

High-quality streaming, 750+ live channels, channel filters and all of that for FREE!

Live NetTV has been ranked as one of the best option if you were looking for Mobdro alternatives. The best part is it is available worldwide; UK, USA, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, Middle Eastern Countries and many more.

Did You Know? If unluckily, you don’t have you favorite channel on Live NetTV, you can request the providers for it. there are solid chances, it will be installed just for you!

UK Tvnow

This streaming app is popular although many might not know that it can work as a Mobdro alternative too. Offering around 150 channels, the UK Tvnow has been famous among the new cord-cutters.

The content has been categorised into genres (sports, drama, news, entertainment etc.) as well as on the basis of countries from where the channel is being provided (UK, Canda, US and more).

The UK Tvnow app was basically introduced for Android users. This means you will have to download it in the APK format. However, there is nothing to worry about since the application can also be downloaded and used on platforms other than Android, such as windows.  

Swift Streams

Although not as extensive as Live NetTV, still Swift Streams offers streaming in handsome number of countries from across the globe. These include USA, UK, Pakistan, Canada, and some more Asian countries.

The Swift streams frees you from the hassle of subscription or membership. It is supported by Chromecast, DLNA, a Multiplayer mode and a multiple Video Player. So we definitely can not miss out on this one while talking about Mobdro alternatives.

TV Catchup

This service air free UK channels including Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, CGTV, BBC and some more. The subscription is completely free and the application is also available on mobiles. It works with pre-roll Ads to support developers.

With TV Catchup you can stay tuned to Music, Kids Entertainment, Shopping, Sports and so on. You will also be offered a TV guide to help you through typical issues such as sorting channels out and to keep track of different program timings.

Popcorn Time

Free, open source and a multi platform! Popcorn Time is one of the best Modbro alternative you can find. The app has a built-in viewer, support for subtitles in different languages, a user-friendly interface and an amazing video library.

Did you know: “Back in March 2014, a group of Argentinian developers worked on creating software that would make it easy to stream video from torrents, and Popcorn Time was born. Weeks after its controversial debut, the original team shut the project down due to copyright concerns, “not because we ran out of energy, commitment, focus or allies. But because we need to move on with our lives.”” Tells the later developers of Popcorn Time, the YTS team.

BBC iPlayer

You can now enjoy live streaming on BBC iPlayer which offers various content on Arts, Dramas, Comedy, CBBC, Lifestyle, Music, News, Science, History, Food and what not! You can access the iPlayer either by using its official App or as a Kodi add-on.

Pro-tip: if you are a FireStick user, we recommend you give this app a try as a Kodi add-on. This will be hassle-free and you wont even have to register for an account.

Torrent Free Controller IPTV

This is your knight in shining armor if you don’t have a good internet connection. You will be amazed on the amount of channels it has to offer and the genres you will be able to enjoy. Horror, documentaries, movies, animes and much much more!

Many users has reviewed the Torrent Controller IPTV in nice words with the compliment that almost all the channels run without any issues and it is a very reliable Mobdro alternative.

The installation procedure is quiet easy too. You simply need to download the APK file and your favourite channels are just a click away!

Initially you will be asked to choose a Video Player for the stream. You will have to wait for pre-buffering to finish then you can go ahead with enjoying the Live TV without any further delay.

Pro-tip: We advise that you go for MX Player or VLC Player.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV service is very popular among the US users. With 60+ channels from the US, the application can be used on phone or Apple TV. The services includes a Cloud DVR without storage space restriction. What more are you aiming for?

Besides live streaming, the application has a healthy content when it comes to Sports (Tennis channels, NESN, NBA TV), entertainment (FX, MyNetwork, IFC, FXX, FXM), News (BBC News, CNN, HLN), and Cartoon Network for kids!


Eventhough this is not a streaming app itself, but here is what it CAN do for you! Kodi comes with different file repositories through which you can access a large library of movies, shows, programs, music and live content.

You are at the right place if you know the right add-on! You might find the installation process a bit confusing but with the a good guide for Kodi add-ons, you will be in safe hands.

If you are looking for Mobdro alternative, you can install IPTV add-on with the name cCloud add-on on Kodi. Other options available there would be UK Turks playlist, Achilles TV, USSTVNow and Selfless Lite.

Yupp TV Live TV

This relatively new live TV service has given a tough competition to other available Mobdro alternatives. It has done a very good job of bringing live entertainment and catch-up services to a large number of viewers.

Missed out on episodes? No worries! Yupp TV will have your back. The sign-up comes completely free and with an extra bonus. You can enjoy the service free of cost initially. But eventually you will have to select a subscription plan for continuing.

HindiColors TV, UTV Movies, Star Bharat, Set Max, Star Plus, Mtunes, SAB
TeluguStar Maa TV, Zee Telugu, NTV, TV5, ABN, Star Maa Gold, ETV Plus
TamilStar Vijay, Jaya TV, Raj TV, Seithigal, Sun TV, Thanti TV,
Malayalam Surya TV, Jai Hind, Kaumudy TV, India Vision, Reporter, Asianet News


Here is another Mobdro alternative that is free of any subscription charges or account registration. Once you have installed the application, you can simply click on like on the programs you want to follow and you wont miss on a single episode.

When it comes to live streaming, the application allows you to make use of a number of channels from US, UK, France, Canada, India, Germany and some other European countries.

With ThopTV, you can enjoy live sports or general entertainment from all around the world!

Exodus Live TV App

Exodus Live TV app is another really good option in the list of Mobdro alternatives. So far, the users have loved the simple interface and easy navigation, although Ads can get a little annoying at one point.

On the bright side, the App is free and you also have the option to get an add-free version if you are willing to pay a little. The application is also available as a popular Kodi Add-on.

It delivers content from USA and UK channels related to sports, News, Movies, and general Entertainment.

Butter Project

The Butter TV offers movies through torrent streaming and it wont ask for much in return. Jump straight to entertainment and skip all the hassle of downloading! Unfortunately, just recently, Butter TV service has been discontinued in many regions around the globe.


Duckie TV has also successfully made it to the list of best Mobdro alternatives. It has something new to offer too! For all the Show addicts out there, you can create and stay updated with a personalized TV Show calendar so you don’t miss out on anything.

It can work as a standalone app and also as an extension on Google Chrome or Opera. Moreover, it can integrated with uTorrent and BitTorrent so you can control the torrent client  and control the downloads.


LeonFlix is a search tool and a multi platform app for your wanted movies and TV shows.  It works by scraping file hosting websites and can then make the stream available to you from the host sites.

LeonFlix has been famous for its “acetone-washing” the content before it delivered to the users. This means the application deliberately filters out the ads and pop-ups and only provides the desirable content so you can always enjoy it free of ads!

ZeroNet: Play

You can enjoy the Play services, if you have the ZeroNet software installed. However, once you have landed on the app, it is free and no different than other alternatives we have discussed before.

The MovieDB

This application has been created by and has risen as a strong candidate in the list of good Mobdro alternatives for live streaming.

With The Movie DB, you can watch movies, cartoons, anime, and TV series all in HD quality on whatever device you are using.

Torren TV

TorrenTV is a software that would let you stream movies or TV shows wether you are Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku user. Your entertainment will just  be minutes away (if you are blessed with a good internet!).

TorrenTV automatically downloads the content you are streaming so you will not have to wait. Whats more? it is FREE. It is OPEN-SOURCE. Torrentv is a big yes for movie-lovers. You can even save the files on your Torrentv box to view them later.


Looking for something that works as good as the Modbro TV, TVTap is here to save the day!

When it comes to interface use, you will surely not experience any distortion. If you are a FireStick user, TVTap will be a perfect choice for you!

TVTap can offer a wide range of channels such as:
  • CNBC
  • USA
  • Discovery
  • CNN
  • FOX
  • ESPN


You can have a specific taste in entertainment or a wide range of interests, Zona TV will cater to it all. This TV app has animated films, fresh releases, old classics and much more.

All the content available on Zona is High-quality and you will also be able to choose between watching online, downloading, switching subtitles, audio and size of the file.

A Wrap Up!

Live streaming has become the most loved way of entertainment in just a few years! With such a huge number of people turning to live streaming apps, we have hoped to provide you with the list of all the valid apps available that you can enjoy if you have been a Mobdro TV fan.

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