Magic Dragon Kodi Addon Installation | 100% Working Guide (2020)

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Look out for the number one of Kodi world! The Magic Dragon is the hype for Kodi century.

magic dragon

With Magic Dragon you get to experience a whole lot of excellent video based content which you might not find with some other Kodi Addon that effectively.

We are talking about some decent collection of TV shows, documentaries, movies, content for kids and our sport streaming. You name it, this Addon has everything in stock for you already!

Believe us when we say this, that we have not enjoyed any other addon as much a we have enjoyed the high quality streaming of this particular Kodi addon.

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Magic Dragon is super fast and efficient, and we really mean it. It is incredibly fast in its streaming.

Magic Dragon is a direct successor of The Dogs Bollocks Addons, which was previously a very famous Addon, almost all of the beginner Kodi users must remember.

The features, user interface, specs control, quality links and every other goodness of this late Addon has been repacked and revamped into Magic Dragon.

What excites us the most about this Addon is the amazing categories which are organized well to provide you with mainstream Video Content.

Following are some of the categories we really enjoyed surfing through:

  1. Real Debrid Movies
  2. 4K Movies
  3. Documentary
  4. Episodes of the Day
  5. Kodi Channels
  6. Movies
  7. Music
  8. Radio
  9. TV/Entertainemnt
  10. New Movies Releases
  11. New Cams/HDTS Releases
  12. BlueRay Movies RD Only
  13. Kids Entertainment

Why should you look elsewhere when you are really getting a whole cocktail of amazing entertainment content.

You get to pair it with other services too, such as ‘Openload’. If you pair it with Real Debrid account, you will be able to enhance your Kodi Addon features and overall quality experience.

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Moving further to get started with the Magic Dragon Kodi Addon. We will be breaking it down into multiple steps and using Diamond Build Repo as the demonstration source.

Lets go!

Installing Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

As you must know the drill by now. We will be turning on Unknown Sources to allow Magic Dragon Installation, as it is classified as the third party addon.

Simply go to the main screen of your Kodi and locate Settings.

Once on Settings click on it.

magic dragon-kodi

If you are using the updated version of Kodi, you should click on System Settings.

magic dragon-system settings

Click on the option of Add-ons.

You can now see Unknown Sources on your right, click on it to enable it.

magic dragon-Unknown source

There will be a small warning prompt, go ahead and click on yes to proceed

These warning pop-ups are completely harmless given Magic Dragon is safe to use.
warning-magic dragon

Now we are all set to install The Magic Dragon Addon on your Kodi.

Installing Diamond Build Repository

In order for the Addon to install we will be first installing the repository it will be directly installed from.

Go to Kodi and click on Settings.

system settings

Next, click on the option of File Manager.

If you are using Kodi Leia, you will be able to find File Manager in the top row of your options.
file manager

You can now see list of options on your both ends, you can click on any of the ‘Add source’ option.

add source

A small Window will appear, with an option of <None>.

Click on it.

None- add file source

Make sure you are typing int he exact URL: http://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com

Any typo will wreck the entire link and you will not be able to install the Repository.

Proceed by clicking ‘OK’.

url-magic dragon

In the source media text box, enter a name you will be able to remember later on easily.

We will be using the name ‘ruby’ here.

Click on ‘OK’.


The source has been successfully installed, from the installed source you can now easily install Diamond Build Repository.

Now press on back or escape button for a few seconds until you are retrieved back to the main Kodi Home Screen.

Click on Add-ons option.

diamond build reposiotry

Back at the main screen, we will be clicking on Package Installer this time.

package installer

In this section click on the option of ‘Install from zip file’.

install from zipfile-magic dragon

As you can see now a couple of options as a list in the small window appearance.

We will be clicking on ruby. You will click on the source name you have previously saved your source link with.

install from zip file- magic dragon

Further open ‘Install Diamond Repo’.

Click on the repository.Diamond-Wizard-Repo-x.x.x.zip option.

install diamond repo

The installation process might take a minute or two, wait for the installation confirmation to pop-up.

You will be able to see it in the upper right corner of your screen.

diamond build repo-1

The installation of Diamond Build Repo will happen shortly.

Once it has been installed you can further proceed with installing The Magic Dragon’ on your Kodi form the repository.

We are only a tiny step away from having Magic Dragon on Kodi.

Installing The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon

While on the Add-ons menu, click on the option of Install from repository.

install from repo-magic dragon 1

You can now see the option of Diamond Build Repo.

Click on it.

diamond build repo-2

One again open the menu of Video Add-ons.

video addons

In the number of options which you could see down below, click on The Magic Dragon.

the magic dragon-addons/video addons

Click on Install further.

magic dragon version update

The addon will be installed shortly, and you will be able to see it as a small pop-up on the top right of your screen.

app installed notification

That is all you need to do. In few simple easy steps you have your Magic Dragon on your Kodi.

Let’s explore the Addon a little. In our experience the Kodi Addon has been really fast in its streaming.

Since Magic Dragon has been known for its great amazing speed, there are these three points of consideration you should always be mindful of:

  1. The time taken by the Kodi Addon for fetching the streams via streaming links.
  2. How quick is the playback time for the stream you have chosen to play.
  3. How is the navigation within Magic Dragon.

These are common points of configuration of any Kodi Addon of you are someone who likes their streaming super fast.

As we are also one of those who are easily itched by the slow tedious streaming, we have found Magic Dragon fitting our criteria on all Kodi counts.

Lets looks into some tested out features of Magic Dragon

  1. Navigation: Navigation is super smooth, with effortless user-interface and quick searching. Your stream is instantly on your screen. Most of the addons, even the good ones we have tested out takes a minimum of 2 minutes to sort its searching. Magic Dragon has been a breath of fresh air.
  2. Speed: Speed may vary from region to region, solely depending on how good and effective your internet speed is. However Magic Dragon has been a swift player as well. In our experience the videos which were top rated were more fast in their streaming than others.
  3. Playback: Instant, no delay, no bug no loading. Just a small tap and there you have your favorite content in front of your eyes.

Features of Magic Dragon

  1. You have plenty of categories with Magic Dragon. This is a rare find in much of the Kodi Addons we have experimented with so far.
  2. While most of the top grossing content is in HD links. Magic Dragon offers both SD and HD links on its platform.
  3. Many of the Kodi Addons only offer this features, yet hardly any of them fulfills and that is the feature of Real Debrid. When you connect Magic Dragon with Real Debrid account you will automatically be granted more streams which will not be available otherwise.

Our Final Thoughts!

We liked Magic Dragon much more than our other Kodi Addons, solely because how it has maintained its links and quality for over a year now.

We have found some new updated content as well as we write this, which is a strong proof that the Kodi Addon keeps improving for the better.

We strongly recommend out readers to have their Real Debrid account activated with Magic Dragon if you want some serious thrust of entertainment.

Let us know how did your experience with Magic Dragon went like. For any new feature you may like to read on, we will love to test it out for you.

Make sure to hit us up via our contact!

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