Why is Kodi Not Working: Kodi Issues and Fixes (2020)

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There could be multiple reasons for Kodi not working on your Firestick devices. This article will list down some of the common reasons for Kodi crashing on your device along with their respective troubleshooters.

In our experience of Kodi, we have found some running issues with it and have always been frustrated at “Why is Kodi not working?“. However, it is also true that majority of these issues have easy fixes, solving the matter in a matter of minutes.

Easy Fixes for Kodi Not Working

The Kodi Not Working issues can be broadly categorized into two parts- either server based or local based.

The local issues are the ones which usually have an easy solution but the server issues can be a bit troublesome to deal with. Server Issues in fact require the expertise of the developers.

Without wasting any time lets move on to some of the common Kodi errors and their easy fixes for a smooth experience with Kodi.

1. Do not use Kodi without a VPN

If you are Kodi is not working then there is a good chance that your Internet Service Provider has blocked your Kodi based streaming. This is a common practice of ISPs and governments in case you are caught streaming copyrighted content.

However, you do not need to worry, this problem can easily be avoided by using a good VPN for Kodi. VPN will hide all your streaming activities and your ISP won’t have a clue as to what you are up to and neither will be able to block your streaming requests.

Talking about good VPNs, FirestickJailbreak.net recommends IPVanish for its reliable service after testing out many VPNs available in the market.  

2. Remember to Install the Latest Kodi Update

You must be using the latest version of Kodi to avoid any hiccups, hence if you have not updated the app it is about time you install Kodi 18.5 Leia. Currently, the latest version which is operating is Kodi 18.5 with upgraded fixes and issues resolved.

In order to check the version of Kodi you are using, follow these steps below:

Visit the home screen for Kodi and tap on Settings on the upper left corner of the screen below the Kodi’s logo.

Kodi Home Screen

Then Tap on System Information.

System Information Kodi

In the next window, you can see the version of Kodi in your use. See the image below, the version we are at is Kodi 18.5.

Kodi Version

If you are not using the latest version of Kodi then it is time you update to the recently released version otherwise the issue will keep repeating itself.

3. Kodi Repository may crash

A Kodi Repository is form of a library that comprises of various Kodi Addons and Builds. In fact the official Kodi Repository is known as the Kodi Addon Repository with many utility tools and video addons.

However, the more renowned repositories are Fusion which are more commonly used.  You just need to know how to use Kodi properly.

In simple words, if there is a issue with the Kodi Repository then you cannot install any addons or builds available in that repository.

The unfortunate news is that this issue has no direct fix. Even if you have installed this repository locally, the addons and builds on it are saved on a remote server. Hence if you are unable to install any addon or build then the problem is in the remote server. In fact the less popular repositories are not well maintained by Kodi and if you are stuck at an unpopular one which has crashed, there is a fair chance it will be removed from scratch.

However, if you believe that the trouble is local then some common fixes may resolve the issue. You can complete the re-installation of the repository or reboot your device to check if this fixes the issue. If nothing fruitful appears then you can try re-installing Kodi.

4. Kodi Suddenly Crashes

Kodi suddenly crashing is not a common issue that users face but if it does occur then it needs to be tackled right away.

The reason behind this error is that an important file in the install folder of Kodi is corrupt which is interrupting the app’s loading. The simple fix to this is to re-install Kodi and the issue will be resolved.

Even though the simple fix to this Kodi issue is the app re-installation but it does make you lose our app data such as the addons etc. The sad news is that there isn’t much that can be done about it.

You can put your Kodi logfile on to the Kodi support forum and see if they can resolve your issue.

5. Kodi Builds or Addons may stop working

If there is an issue with Kodi addons or builds then the first thing you need to be sure of is that is it just one addon that is causing trouble or many all at once.

In case it is the issue with Kodi Build then all your addons will show trouble. Hence, this is a problem with the Kodi Build. You can search Google to see if your particular build is showing any trouble in general. The interface of the build may load up fine but may not be able to get data from the server.

This problem can easily be resolved by simply uninstalling and then reinstalling Kodi App. Now because uninstalling just the build is a tiresome process so it is recommended that you simply re-install Kodi app from scratch.

However, if you are facing trouble with only a few addons then the issue is at the server. This problem is a common one and occurs in the less popular addons so it is advised that you stick only to the Best Kodi Addons.

6. Buffering Trouble- Kodi Not Working

Many times, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the Kodi App fixes a lot of issues. However, if there is a buffering issue then you need to make extra effort.

Here is how you can counteract the Kodi buffering issues:

  • Clear your Cache,
  • Enhance the cache size on Videos,
  • Use a VPN,
  • Use a Code,

7. Set your Kodi App to Default Settings

It is not necessary to uninstall or reinstall Kodi every time there is trouble with the app. You can also set your Kodi back to default settings which will save you tons of time and effort instead of going for the former option.

You can reset Kodi to default through the Ares Wizard and here is how:

You first need to install the Ares Wizard.

Now in the Kodi Home Screen, visit the section for Addons and then operate the Ares Wizard.

Once the Wizard’s interface pops up, tap on “More” option on top right side.

Ares Wizard

Now tap on “Erase all Data/Fresh Start.”

Erase All Data/Fresh Start Ares Wizard

Tap on “Yes” when prompted to do so.

Tap Yes

Then the window as shown in the image will pop open. If you wish to retain your sources, favorites and addon settings, then make the relevant choice.

retain favorites sources and addon settings

Summing it up…

These are some of the most common issues and their fixes when it comes to Kodi. It must be clear from this article that troubleshooting fixes to most of these issues involve uninstalling and re-installing the Kodi App or by shifting Kodi to its default settings. At times even rebooting your device can fix the trouble at hand and if your issue is locally based then fixing it is not a hassle. There are certain issues which originate from the server and there is hardly anything that one can do about those. If you have any questions or queries in this regard you can leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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