Kodi Buffering Issues Easy Fixes: 5 Fixes that Definitely Work (2020)

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Who doesn’t want an uninterrupted entertainment experience all day long? And with services like Kodi, any interruptions are just a source of hassle. Even though Kodi provides a connection to between numerous online users to streaming platforms, the Kodi Buffering Issues are nothing short of a frustration.

These issues have become more common as the streaming sources are increasing however some common troubleshooting guides can indeed fix Kodi Buffering Issues on latest versions of Kodi such as Kodi 18.5 Leia. Read this article to know more!

Without a doubt Kodi is amazing,, however, every service comes with its own set of shortcomings. Kodi is a quick addiction for online streamers and its hard to let go of this addiction even when issues present themselves.

What infects Kodi frequently are the Kodi Buffering Issues and nothing is more annoying than one’s entertainment source getting blocked.

The users can, however, seek comfort in the fact that they can easily Fix Kodi Buffering issues or at least decrease the chances of their occurrence. This guide will teach all FirestickJailbreak.net’s users on how to fix buffering for Kodi.

How can one Fix Kodi Buffering Issues?

Before we move ahead to listing down the Kodi Buffering Fix methods, one important thing needs to be taken care of which is Enable Unknown Sources.

Kodi makes use of various security set ups to provide its users a safe entertainment experience. In order to filter out insecure Kodi Addons and Builds, Kodi has prohibited its users the installation from unknown sources. However, not all of these sources are insecure and you can permit their installation by enabling the unknown sources.

Follow the steps below to switch on the Unknown Sources:

Tap on the icon for Settings present at the upper right side of the Kodi Home Screen.

Kodi Settings

Then tap on the icon for Systems Settings.

Kodi System Settings

Now Tap on Addons present on the left hand side and slide the toggle of the Unknown Sources to ON position.

Enable Unknown Sources

Now you will be able to install all your favorite addons.

What are causes and solutions to Kodi Buffering Issues?

Of course before we move on to outlining the fixes it is important to identify some of the common reasons as to why these buffering issues occur in the first place. Then you can read ahead their respective fixes.

1. Slow Internet Connection

For smooth streaming you need a strong internet connection. At times a slow and steady connection is what is causing buffering issues . This especially presents itself as an issue when numerous individuals are connected to a common streaming source.


The solution to this trouble is that you need to ensure you have a streaming connection of at least 5.0Mb/s. In fact a little higher than this would be ideal and won’t present any fluctuation.

However, any connection speed lesser than this will present buffering issues on Kodi during streaming.

2. Issues with Network Connectivity

If you have checked your connection speed and it is indeed 5.0 Mbps and still you are facing the Kodi Buffering Issues then the next trouble you should dig in for is the internet speed test. If the speed test shows a low value then apply the solutions written ahead.


You can try placing your streaming device in close vicinity of the wireless router if you are connected to a wireless connection. The farther your device is, signal strength gets weak.

You can shift to a wired internet connection as it will resolve the weak signal strength issue. The connection will have much better speed as well.

Lastly, see that any additional devices are not overloading your internet connection that are choking your bandwidth. If this indeed is true, make sure you disconnect the additional devices.

3. The streaming source is providing limited bandwidth

At times the users exceed their bandwidth limit for the month provided by their ISP or the bandwidth provided by the ISP is limited. If this is the case then you will definitely face Kodi Buffering Issues while streaming content.


If your internet bandwidth is indeed limited then the obvious way to fix it is by getting in touch with your streaming source and verify our bandwidth limit.

4. Incompatible Video Cache Kodi Settings

This can be marked as the major cause of Kodi Buffering trouble. Many times a full video cache or a small one is the culprit behind streaming hiccups.

The good news, however, is that you can easily play with the Kodi cache settings to resolve the buffering trouble.


You can easily optimize your cache settings using the Ares Wizard Kodi Addon. Here is how.

Install the Ares Wizard

Before optimizing the cache settings you need to complete the installation for the Ares Wizard.

  1. In the File Manager sources section, add this source http://ares-repo.eu/. Then name the source to anything you want.
  2. Go to the Addons sections and tap on Addon Browser and then navigate to Install from zip file. Open the folder that you have named after the zip file.
  3. Launch the repository.aresproject.
  4. Choose the repository.aresproject. and give some time for the addon installation to complete.
  5. Then go back to Addons and visit the Install from Repository option. Choose Ares Project and go to Program Addons.
  6. Click Ares Wizard and tap on Install. Now wait for the addon to install.
  7. In order to launch the Ares Wizard, go to the Program Addons.

Optimize the Cache Settings

To set your cache settings using the Ares Wizard, go to Tweaks then click on Advanced Settings Wizard. Keep following the instructions to complete the process.

The Ares Wizard will however, tell the users of the following points:

  • The optimized cache settings are dependent on the Kodi device type.
  • 60MB RAM is used by Kodi.
  • The ideal cache location is the RAM.

If you go to the Advance Settings Wizard and tap on Next, you will be taken to the custom settings for the generation of your Kodi Device.  

The ideal cache size in our opinion should be 500 MB. This will vary from device to device. Tap on Generate Settings to see the recommended settings.

In the end tap on Apply Settings and reboot your Kodi to apply it.

5. ISP Throttling causing Kodi Buffering Issues

Certain Kodi Addons and their streaming links may not be permitted by your ISP or your government due to copyright issues. If this indeed is the issue, then your ISP may throttle your internet access when you stream content from these links and buffering issue is the result. They can even disable your connections or put you in legal trouble.


To counteract the ISP throttling issue, the Kodi users need to install a good VPN. If your traffic is directed via a VPN, your ISP will only be able to see the amount of data but not the exact content being streamed from your server. This is a great fix for buffering issues as well. Apart from this VPNs protect your privacy and even allow you to watch geo-restricted content.

After test and trials of multiple VPNs, our number one choice is IPVanish. It provides a strong connection and strengthened privacy measures. It also keeps no logs and is compatible with almost all Kodi Addons.

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