2020’s Best Kodi Addons List Updated Daily (No Buffering Troubles)

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FireStick jailbreaking and installation of Kodi goes hand in hand. Therefore, when it comes down to Kodi, knowing about useful addons should be your first priority.

There are several promising add-ons out there, however, the only difficulty most of us face is that those several are out of thousands of addons present in the market. Searching through these add-ons can bite a considerable amount of time and energy from, given how fluctuating and ever turning modern technology has become. Since we have our entire business on the subject (no pun intended), we are sure we can help you through this trouble anyway.

For your ease, we have categorized the addons in regards to various categories, so that you know immediately which ones to immediately download. We have a spare step-by-step guide on some of the top addons we feel every FireStick user should have.

For your regular streaming enjoyment, we would regularly update our lists so that you stay well on tracks and know which ones are the new in the market and worth your time. Make sure you have bookmarked this page and you keep visiting this regularly.

best kodi add-ons

For any recommendations or anything we might have missed, make sure you are helping us in the comments so that we can help the larger mass of our followers by updating our information.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

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Some of the featured Kodi Addons for 2020

1. Exodus Redux & V8 – Compatible with Kodi 18

2. Seren (Premium Add-On for Real Debrid Users) – Compatible with Kodi 18

3. The Magic Dragon – Compatible with Kodi 18

4. Grease Lightning – Compatible with Kodi 18

5. IT (13 Clowns Fork) – Compatible with Kodi 18

New Kodi Addons That You Should Try

TAZ (Exodus Fork) – Compatible with Kodi 18

Alvin (Exodus Fork) – Compatible with Kodi 18

The Crew – Compatible with Kodi 18

IT (13 Clowns Fork) – Compatible with Kodi 18

Miami Grice – Compatible with Kodi 18

Venom – Compatible with Kodi 18

RooBoys – Compatible with Kodi 18

Fractured – Compatible with Kodi 18

Apocalypse 720 – Compatible with Kodi 18

Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows

Exodus Redux & V8 (Compatible with Kodi 18)

exodus redux kodi add-on

First introduced in October 2018, This Kodi addon is the most recent popular highly in demand add-on. Despite its being new in the show, it has become our top favorite and why is that so? The reasons are simple.

Exodus Redux is an exact replica of Exodus Kodi add-on which is still quite popular and is highly active. However, what makes this one stand out from its competitors is its effective set of Open Scrapers. For further quality integrate it with the Real-Debrid and you can get better HQ streams.

  • The Magic Dragon (Compatible with Kodi 18)
the magic dragon kodi add-on

The Magic Dragon is another popular add-on by Kodi, which gives endless entertainment. The add on is fairly simple and fast to use, with a very smooth user interface. You will even find some rare and unique entertainment on this add-on, which is great if you are someone who enjoys classical old movies and shows.

Apart from movies and show streaming you can also get access to documentaries, kid’s entertainment and sports-related entertainment. If you look at its layout it is an exact replica of ‘The Dogs Bull’ add-on, however with a better layout and features.

  • GAIA
gaia kodi add-on

A very organized layout for online streaming, Gaia is a highly on-demand add-on for your favorite movies and TV shows. The layout is simple and easy to navigate through with easy categories, displayed on the main home screen. You will find direct tabs of Movies, Shows and Documentaries.

There are several servers scarped back if you request for a video playback option. With the frequent updates, in the latest version, you will find Gaia with improved quality, enhanced features, and several other improvements. For better quality and features, try using it with your Real-Debrid account.  

  • Seren
seren kodi add-on

A still-developing add-on, Seren is a great addition as a live streaming media piece with amazing features and promising premium offers. To access the best of it, we suggest you use it through two hosts outlets: Real Debrid or Premiumize.

We can have better payback with this one, because of its vast pool of premium links. Chances are in near-future you might get links for free, but as we have mentioned the work for this add-on is still under process. Because of its simple and smooth interface, we highly encourage this add-on to be a part of your list.

  • Venom
venom kodi add-on

Venom has one of the top-grossing links when it comes down to some of the best add on out there. The Venom team has an active pool of developers who are constantly upgrading the system. It uses Lambda scrapers with a huge library and a super smooth interface. You should most definitely give this one a try.

  • I am Ego
i am ego kodi add-on

Another add-on to be featured on your add-on list. ‘I am Ego’ features best category-based content with a separate section for documentaries, which is a rare find in many add-ons these days. You can find various features and superior quality streams. The resolution goes up, with plenty of media SD links. The interface is much more smooth as compared to other add-ons. Believe us when we say you will enjoy yourself being a part of this add on.

  • Tempest
tempest kodi add-on

Tempest has an amazing library content with some old classics we can all binge-watch. The interface and layout are super well-maintained. The streaming aspect for this one is very impressive with a user-friendly interface and high quality streaming links.

They fetch you a lot of streaming links and make your experience even more worthwhile if you log in with your Real Debrid account. If you are someone who would like a media library with some old classic, definitely have this add-on installed.

  • Nemesis AIO
nemesis kodi add-on

Nemesis AIO is a great add-on with a multi-category option that offers on-demand content. You will find a good hefty library of movies, shows, documentaries, anime, cartoons and so much more.

You can also find a separate tab bar of gaming videos, webcam streaming, and anime collection. Using your Real-Debrid account you can enhance your streaming experience by pairing it along with Nemesis AIO.

  • ReleaseBB
release BB kodi add-on

ReleaseBB brings you high-quality streaming content from a well-versed library of entertainment. Unlike other add-ons you cannot find free content, you must sign-in with a premium hoster to get started with premium video content.

However, in our opinion, the experience has been totally worth the subscription. Streaming via premium links definitely makes your media browsing and watching worthwhile.  

  • Mercury Add-on
mercury kodi add-on

Mercury is a great offer of an add-on from the Kodi UK TV repository. It offers best quality streaming with some of the top-notch scrapers. You can access this add-on on all the popular platforms like FireStick and Android TV boxes. You can get all the latest additions to your media content library. The media library is regularly updated with the addition to latest media content.  

  • DejaVu Add-on
deja vu kodi add-on

This add-on is most definitely one of the easiest going add-ons out there. The features are simple with a very easy user interface and a good media library as well. The categories are carefully designed to provide ease of access to users which is what we liked the most about this add on. From documentaries to kid’s shows, this add-on is an interesting media provider. Give this one a definite try!

  • MTB’s Greased Lightning
greased lightning kodi add-on

One of the fastest add-on, MTB’s Greased Lightning as the name shows, is one of the fattest Autoplay. It comes with on-demand video content with plenty of streaming options. You can watch documentaries, listen to podcasts and for a better streaming experience you can sign in through your Real Debrid and Trakt.

  • The Kratos Reborn
kratos reborn kodi add-on

Recently back in business, this Kodi add-on is improving with time by fetching some good quality links. The performance has considerably increased, with fresh scrapers technology underway. For this one, we have kept out an eye to update immediately in case any useful feature is introduced.

  • Death from Above
death from above kodi add-on

A mega creation of team Falcon, Death from Above is a collection of some major add-ons giving a humongous library of movies and other forms of entertainment. The installation process if comparatively easy with a smooth interface, which surprises given the HD streaming and heavy servers. It is an obvious installation if you are someone who enjoys all of their content-packed in one place. In our experience, we absolutely loved trying this one.

  • Yoda
yoda kodi add-on

Not like your regular Yoda! This Kodi add-on won hearts when it first initiated its streaming business with lots of links and tons of movies and shows. Unfortunately, its main Repository shut down, which made it less popular. However, since most people remember this particular add-on you can still install it using as an alternate repo that is the Kodil Repository. Despite its former popularity, we suggest you look for other add-ons on our list.

exodus V8 kodi add-on

Another follow up of Yoda, Exodus used to be a popular streaming add-on which somehow lost its glory after the long run. It has come back to life, and many people have started going back to this particular Kodi add-on again. The media library is regularly updated with a smooth user interface. You can install Exodus from the Kodi Bae repository.

  • IT Add-on by Nobody’s
IT kodi add-on

For a head to toe replacement of 13clowns Kodi add-on, IT add-on might be the perfect match for you if you are looking for a 13 clowns alternative. Because of its quality streaming, the add-on looks promising with good links and a well-maintained library. You might want to give this one a try!

  • Alvin
Alvin kodi add-on

This one caught our attention because of its constant updates to make the service better and also mainly because of quality links it has been pulling from some time now. If you are looking for an instant Kodi add on which gives you high quality and great links. This is the deal maker here right in front of you.

  • Yify Movies HD
Yify movies kodi add-on

A big name in the torrent world, this add-on only streams hoster services like Real Debrid and Premiumize. Even though the add-on is still fresh and developing, chances are that the fresh free links will be added soon. For a better experience, pair it with your Real Debrid account.

  • A Pirate’s Life for Me
a pirates life for me kodi add-on

As fun as the add-on sounds like, it is fun in using it too. You can find a lot of free streaming options. It also offers an IPTV section which can be improved if you use it with a premium option. With premium links, you can expect much better quality payback, smoother streaming, and better performance. Make sure you are pairing it with your Real Debrid or Premiumize to get the best stuff running.

  • Riddler Stream
riddler stream kodi add-on

This one is your regular Kodi add-on with high on-demand streaming including movies, shows and lots of music. The add-on itself is quite interesting as it is being more developed and polished. In our experience, this one has been a good add-on you might want to try it as a regular add-on backup.

  • T2K 1 Click Movie Add-on
T2K1 kodi add-on

As the name suggests, with a single click you can get started with your movie streaming right away. This add-on is super-fast and swift with instant pop-ups and instantly plays the videos. Even though the streaming is super-fast, the library might not be up to the mark for some people out there. That’s okay folks, rumor has it that they are upgrading their library with more content on the way.

  • DeathStar
DeathStar kodi add-on

We hope you are ready for this. This add-on is a HUGE concoction of 35 ADD-ONS!!! Whether you are looking for TV on-demand, sports entertainment or just some regular movie streaming, with DeathStar you have gotten it all. By all, we mean literally ALL. This guru came in being as a result of 10 reputed Kodi developers who ensure that the quality is never compromised and the streaming experience becomes much better!

  • Voodoo
voodoo kodi add-on

Primarily started off as movies and shows streaming, it has now added many more options such as that of live TV, anime adult and so much more. We like how simple it is to navigate through and find your favorite media content. There are plenty of high-quality links as well. At times the streaming does get a little slow, but with the other added perks, we hardly mind the bug.

  • Movie Theater Butter
movie theatre butter kodi add-on

Known for its high-quality links with great resolution this Kodi add-on is quite in demand. You will find a one-click play feature with multiple other links in its whole media library. It offers a great stream as a regular Kodi add-on. You can easily install it from the Diamond Wizard Repo.

  • Scrubs
scrubs kodi add-on

You will find a lot of links on this one and when we say a lot, we do mean a good bulky library for you. Despite the huge following of content, the links, however, are not always HD. For a better quality experience, you better sign in with your Real Debrid account.

UK TURK kodi add-on

This add-on is pretty neat and simple in its super interface. The layout is user-friendly to navigate through and as the name suggests it hosts mainly Turkish based shows and movies. Because of its well-organized outlook, we would like to have it on our Kodi add-on list.

  • Watchdogs Video
Watchdogs kodi add-on

Back with all the fun, Watchdogs got previously shut down but now it is back in business. It has an amazing on-demand TV section. The library is no less than an awesome collection of our favorite stuff. The library is constantly and regularly updated. It is also well-maintained by a team of dedicated developers. You can download this now from the Goldengun repository.

To know about the installation process for each of the add-ons, stay tuned and connected to our page. We will be preparing a detailed guide on how each add-on can be connected, installed along with other prominent features. We will also provide our users with personal insight on how we benefited from these add-ons and some other useful tips and tricks. Make sure you are visiting our page from time to time as we will be updating our page with further reading links.
kodi add-on

To help you skim through which of the Kodi addons you should be reviewing, we have narrowed down some of the best Kodi Addons based on their different categories.

Best Kodi Addons for Live Streaming

The Best Kodi Addons for Sports

The Best Kodi Addons for Kids

  • KidsTube
  • Cartoons8
  • Kidz
  • Ares Kids Tube

The Best Kodi Addons for Fitness

  • Ares Fitness
  • Pulse Fitness
  • YogaGlo

Best Kodi Addons for Music

  • MP3 Streams
  • Now Music

Best Kodi Addons for Anime

  • Cypher 9Anime
  • Funimation
  • Anime Go

Best Miscellaneous Kodi Addons

  • Subtitles
  • Ares Wizard for Maintenance and Buffering Tools

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