Install Top Dog IPTV (2020) | Access 3000+ Channels in $6/Month

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If you are looking for an excellent inexpensive IPTV technology, Top Dog IPTV is your go to service.

Yes we have specifically called this particular IPTV service out as a technology, and that is hugely because of the reason that it is much more than an IPTV service.

Top Dog is evolving in its extension at the moment as it is new in market. However it is most certainly helping people change their perspective for choosing IPTV as their Live TV option.

Top Dog IPTV features amazing packages for extensive libraries. The quality and smooth user interaction is another perk we have not been able to admire in any other such IPTV service.

So how can you have it on your Firestick?

We will be telling you all about it.

From subscriptions channels and packages to customer dashboard support Top Dog IPTV service is something you can hitch as IPTV perfection.

Sadly Top Dog IPTV is not offering any trial based content as yet. Chances however are based on user interface, and we are expecting free trial base soon.

If you are aiming for this IPTV application, you can install it in few easy beats, on almost all of the operating devices you can find.

Apart from its value added features you can also access customer support care.

Along with the customer care option you can also view package options, basic channel information and other details regarding your streaming choices.

Like Thunder TV IPTV they also host a huge platform for their customers to interact and get updated with their information.

We recommend following their twitter account as well. For all the services based queries you will be able to find more about them officially on their portal.

Features You Should Look Out For!

Following are some of the features we have picked on before our testing through their users pool:

  • A definite count of Over 3,000 live HD channels.
  • Coverage of extensive PPV Events.
  • You will be able to find all sports season packages, both international and regional.
  • The payment method is based on monthly schedules. You are not bound in any contract.
  • You are allowed to have Up to 2 connections.
  • You IP is super safe with Top Dog IPTV service. It is completely IP location locked.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • VOD is not offered as yet, but it is expected to surface soon.
  • Catch Up option is included for most of the content.
  • It is very VPN friendly. Acclaimed to work smooth with almost all of the VPNs.
  • Multi screen split feature.
  • Support External Player Plug in.
  • It is very remote-control friendly.
  • You can download it on an Android platform through APK links.
  • They offer a very helpful 24/7 Customer support.

Wait up! Read Before You Proceed

Always protect yourself with a reliable and fast VPN services. We recommend you masking your activities from the public portals, especially with cybercrime on the loose.

Investing in a good VPN service will not only help you access huge library of free media, but also keep you safe from any hackers only.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 67% discount on your annual plan!

Register for IPVanish VPN, by clicking on the link

Our readers get an exclusive hefty discount, so make sure you are making the most of out it!
  • On your FireStick device, go to the homepage and type in and search for ‘IPVanish VPN’ in your search bar.
  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

Before moving forward with Top Dog IPTV installation, you must sign up for the top dog IPTV service.

Here is how you can get started with the Top Dog IPTV subscription in few easy beats.

Currently the IPTV service is sponsoring 2 packages for its users.

Both of these packages cost around $6 a month and has a whopping collection of 3000 live channels.

top dog vpn

The top most grossing package currently is XXX. The one without XXX also has the same features without the adult content.

The basic startup however does include two connection, PPV events, Sports Packages and up to 30000 Live Channels.

If you ask us, this is a really cool offer to begin your Live streaming with.

Once you have taken your bet on the package which suits you the best proceed with Click on ‘Order Now’.

We recommend going for the VPN No XXX package on a beginner level.

Next, you will be asked for your username and password details.

top dog iptv

Fill in all of your personal details. Make sure you have entered the correct data. In case of any type error, you will be unable to subscribe for the service.

Click on ‘Continue’. You can see your order summary above.

top dog iptv-2

Make sure to double check your package details and finally select ‘Checkout’.

top dog iptv 3

On next page you will be required to fill in all of your financial credentials. Fill out all of your billing information.

top dog iptv-4

After you have entered all of your information, double check your payment information and click on the ‘Complete Order’.

complete-top dog iptv

On the next window add further information of your card or whatever payment option you have chosen previously.

Top Dog IPTV accepts both PayPal and debit card.

Click on ‘Complete Payment’.

payment method

With a final click you are all set.

Check your email for a welcome message and subscription activation link. Please know the email you receive will have your sensitive data like your payment credentials, your personal billing address etc. Keep it safe.

Now that we have the subscription, lets talk about installation process.

Install Top Dog IPTV

The instructions for further installation is often mentioned in the welcome email user receives. The installation steps are very easy to navigate and you get started under 2 minutes.

Note: Top Dog IPTV is continually updating its application procedure as well as installation guide. The updates are drastic, due to which we are unable to keep up with it. As we do not own any personal IPTV service, we no longer can be the advocates for installation steps here.

Check out their official website which has an easy installation manual, workable on every operating device including Firestik, Android Box and PC.

Lets Check Some of the Live TV Categories Featured by Top Dog IPTV

You will find 3000 Live TV channels sorted throughout the portal into different categories.

While these categories are helpful for navigation, some of them are quite interesting to explore.

Let us highlight some of the categories for you:

  1. PPV coverage- A wide range of options almost all Live channels are covered.
  2. All Major Sports Packages- This includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF.
  3. UA-Sports
  4. USA-Entertainment
  5. USA-Music
  6. USA-Kids
  7. USA-News
  8. ESPN Plus
  9. 24/7 Channels
  10. UK-Entertainment
  11. UK-News
  12. UK-Sports

These categories are quite a package within itself. However, Top Dog IPTV does not host any content on its own within their VOD feature.

You can customize your own watch list by making a section of Add Favorites. Here is how you can do that.

Fire up the Main Home Screen of the Top Dog IPTV.

On the Main Screen, click on the option of Live TV.

top dog iptv-main home screen

You will now be on the TV Guide, click on whichever channels you want to add as your favorites.

top dog iptv- live TV

Press the Home Button for a while and you will see the a gold star on the icon. That is your channel added to favorite now.

gold star

To easily locate your Favorite watch list category, go to the top of the menu and scroll on your screen towards the left until you see the option of favorites.

When you click on the option of the favorites you will be able to see your favorite channel added in the list.

cnc-top dog

If you want to remove any channel from your list, you can simply do that by hovering over the main icon and pressing the home button the same way you have done so previously.

Your favorite list will be instantly empty.

That is how you can use the IPTV Live section for Top Dog.

Now that you have learnt how you can add or remove your favorite channels from your favorites, we will be going over brief features and details about the IPTV service.

Over-Viewing Top Dog IPTV

Since the IPTV service is new we are expecting the Top Dog to make changes with passage of time. The following services and features are what Top Dog is currently offering.

  1. A very breezy and Smooth user interface even after connecting with the VPN.
  2. When you install the IPTV service, you automatically get a Separate Electronic Program Guide.
  3. The compatibility of Top Dog IPTV service is very smooth with almost all of the operating systems.
  4. Unfortunately unlike other IPTV services, the VOD and Catch up feature is not provided by Top Dog IPTV as yet.
  5. The free trial is not introduced either.
  6. For payment options you can pay through Bitcoin.
  7. The Customer Support is excellent. They will help you stay updated with all of the new updates and content management.
  8. Expectantly a smooth account compatibility with Real Debrid and Trakt Account.
  9. The payment options are very user friendly.
  10. The packages are very cheap and offer good starter pack.
  11. The categories, especially the PPV option is a great initiation for user attraction.
  12. The categories are extensive with helpful sub-categories.

Our Final Thoughts

Top Dog IPTV is evolving more in terms of its diversity. The IPTV is already getting a lot of hype and attention from people who prefer good IPTV services.

You get to experience some premium quality at such a cheap rate. As mentioned earlier, Top Dog IPTV is expected to become more than jut an IPTV service. With their regular updates, chances are Top Dog IPTV will be more than jut an IPTV service.

We strongly recommend our users to give Top Dog IPTV a try.

For more such amazing IPTV services, read our detailed guide here.

You can also check out for IPTV players option through our guide.

Let us know how Top Dog IPTV turned out to be like for you. Also please do comment on what you will like to read about next.


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  6. Robert Hackett Reply

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