Install Streams IPTV | Access 2000+ Live Streams Channels for $7/Month

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With a whopping coverage of 2000+ channels directly streamed from US, Streams IPTV is a quality IPTV service you should have.

Streams IPTV service is for US based audience however you will be able to find channels and shows from other countries as well. You get the entire bundle subscription under $7 a month only!

The best feature about Streams IPTV is the high quality links which are available 24/7. These quality links are compatible with almost all of the operating devices.

You can also access it as a web based service. Simply head to their official website and you are set to browse the service on your PC.

Their streaming solutions also include The Players Klub IPTV and Sportz TV IPTV, with a separate on-demand section.

Main Features of Streams IPTV

  1. It offers multiple subscriptions plans, which can be customized according to your need.
  2. Streams IPTV hosts a huge library with multiple categories to stream from.
  3. User interface is very fluid with easy navigation and user friendly instructions.
  4. You get to have a multi-screen feature with Streams IPTV.
  5. You also get After-sales support from their generous customer support.
  6. All of the media streamed on Streams IPTV is up to the viewing quality of 1080p.
  7. Users can easily integrate external media players.
  8. You can access the IPTV service with multiple devices.
  9. You can also simultaneously view your streaming through multiple connections.

Before installing the Streams IPTV, you would need to Sign Up for the Streams IPTV service.

Lets get started with the registration and installation process.

Hold Up for a Minute!

Before you proceed, Firestick Jailbreak would like to strongly suggest its users to connect to a good VPN.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 67% discount on your annual plan!

Register for IPVanish VPN, by clicking on the link

Our readers get an exclusive hefty discount, so make sure you are making the most of out it!
  • On your FireStick device, go to the homepage and type in and search for ‘IPVanish VPN’ in your search bar.
  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

Step#1- Sign UP for the Streams IPTV

Before the installation process you will be required to register for the IPTV, buy the subscription and then install it on your Firestick.

Here is you can sign up for the services in few simple easy steps:

Go to the official link from using your mobile or PC. https://streamsforus.net/billing/cart.php

You will be able to see a list of subscription plans.

Go for the desired plan however, we recommend our readers to choose beginners plan with monthly installments, if you have not used an IPTV service before.

streams iptv registration

Click on Continue after you have chosen your plan.

configure-streams iptv

You will now be able to see a form on your display screen.

Provide all the necessary information for payment. Type in your correct email and password details.

Note: This is for your web log in purposes. A separate password for the App will be generated separately in the confirmation email you receive.
checkout-streams iptv

Once your payment information has been verified you will be automatically redirected to order confirmation page.

The order number is important to note. You will also receive it along with your email.

Click on Continue to Client Access for your Streams IPTV account.

streams iptv-login account

With this final step, you have successfully registered for Streams IPTV subscription.

Go to your email. There you will see a couple of emails from Streams IPTV. Look for the app login username and password.

You will be using these details later on after you have installed Streams IPTV on your Firestick.

Step#2- Install Streams IPTV for US on Firestick

Please know, Streams IPTV is not available officially on Amazon Store therefore it is categorized as a third party app. Nevertheless Streams IPTV for US is completely safe to use.

Go to the main Home Screen of your Firestick. Navigate o the top of the screen and click on ‘Settings’.

streams iptv-settings

Click on the option of ‘My Fire TV’.

my fire tv-iptv streams

Further click on the option of ‘Developer Options’.

developer options

Click on the option of ‘Apps from Unknown sources’. Turn it ON from OFF.

Note: Ignore any warning messages, Streams IPTV for US is completely safe to use.
apps from unknown sources
apps from unknown sources-2

Now that we have the permit for installing Streams IPTV on Firestick. Lets proceed with installing Streams IPTV on Firestick.

Step#2- Installing Streams IPTV

We will be sideloading Streams IPTV via Downloader app.

Simply go to the Search bar and type Downloader.

You will see couple of options, look for the Downloader app and click on it.

downloader app

Download the Downloader app.

If you have already installed Downloader then you may skip this step.

Once you have launched the Downloader app, click on the URL field space.

Type in the following URL. http://s4us.loveyour.tv

In case of any typo error you will not be able to achieve successful installation.

Click on ‘Go’.


The downloading will take a couple of seconds.

A small window will open with the prompt of ‘Install’.

Tap on it and the App will be shortly installed.

Once the App installation is finished, simply head back to the main home page of Downloader App.

Click on Delete.

This is recommended to clear the storage space on your Firestick. By doing this you will be deleting the APK file which is not required now.

Click on Delete again to confirm.

How to use Streams IPTV on Firestick

You can simply access Streams IPTV for US from ‘Your Apps & Channels’.

Go to the option of ‘Your Apps & Channels’ on Firestick Home Screen.

Click on ‘See All’.

Alternatively you can also long press on the Home Button of your remote and click on ‘Apps’ to appear.

Scroll down in the Apps list and find Streams IPTV for US. Click on the app and open it.

streams iptv-apps

If you will be frequently using the App, we recommend you to move the App on the Firestick Main Home Screen.

Long press on the Menu button. A small side prompt will open. You can see few options on the left.

Click on Move. Drag the app and drop it down wherever you wish to place your app.

move app

Now that we have the App on the front, lets explore the app a little.

Click on the app for it to open. On your display enter in your Login Details.

These details are the one which were sent in your email.

login details

The app might take some time for setting up and getting ready.

This is what the opening display of Streams IPTV for US looks like when you first open it.

US app tv

You will be seeing a couple of options on your display. Streams IPTV for US also has a ‘Catch Up’ section. You also get the access to EPG.

Note: On-Demand Movies and Series are unavailable on Streams IPTV.

However we are most excited about the Multi-Screen feature.

How to use the Multi-Screen feature on Streams IPTV for US

If you are using the old version of Streams IPTV for US, you might not have Multi-Screen feature. The latest version however does include this feature.

Multi-Screen allows you to stream multiple screens at a time. While other streaming IPTV services offers varied number of screens, Streams IPTV for US is currently giving 4 simultaneous screens.

You can increase this based on the number of connections you are using.

Simply go to the Multi-Screen button the Main Window. This is what the option would look like.

multi screen main window

Click on any of the screens and select a screen for adding the feed.

Once you click on the multi-screen, the app will open a list of different channels for you. Click the Live TV channels you want to add in you Multi-Screen feature and get started immediately.

While using the Streams IPTV Multi-screen feature here are some important points for consideration:
  1. Streams IPTV for US only offers you up to 4 total connections for live feed viewing.
  2. The number of multi-Screen watch is dependent on the number of streams you are subscribed to. In case you are using the 2 streams for your viewing, you cannot stream another subscription through any other device.
  3. Having a good internet connectivity and speed is a must. Each of the stream on the app has its own share of bandwidth. Therefore the totality of the bandwidth share will depend on number of collective streams.

Using Streams IPTV for US Login Credentials

There are two different types of Logins required by the IPTV service.

Online Account Login: This is the account created during the registration process. You cannot use it for the Log In purposes.

Streams IPTV for US App Login: This Login is strictly for the app and Logging into Firestick and other such operating devices. You get the details of this particular account in your email after registration.

Note: You CANNOT change the App Login password and details.

Forgot your Log-In details?

You can easily recover your password details by following these simple guidelines.

  1. Go to the main web link  https://streamsforus.net/billing/clientarea.php
  2. Click on Forgot Password option.
  3. Click on Registered email and simply click on Submit.
  4. An email will be generated to your email account. Head to your email account.
  5. Click on the link sent to you and click on the password link to reset your password.
  6. Create a new password for your account.

In case you have forgotten the password details for your Streams IPTV account. Do not fret! you can recover that too.

  1. Go to your Main Streams IPTV account, and click on the Log In link https://streamsforus.net/billing/clientarea.php
  2. Click on Services Tab next.
  3. Next click on your Plan under the Product/Service option.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Subscription Details.
  5. You will be able to see your username in the My IPTV subscription option.
  6. Click on the Show button and your password will be displayed.

Wrapping it All Up!

That is all for Streams IPTV for US. It is an excellent choice of streaming in our onion that too with a cheap package.

You get to have the Catch UP option and a side Live TV option with 4 connection simultaneously. What more should one ask for?

You are getting to view the best of everything in $7 a month with a coverage of 2000+ channels. The app keeps getting better as it has now upgraded to multi-screen feature and more quality links.

In our opinion Streams IPTV for US is an all inclusive all rounder of an IPTV app. You should definitely give it a try.

For more such IPTVs, let us know what you will like to read next. Till then happy streaming!

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