Install Aptoide TV on Firestick (2020) | Google Play Service Alternative

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Looking for an optimized version of Google Play services for your Amazon Firestick? Aptoide TV should be your choice for that.

It works very similar to the Google Play services but as most of you would not know Google Play service does not have a smooth running because of its clashes with Amazon prime.

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However, in one way or another we all like the user interface and availability of the apps more on Google Play services. Aptoide TV in our streaming experience has been one of the smoothest replica of Google Play services.

In case if you want to know about how you can install Google Play services we suggest you do not go for that option.

Mainly because

a) you would have to go through a ton of requirements for installing Google Play Services on Firestick.

b) even after successful installation you would not be able to have a smooth compatibility and running of the installed apps from Google Play Services.

This current version of Aptoide TV is optimized for almost all of the operating devices. From Fire TV to Android OS version the app has had a record of smooth running without much buffering issues.

The only problem for the app is that it is not very remote friendly. You would rather need a separate mouse app for that. We suggest you to check out the mouse toggle application for the Firestick.

However, the optimized version of the app does not demonstrate such a problem. But it is important to note down for the outdated and old version of the Amazon Firestick.

The best part about Aptoide TV is that it offers almost all of the same apps that you can find on Google Play services.

Read Before Your Proceed!

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

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Some of the highlighted features you should know about Aptoide TV.

Features of Aptoide TV

  1. Currently the third top app provider after Google Play Services and Amazon Prime.
  2. There over a 750,000 apps available on the app which is a lot more than any other such app.
  3. The best feature about the app is that it is compatible almost all of the operating devices such as Android OS, Firestick 4K, FIRE TV, NIVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box and other Android run platforms.
  4. The app is free to install and houses a long list of free apps.
  5. The user interface is super easy and navigation of the categories and subcategories makes the interface more convenient for easy users.
  6. It also has many apps which you would not be able to find on Amazon App Store or Google Play services.
  7. The app categories are very extensive and pretty much self-explanatory. You also get to view the details and specific features of the app.
  8. The app also supports VPN functioning. It works great especially with IPVanish VPN.
  9. You can simply install the app in few easy steps. The installation is very easy, quick and simple.
Aptoide TV is therefore one of our featured app in the best apps for Amazon Firestick 2020.

When we first started out with Aptoide TV, we were quite impressed as soon as we launched the app. The user interface was quit catchy and the display itself was quite appealing.

As you can see how amazing the app looks. Probably better than Google Play services in our opinion.

Let’s move towards how you can install this awesome app on your Firestick.

Please Know, Aptoide TV is a third party app and is not available on Amazon Prime App. Therefore, you will be sideloading it as an Unknown App for the reason that Firestick does not allow the downloading of any app or content that is not from its official app store.

Lets get into how to install Aptoide TV.

Install Aptoide TV for Firetsick and Fire TV

Fire up your Fire TV and click on ‘Settings’, by simply using your remote.

aptoide tv-1

Now on your display scroll to the right side of your screen and click on the option of My Fire TV.

my fire tv

You can now see Developer Options in a list of options. Click on it.

developer options-3

In the next display scroll down and click on the option of Apps from Unknown Sources.

It is automatically Turned OFF by default, for downloading purposes from third source you have to click on the toggle to turn it ON.

Any warning prompt should be avoided by you. Such prompt warnings are only there to alert the user to avoid downloading of any malicious content. Rest assured the App is safe for downloading.
aptoide tv 4

Now go back to the Main Screen of your Home Page and click on Home using your remote.

Go to the search bar and click on the search icon which you could see at the upper left corner of your screen interface.

There type ‘Downloader’. We will be using the Downloader app to side load Aptoide TV app.

In the options which follows, click on Downloader app and then click on OK.

You could see under the APPS & GAMES category that Downloader is displayed. Click on OK of your remote button.

On the next page, click on Download. In case you have already downloaded the Downloader app you will be able to see the option of Get.

aptoide tv 5

Click on that, proceed with clicking on Open.

aptoide tv 6

Once the app has been successfully installed, simply click on the option of Allow.

This is just to ensure that you are proceeding with allowing the Downloader app to access your files and image son your Firestick.

Next click on the option of OK.

You can see the displayed screen of your Downloader App.

There click on the option of URL bar in which you will be entering the APK link for downloading the app.

When you select the URL option type in the exact link ““

This will direct to you to the Aptoide TV app where it will be easy for you to install the app quickly.

Make sure you have carefully typed in the link provided or else you would not be able to download the app.

Please know, Firestick Jailbreak does not host the app.

Once you have clicked on the Go button wait for the installation to proceed. The Aptoide TV will be installed in few beats.

Next click on the option of Install.

Further click on Done.

Soon after the installation has happened. Click on the option of Delete.

This is an important recommended step to steer clear of any piled up storage in your Firestick. Since you will not be needing the APK file anymore for any further use you can simply delete it to clear storage.

Worried about increasing the storage on your Fire TV? Check out OTG cable guide. We shared some of our ideas about how you can use the OTG cable to increase Firestick.

Further confirm the delete option by clicking on the option again.

Now if you head to the main page of your apps you would not be able to see Aptoide TV there immediately. For that case hold down your Home Button on your remote for a couple of seconds.

You will go to the shortcut to the Your Apps Library.

There click on the option of Apps.

There you will be able to see all of the apps that are downloaded. Scroll down to locate Aptoide TV app.

aptoide tv 7

Next click on the option of Menu button on your remote. This will open small list of options on the side of your screen. There you will be able to see the option of ‘Move’.

aptoide tv 9

Click on it to Move the app to the front on the screen of ‘Your Apps & Channels’.

Drag the App wherever you wish it to be displayed on your Screen.

aptoide tv-10

You are all set to launch your App.

aptoide tv app

Click on the application to open it.

Once you open the App you will land on Main Home Page you will see a welcome display message.

Simply Click on OK.

main home page

Next click on Allow for the app to access your data.

aptoide tv app-11

You are all set for using the App.

Details and Features for Aptoide TV

opening display of your app

As the Main Home Page opens on your display screen, you will be bale to see tons of applications on Aptoide TV.

You simply have to click on them for download to proceed. The space for apps and storage is ample considering Google Play Service and Amazon App storage.

Aptoide TV stores everything in it for you if you are looking out for apps which features video, music and play games.

Some of them are not even featured anywhere else except on the Aptoide TV app.

The following Apps are the most popular downloads from Aptoide TV.

  1. Plex Media Player
  2. Netflix
  3. Morph TV
  4. Perfect Player
  5. Mobdoro
  6. Tubi TV
  7. Freeflix HQ
  8. Twitch
  9. Stremio
  10. Popcorn Time APK
  11. YouTube
  12. IPVanish
  13. Facebook

If you are looking out for other apps then look out for popular apps in other categories which includes: Entertainment, Games, Social, Video Players/Editors, Games, Tools, Communication and Shopping etc.

Our Final Thought!

If you still are not convinced about Aptoide TV, we strongly suggest you to give it a try at least. It is one of the most popular 3rd party app at the moment.

You will find everything on Aptoide TV which you might not on other app service provider. The installation service itself is pretty quick and painless, no hidden monkey business is involved.

Let us know how did you like Aptoide TV on your Firestick. We would love to know about new apps.

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