Hulu Live TV Review [Updated 2020] | Worth $55 a month?

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Hulu has recently launched its Live TV feature and we are going to tell you all about it in our Hulu Live TV Review.

Hulu is greatly admired for its massive on demand content in a low adjustable budget. The Live TV version however falls a little short in the heat of cord cutting competitors.

hulu live tv review

Hulu without a beat of doubt is the best deal for streaming, considering the recent streaming price drop- down to $6. You get plenty of movies and TV shows- both old and new- in the total cost of a caramel latte.

However, Hulu Live TV is a poor shot given you are upgrading your check bill to $45 a month, or even a $55 if you wish to have a DVR.

Yes, you are paying $10 extra ONLY for the luxury of fast forwarding through commercials.

Looking at other competitiveness, Hulu Live TV fades a little. Hulu service however, does come with a mash and mix of some good channel count.

Personally the on demand category with endless shows and movies to choose from seems like an excellent option. The DVR offer comes with a limited period in its cheapest tier.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all the features which were commendable for its service. But that is exactly the case, such features and more are offered by other competitors as well, which makes it tougher to overlook, given how Hulu happens to be a premium product.

The user interface is amazing at $6 but I don’t think I will settle for the same at $55!

Let’s start at the top for Hulu Live TV Review.

What Am I getting? – Hulu Live TV Review

Hulu Live TV is upstream for over two years now, with stable price tags. The Live TV offers an on-demand service, with almost 60 channels to begin with and you also get an adjustment of limited DVR and a ‘guide’.

The Live TV option is available on all of the operating systems.

The Hulu Libraries are quite solid and provide good categories for you to explore and choose your options. The lineup of channels comes pretty impressive if I were to compare it with PlayStation Vue.

However, in comparison to bigger competitors like the YouTube TV and Fubo TV, it is still behind the line.

Scroll down to have a look at what other Live TV options have to contribute based on the same rubric we are reviewing Hulu Live TV on.

Now let’s look at why Hulu Live TV did not live up to our expectations...

Let’s begin with the Enhanced DVR features. You are getting the option of one when you sign up for the beginner package. But in all honesty it lacks the ability of enhancing through commercials.

Some users have even complained about the lack of ability to record the content.

As most users prefers commercial skipping feature, they are compelled to invest in the option of upgrading their package to $60. The cost itself is much more expensive than majority of the TV subscriptions (including the premium options).

Apart from the increase in your bundle, you will have to create a new account all over again and lose your current bundle. This is a major setback, as most people would rather give up on the option and will set out to look for other better options they could find of Live TV.

Now coming to the user interface. The user interface is quite radical for Hulu Live TV as compared to other Live TV options.

When you switch to the Live TV option your display only shows four and a half shows on your display, which is not enough as compared to other such Live TV services.

Features for Hulu Live TV are limited as well. You get your own tab under the name of My Stuff (DVR) when you upgrade to its Enhanced DVR option.

Upon inspection of other tabs and categories, I found that the categories and the sub categories had the same problem.

For experimentation I switched to Hulu Picks, but after 2 minutes of surfing I found out that Hulu was simply pouring in whatever content it could find. Regardless of clicking on the different tabs, I was getting the same results for every category I choose.

To make my experience a bit more understandable I referred to the guide, and turned out it was not as helpful as I had initially thought of it as. The guide itself was least usable of all the streaming services I have previously tested.

Coming to the DVR pa(in)rt. It was definitely not my cup of tea. If I am to invest $60 for an enhanced version of DVR, I would be expecting it to be smoother experience. Unfortunately recording my shows were not of that nature at all.

You cannot record the show or whatever you are watching. You have to switch to the ‘Guide ‘in order for recording to initiate.

You need to long press the middle button of your remote and then click on the option of record. Hulu Live TV is the first of its kind to do that.

Other services have clearly allowed for recording to happen while watching a movie or a show.

hulu live tv review-2


Premium services

YouTube TV

DirecTV Now

Hulu with Live TV

FuboTVPlayStation Vue
Starting Price$50 a month for beginner 70+ channels

$50 a month for beginner 45+ channels

$45 a month for beginner 60+ channels

$55 a month for beginner 100+ channels

$45 a month for beginner 55+ channels

Total number of top 100 channels

Keeps fluctuating between 64 to 66

Definite 45

Featured 58

Total 62

Featured 47

ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC channels


Yes- Featured in all the places

Yes- Featured in all the places

Yes- Except ABC

Yes- Featured in many markets

DVR feature

Records during the show (saves up to 9 months)

Records during the show (total 20GB space for up to 30 days)

Enhanced DVR for $10 for commercials skipping

Saves the recording for the $10 package a month.

Keeps unlimited recording for 28 days only.

Option of extra channelsand packages


For up to $70 a month



Different packages of $50, $60 or $70 a month.

Simultaneous streams per account


2 ($5 option for 3)

2 ($15 option for unlimited)

2 ($6 option for 3)


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Should you have it?- Hulu Live TV Review

If you are a huge Hulu fan, with no itchy feeling towards the slow DVR option, then Live TV screening is a great option you should be looking out for.

I repeat IF you are a Hulu TV maniac fan. As chances are, the slow interface will drive you a little over the edge at times.

In my opinion if you are looking out for the right Live TV option, you should go out for the premium service of YouTube TV. Now you are paying $5 extra than Hulu, but it is going to be worth every penny you invest.

The channel list is definitely much better and more rewarding. The DVR system is very active with super smooth user interface. Similarly, you will find good categories and an easy navigation to get through the portal.

Our Final Say

We really liked Hulu and its library and everything we were getting from it- some major fresh content! We were really excited about the Live TV option when Hulu surfaced with what it had to offer.

However, Hulu Live TV did not go very smooth for us. Nevertheless, given how Hulu has progressed over the years and caters a huge following, we are positive they are going to improve their Live TV option soon enough.

Who knows we might give you a Hulu Live TV Review again!

Let us know in the comment section below, about what else you would like to read from us.

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