How to Use Kodi | Complete Guide for Beginner’s 2020 (100% Working)

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Kodi is user-friendly but “not so simple to navigate through” kind of media player. However, since it is in the use of millions of users across the globe, it is only understandable that it would be simple in use. But in all reality, for many beginners, use of Kodi can be a bit overwhelming at the start. The main reason for this could be Kodi’s unique interface and it takes time to get used to it.

You do not require any technical expertise to understand the art of streaming movies and shows through Kodi. In fact, Kodi has been exclusively designed for any layman. But a little assistance in the initial use of Kodi can go miles in helping individuals understand it faster.

Many of our beloved readers have been leaving queries regarding a beginner’s guide to use Kodi. Hence we have compiled this article to take you through all the fundamentals of using Kodi. This article will cover all the details one needs to know before they begin streaming content online.

What exactly is Kodi?

To define Kodi in simple words, it is a Media Player.

A media player is essentially a piece of software that has the ability to play any media content. This content can be in form of an Audio, Video or Picture. However, media players like Kodi mostly play video and audio content. A simple example of this could be the famous VLC Player.

Kodi is a unique media player which plays entertainment content such as movies, TV shows and songs.

Even though Kodi is quite similar to the VLC player but there are some stark differences. The main one being that VLC plays the media content stored on the device while Kodi streams media using the internet.

It can rightly be said that Kodi is an online media player. It allows you to stream your favorite entertainment content over the internet. You can have an unlimited access to latest movies, episodes, news and songs. However, Kodi does need assistance from specialized plugins referred to as Kodi Addons.

We will learn about addons further ahead on FirestickJailbreak.net, before that it is important to learn the use of Kodi starting from its installation.

Kodi Installation on Different Devices

Kodi is compatible with many device platforms. In future we will cover the detailed instructions for each of these devices. But this article will give you a general overview on Kodi installation on the device’s respective platforms. The following devices will be catered to in our Use Kodi Beginner’s Guide:

  • Amazon FireStick
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Computers
  • Mac OS Platform
  • iOS
  • Android Smart TV & TV Boxes
Lets begin the guide!

1. Use Kodi on Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

FireStick is a famous Amazon device that connects to the HDMI port of your TV and converts it into a smart TV. an extremely popular media device that plugs into your TV through the HDMI port. The Firestick is pretty much similar to the Fire TV hence they share a common Kodi installation process.

However, the Amazon Store is not a Kodi host. So the users have to complete the manual download of the Kodi APK file to finish its installation on Firestick and Fire TV. For a detailed procedure, you can go through FirestickJailbreak.net’s detailed guide on how to install Kodi.

User can also take benefit from our Jailbreak Amazon FireStick Guide.

2. Use Kodi on Android Devices

You can use Kodi on Android device pretty easily. Kodi is not only well known but is a trusted entity by Google as well. On Android devices such as cellphones and tablets, there is no need to side-load the Kodi App or manually install it. In fact, you can locate the app for Kodi right in Google Play Store.

Now since we know only trusted entities make their way in the Google Play Store, you can be assured that Kodi is safe to download on your Android device.

Follow three easy and basic steps to install Kodi:
  1. Access Google Play Store on your Android device,
  2. Search for the Kodi App,
  3. Do as you are prompted and complete Kodi Installation!

3. Use Kodi on Windows Computers

The procedure for installing Kodi on Windows 10 and Windows 8 or the older versions is not the same. The procedure for both versions are described below.

Use Kodi on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, then you can easily download Kodi using the Microsoft Store. Just follow these steps:
  1. Tap on the search button ‘Cortana’ and enter Kodi,
  2. The icon for Kodi will pop-up in the results. Tap on this Kodi icon,
  3. You will then be directed to the Microsoft Store. Tap on ‘Get’ or ‘Download’,
  4. Now the rest will be taken care of by the Microsoft Store,
  5. It would take maximum 2 minutes to install Kodi on your Windows 10 Computer,

Use Kodi on Windows 8 & Older Versions

If you are using Windows 8 or any of the older versions you can complete downloading Kodi from its official site at https://kodi.tv Simply follow these steps:
  1. Access the website and right on home-page, tap on Download button,
kodi home page

2. Keep scrolling through the list till you fund the logos of the devices which are compatible with Kodi,

3. Then Tap on the logo of Windows,

Windows Logo on Kodi

4. Then ensure that the Recommended tab is chosen in the proceeding window,

5. Finally tap on Installer, either 64 BIT or 32 BIT according to the PC you are using. Make sure you have selected the Recommended tab on the next window,

Kodi Recommended Tab

4. Use Kodi on Mac OS Platform

Kodi is not present on the Apple App Store library however its Mac Version does exist on Kodi’s official site. You must be using at least Mac OS 10.8 X or later version for Kodi to be compatible. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Access this link https://kodi.tv/download from your Safari browser. Keep scrolling to tap on the logo of ‘MacOS’,
kodi on mac os

2. See that the tab of Recommended is chosen in the pop-up. Then tap on Installer (64 BIT),

kodi for macos

3. Then follow the usual procedure to complete the Kodi installation on your Mac device.

5. Use Kodi on iOS Devices

Even though it is stated on the official site that your iOS Device needs to be jailbroken first for Kodi installation but some third party apps such as The TweakBox can help you. Just follow these steps below:
  1. Access this link https://www.tweakboxapp.com using your Safari browser on your iOS device. Then tap on the Download button,
  2. See the on-screen prompts and finish installing TweakBox. You will be prompted to give permission for installing this third party app,
  3. Open the TweakBox and tap on Apps section. Search for Kodi in the apps list and tap on its icon,
  4. Keep following the instructions on the screen to successfully install Kodi,

6. Use Kodi on Android Smart TV & TV Boxes

The Google Play Store is supporting the Android Smart TV and the TV Boxes. Even Kodi is verified by Google Play Store, and the installation of this app is simple. Just follow these quick steps below:
  1. Switch on your television and if it is connected with the Android TV Box, ensure that your TV is connected to the box,
  2. Now when the home screen pops up, tap on Google Play Store,
  3. Search for the icon of the Kodi App,
  4. Simply do as you are prompted on the screen and you will have successfully installed Kodi in no time,

Use our Recommended VPN for Kodi

Prior to beginning the use of Kodi for streaming online content, we urge you to use a good VPN for Kodi.

In case you are not familiar, Kodi VPN safeguards your online streaming activities from governments and Internet Service Providers. In simple words, a VPN encrypts your server traffic and makes prying eyes unable to track your activities online. There are also many other reasons for using a VPN which you can read here.

As we have already mentioned above, to be able to watch TV shows and movies use of Kodi addons is a must. Many of these addons are provided by third-party apps. We are in no way encouraging any user to view copyrighted content through illegal means. However, at the same time, we strongly believe that every individual has a right to privacy even when it comes to entertainment. If you are wondering how a Kodi VPN operates then in simple words, it diverts your server traffic through a private server after encrypting your internet connection.

Consequently, any prying eyes peeking in your online activities will no more be able to do it. When it comes to recommended VPNs then in our opinion IPVanish can be rated as the best VPN for Kodi. It works fast and uses strong security measures. It makes use of the latest encryption technology to safeguard your online activity.

Kodi Addons to Use Kodi

We already told you that addons are the life and blood of using Kodi. No matter how much we emphasize the importance of Kodi Addons, it would always be an understatement.

Kodi’s unwavering success has relied upon the exclusivity of its addons. Even though Kodi is an exemplary media player but what makes it successful are its addons. And here is a list of best Kodi Addons you can look at to decide which ones are worth installing. This list will also give you an idea of what each of these addons has to offer.

Install Kodi Addons

The installation process for Kodi Addons involves 6 steps:

  1. First of all select the sort of content you wish to stream,
  2. Then select the addon which is streaming your preferred content,
  3. Now locate the source from where this addon can be installed,
  4. Then add this source to Kodi,
  5. Complete the installation of the repository from the selected source,
  6. You can then install your desired addon from this repository,

If this appears difficult to follow then do not worry. Initially, every new user who begins using Kodi finds this confusing. But with a little time and practice, you can easily get used to this and develop your desired Kodi Addon library in no time.

Use Kodi Addons to Stream Movies, Shows and TV

When the addon is successfully installed, you can locate it easily in the section of Video Addons.  

Note: You need to keep in mind that the addons which show video content can be located in the section of Video-addons. However not every addon is a video addon. Kodi also offers many utility addons which can be accessed in the Program addons section. However you do not need to fret over these Program addons. Since you are a beginner, you only need to worry about the use of video addons for streaming movies, TV Shows etc. Even if you ask those who have been using Kodi for years, they will also tell you that addons other than video addons pretty much have no use.

How to use the Kodi Video Addons?

In order to use the Video Addons after they have been installed you need to visit the Kodi Home-Screen.

Then tap on the Addons button,

kodi addons section

Now towards the left side, tap on Video Addons. In fact, even if you do not tap on this option, simply hover your cursor over it and the video streaming library will appear towards the right.

video addon library

See the image below to get an idea of how the video addon library would look.

library of video addons

How to use these Addons?

Once the Video addons have been opened you will be able to see their icons. In order to access any of these addons simply tap on its respective icon.

For example, in the image below Exodus Redux is selected.

exodus redux

Since Exodus Redux is high in demand. On the next screen, you will find its various categories.

categories of exodus redux

When you tap on any of the categories, you will be either directly shown the titles or another sub-category will appear. When you click a category, you may either directly see the list of the titles or subcategories. It varies across addons.

For example, in Exodus Redux if you click on the ‘Movies’ category, it would direct you to its subcategories:

  1. Genres,
  2. Year,
  3. People,
  4. Languages,
  5. Certificates, etc.

The purpose here is to keeping clicking your relevant sub-categories until you find the title list. Then tap on the title you wish to stream and watch. The addon will then get the streaming links for you.

Tap the link and begin watching your favorite show or movie.

stream on exodus redux

Summing it up…

If you are a beginner in the world of Kodi then the above-explained guide pretty much covers everything you need to know. As we have already mentioned that Kodi even though is designed for a layman its new and unique user-interface needs learning. A little help from such beginner’s guides on how to use Kodi at the start can allow users to learn it much faster.

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