How to Install Helix TV IPTV on Firestick (2020)| Access 6500+ Channels

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Nowadays nobody is willing to compromise on the quality of entertainment. When it comes to TV, IPTVs have largely replaced conventional Cable TV options around the globe. Helix TV IPTV is one such reliable streaming option.

Helix TV is a multi-platform IPTV service that comes equipped with a long list of attractive features. If you have not tried out Helix TV IPTV yet, here are 5 reasons why you definitely should.

Far-reaching Access

Helix TV IPTV provides a large number of satellite channels from the US, UK and Canada. On top of that, it offers interesting subscription plans to make it feasible and user-friendly. Continue reading if you want to know Helix TV subscription plans.

Easy to Use Streaming Service

You can set up Helix IPTV  quickly. The interface and navigation is quite handy.

Do not forget the extra perk: Kodi Add-ons

Kodi add-ons are available for Helix TV IPTV. They allow the use of this streaming service on Mac, Window PC, iOS and a range of other platforms.

Voice- control

If you are too lazy to search for the channel you would like to watch, this cool feature is just for you.  With voice-control, the user does not have to bother with channel surfing. You can easily dictate your options. It also allows you to fast forward or rewind like a boss! Cool, right?

Parental Control

With the feature of parental control installed, you are the boss! With Helix TV IPTV you can link separate profiles of family members with their devices and keep an eye on how much internet is being used on each of the devices.

Furthermore, you can limit the use of internet. If the usage is exceeding its limit, you can manually cut internet access or provide selective access to different devices.

To make use of Helix TV IPTV, you will be asked to sign up for their service. The process will require you to buy and a subscription plan.

Easy Guide to Sign Up for Helix TV IPTV

  1. Access the given address using your mobile or computer: https://helixhosting.xyz/cart.php.
  2. Select from the available subscription plans.
  3. Helix TV also offers certain modifications in the pre-decided subscription plans.
  4. You can review the details of the plan you select. When you are done, click Checkout.
  5. In the next step, you will be required to enter your personal information.
  6. Type in an appropriate password for our account in the Account Security section.
  7. Select the payment method that you are opting for.
  8. In the final step, tick the Terms Of Service box. Carefully fill in the captcha characters in the text box.
  9. Click on Complete Order to finish off signing up successfully for the Helix TV IPTV.

Quick look at the Subscription Plans for Helix TV IPTV

Choose Billing Cycle: With this subscription plan, you decide on what basis you will be paying for the service. You can choose from Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or monthly plans. \
Extra Connections: This modification allows you to connect Helix TV IPTV to multiple devices (for $5.75 each). However, the limit is set at 4 devices maximum.
Did you Know? We recommend you use the smallest subscription package available as they are least risky.

Some words of advice..

But before you dig into installing Helix TV IPTV and surfing for your favorite content, we would recommend you take some precautions. Careless streaming might get you into legal issues!

Whatever you are streaming on these devices will be visible to the Government and intelligence agencies. If you intentionally or unintentionally access copyrighted content or use an illegitimate source for streaming, you will be in a heap of trouble quicker than you can imagine.

Why use a VPN with an IPTV?

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPSs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 46% discount on your annual plan!

Register for IPVanish VPN, by clicking on the link

Our readers get an exclusive hefty discount, so make sure you are making the most of out it!
  • On your FireStick device, go to the homepage and type in and search for ‘IPVanish VPN’ in your search bar.
  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

15 easy steps to install Helix TV IPTV on Firestick

  1. From the main menu of the Firestick displayed at the top of the home screen, select Settings.
  2. Next to this, open the My Fire TV option.
  3. For the pop-up list select Developer options
  4. Following this, check if the Apps from Unknown Sources is turned on. If the option is off, click to turn it on before you proceed.
  5. Then move back to the Firestick home screen. Here, select the Search option now.
  6. Here, find and install the Downloader application.
  7. After the installation is complete, open the application
  8. You might need to spend a few minutes selecting appropriate options regarding the first- run pop ups.
  9. After you are done, you will automatically land on Home Screen of the downloaded app, with the Home tab selected.
  10. At top-most, there will be an empty field asking you to type in URL of the website from where you want to perform the download.
  11. Provide the address: https://tinyurl.com/y5dnv2lq.
  12. Confirm the address you have provided before clicking GO.
  13. Grab a snack and wait for the Downloaded app to finish downloading Helix TV on the Firestick.
  14. In a few seconds, a pop-up will appear with a displayed Install option.
  15. Click install and wait for a minute.
  16. Click Done.
And you are ready!

Before You Go...

With easy access and user- friendly subscription packages, Helix TV is a promising option for users worldwide. It is bringing together channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and many other international regions at one platform.

If you aren’t the one who would fall for word of mouth, try opting for a 48-hour test drive. It comes with minimal charges and offers all the features. Who knows Helix TV IPTV might be your next stop in the cable-free streaming world!

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