Fubo TV Review [Updated 2020] | Watch 3000+ Live Sports Channels

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Fubo TV has been in the talks for quite some time, but is it still going strong? Let’s get into the combust of Fubo TV Review.

Fubo TV has a very interesting bundles. Fubo TV is particularly focused towards attracting the sports crowd, yet somehow strangely it does not feature ESPN. The largest sports network of all.

fubo tv review

This does not make Fubo TV a bad candidate yet a lot of sports frantic will be missing out on some major league featuring such as the airing of Monday Night special, or the Weekend Night Football.

In our testing so far, no other sports coverage service has ever dared to miss out ESPN from their bundle of featured channels.

Putting this major feature aside, Fubo TV does pursue a huge following of other active streaming sports network, such as Fox Soccer Plus and BeIN sports. You get to upgrade with both of them on quite reasonable prices and packages.

Fubo TV also allows you to enhance your viewing experience by being compatible with all of the other operating devices; tablets, phones and browser spaces. You name it Fubo TV has a pretty slick interface with almost all of the devices and systems.

That is one good feature we have not been able to appreciate in other Live TV options, the way we have done for Fubo TV Review.

The acclaimed user interface compatibility is offered by everyone but only a few are able to give complete smoothness of streaming and connectivity.

Fortunately, Fubo TV demonstrates it well.

Moving forward let’s look at the overall features and service Fubo TV provides us.

What it has to offer us? – Fubo TV Review

Despite the popular belief that Fubo TV is strictly a sports networking provider, Fubo TV includes channels and bundles of other non-sports services as well such as CBC, FOX channels, FX, A&E and HGTV to name a few.

You also get the on demand feature and video on demand. It also hosts other categories which we would be mentioning as a complete list at the end of the Fubo TV Review.

Some Unique Features of Fubo TV

Now here is the tweak why Fubo TV is still a repaying option. You do not get to watch a lot of commendable sports channels and networks in one single bundle. For example, you cannot expect Fox Soccer and BeIN sports in one single streaming bundle.

If we compare this particular feature with PlayStation Vue, it would be charging you $70 a month with Fox Soccer Plus and without BeIN in it.

Side Kick of Fubo TV Review- What is more that if you are strolling around New York Metro area, you will be able to see FuboTV offering MSG feature in the same bundle package you are already using. Till date no other bundle has offered the feature of MSG.

Compatibility Rain-check is Quite Good

If we look at the formatting of Fubo TV, I have already talked about how compatible Fubo TV is. It has almost the same format most other such services are offering.

Subscribers are able to watch Live TV shows with the same interface, layout and formatting of the Live TV bundles you watch through your Pay TV subscriptions. This is a major reason why majority of the people are cutting the cord and witching to service like Fubo TV.

Channel Satisfaction

Almost all of the channels on Fubo TV are offering a good selection of on-demand video. You will be able to replay all of your saved VOD within a limited time of days however.

Similarly, you can have 65 TV apps running’s alternatively through the option of Fubo Live TV. With this you can watch VOD with on more than one device (this option is not applicable on every channel.)

The best part about Fubo TV is that unlike Hulu Live TV, the DVR is included in the bundle package with no extra cost. Even though as compared to other healthy competitors, the final record timing is less than 30 hours, but I guess it is still a good option.

The storage up-gradation is up to 500 hours for $10 a month. If we look at the other Live TV options, one of the services are offering more streaming options with only $5.99 a month.

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How does Fubo TV work?

If you are using Fubo TV through Apple TV or Roku, you will be able to view major highlights on the opening screen. You will also get a separate category on your Home screen display of the Live Content that is on air.

You can simply further look for your sports streaming options which will be categorized throughout your screen. Top grossing channels and shows will be displayed at the top.

Note: If you are using Firestick or Android TV the design, layout or screen descriptions would be a little different than Apple TV and Roku.

These features are enough if you are beginner looking for a reasonable Live TV option for sports.

Besides Fubo TV is quite a package even for people seeking advanced level of sports streaming.

However, there are some downsides to the TV service…

If looked at other TV competitors, FuboTV is lagging a little in some of the mainstream features such as:

  1. You cannot always reload other programs and channels very easily.
  2. Some features such as the beta feature is only available on the Apple TV, PC browser and mobile devices. This unfortunately restricts the full feature to only limited users.
  3. The game commentary is a little low paced. In my testing the commentary was missing out in a 30 seconds lag.
  4. As compared to other sports service, Fubo TV has a very small streaming networking to offer on 4K. If you want to view you streaming into 4K HDR, the streaming content is even smaller.
  5. There is no option of 60-frames per second video playback for any of its sports channels, which is a little disappointing.
  6. There is no Mega buster of the sports world and that is ESPN.

Despite these lacks of features, FuboTV is a very competent Streaming service. You get to choose from a mixture of some good channels and shows.

So if you like sports overall, with a little no-sportive streaming features on the side, also with NO ESPN, then Fubo TV is a decent choice.

Fubo TV Total Channels Offered in $55/Month

If you want an add-on (Extension for other no-sport channels), you will be paying $6 per month.

A&EAnimal PlanetAdult SwimAMCBBC AmericaBeIN SportsBeIN Sports EspanolaHistory ChannelGalvision
BeIN Sports 4BeIN Sports 5BeIN sports 6BeIN Sports 7BeIN Sports 8BETBig Ten NetworkHallmark Movies & MysteriesFXM
Golf ChannelCNNCMTCNBCCartoon NetworkComedy CenralCoziFUSEHGTV
FYIFood NetworkE!FOXFOX Bsuiness NetworkDiscovery ChannelCWFOX SPORTS 1FOX SPORTS 2
MTV LiveNickMusicNickttonsREVOLTStadiumBoomerangSNYTBSTLC
Science ChannelMTV ClassicPeople TVSony Movie ChannelTennis ChannelCNN InternationalTNTTravel ChannelTelemundo
MTVUNEWSYStadium PlusDiscovery FamilyDestination AmericaCNBC WorldNate Geo WildNBA TVNBCNBCSN
NickelodeonNFL NetworkBET JamsBET HerBET SOULBET JAMESNESNOWN: Oprah Winfrey NetworkMSG+IFC
Investigation DiscoveryLocal NOWUSAWE TVVH1VicelandFubo Sports NetworkGolf ChannelsMSGMSNBC
Olympic ChannelNick Jr.The Weather ChanneltruTVTurner Classic MoviesUniversal KidsCometCoziParamount NetworkPop

Now let’s look at some of the bundles and packages FuboTV is offering.

The regular Fubo Cycling Add on Package

  • Features major Sports content.
  • Come for a total cost of %12 a month.
  • Channels include: GOLTV English, Eleven Sports Network, Fox Soccer Plus Fubo Cycling, GOLTV Spanish, TyC Sports.

International Package for Sports watching plus Add-on Option

  • Features a limited amount of premium international Sports Channels.
  • Comes with a total package of $6 a month.
  • Add-ons are included, for more add-ons the price tag may vary.
  • Featured channels are: GOLTV Spanish, GOLTV English, TyC Sports, Fox Soccer Plus.

Premium Sports Plus Add-on Package

  • The most prosing bundle for sports watch list.
  • Includes all major channels i9ncluding: Fight Network, Fox College Sports regionals, Game+ Network, GolTV (English and Spanish), Sports Illustrated, Tennis Channel, TyC Sports, Fight Network, Fox College Sports, VSiN, NFL Redzone, Pac-12 regionals, Sports Illustrated TV, Stadium, Stadium Plus, TVG2, Tennis Channel.
  • Comes with a reasonable price tag of $9.
  • You can add more add-ons with a variable package investment.

Adventure Plus Add-on Package

  • A mix of all the good sports channels.
  • Comes with a cheap price tag of $5 a month.
  • Adding the add-ons may increase the overall bundle price.
  • Total channels featured are: Outdoor Channel, Outside Television, MAV TV, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network

The All-time Premium Channel Add-on Package

  • Price range is different for different sports category.
  • Showtime ($11 a month), RAI Italia ($8 a month), NBA League Pass ($29 a month), AMC Premiere ($5 a month).
  • If you wish to have some feature add-ons, the price for individual channel will increase.

Latino Add-on Package

  • Features a very huge bulk of sports channels
  • The price for the entire package including the add-ons is $8 a month.
  • Some major channels are: Mas Chic, Discovery Familia, FOX LIFE, BabyTV, Fox Deportes, GOLTV Spanish, TyC Sports, CNN en Español, Sony Cine, El Gourmet, , Nat Geo Mundu, Nuestra Tele, Discovery en Español, Telefe, Tr3s.

The Portuguese Add-on Package

  • Features limited sports screening including the RTP International, GOLTV Spanish and Benfica TV.
  • The total package with the option of Add-on is %15 a month.
Latino and Portuguese packages are not being handed to new subscribers, however you should keep looking out for links through which you can share the Subscription.

That is all from our side for Fubo TV Review. Let us know in the comment section below what more would you like to read about.

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