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Firestick Won’t Connect To WiFi (Issue Resolved) | Fixes and Solutions

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Amazon Firestick, inevitably, has a stark presence in the streaming world, loved by streamers all across the globe. However, in addition to buffering issues and troubles, one common problem users face is that Firestick won’t connect to WiFi.

If a Firestick won’t connect to WiFi, there could be few potential causes behind it. But the catch here is that these issues are fairly simple to investigate and track. Keep reading ahead and get to know top solutions and fixes to this annoying trouble interrupting your streaming.

Firestick won't connect to WiFi

Hold On…

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

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  • Click on ‘Download’.
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  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

Firestick Won’t Connect To WiFi-Why?

As we have already mentioned that there could be several yet easily identifiable causes for Firestick’s troubled connectivity to WiFi. Hence, troubleshooting them is no big deal. Keep reading…

Go Over Your Firestick Set-Up

Prior to restarting your Amazon Firestick, conduct a good inspection of you entire set-up to be sure that there is nothing interrupting the WiFi signal from reaching the device. At times physical barriers in between the router and device are the culprit.

Especially if your television is set up in a cupboard or cabinet, the WiFi signals would automatically weaken due to physical interruptions.

Quick Tip! Make sure no other devices fetching WiFi signals are placed in closed vicinity of your Firestick device.

Time To Restart Your Amazon Firestick

When you have ensured that there is no physical interruption between your WiFi router and your Firestick device, the next wise step is to restart the device.

Fun-Fact! It is surprising how at times something as simple as a restart can get rid of a lot of troubles on devices.

You can adopt three procedures for restarting your Firestick device:

1. Use the Firestick Remote

There is a quick shortcut present on your Firestick remote which can help you restart the Firestick easily from your couch.

Simply press and keep holding the Play/Pause button and the buttons Select at the same time. Wait for sometime so that the device restarts.

2. Use Menu to Restart

If you cannot get the remote shortcut to operate, you can even use the Firestick menu to restart your device.

Simple visit the Settings section from the Main Menu of Firestick’s Home Screen. Click on the option of Device and tap on Restart.

3. Conduct a Manual Restart

If for some reason you are having an unlucky day and can’t seem to use your remote Quickly conduct a manual restart. Physically unplug your Firestick device, wait a good 10-15 seconds and then plug it back. Your Firestick device would switch back on in moments.

At times, this simple step can resolve your troubled WiFi connection on your Firestick. Make sure you try it before moving to more complex troubleshooting procedures.

Make Sure Your WiFi Connection Is Working

If you are done restarting your device and the Firestick won’t connect to WiFi still, then there is a heavy chance that your Internet Connection itself is troubled. You can take help on the network tool to keep tabs on your network status.

Go to the Settings options from your Firestick Remote in the Main Menu, click on Network. Press the Play/Pause button on your Firestick Remote.

Doing this simple step will guide you whether your WiFi network is working properly or not.

If the culprit is identified to the Internet Connection itself, then keep reading below for the fixes.

Time To Restart Your Router or Modem

Make use of the Power Switch on your modem device and switch it Off. Then wait for a good 30 seconds before you switch it back on.

Quick Tip! You can also unplug the modem from your device and plug it back in to complete the restart.

Once 30 seconds have passed, switch back your router and give it some time to connect to the internet. This might take some time so you have to be patient.

When the modem or the router is done restarting, connect the Firestick once again to your WiFi. Hopefully it would work this time.

For those who use a router along with the modem, they must remember to switch on the modem first followed by the router.

Forget The Network And Re-Connect To Your Internet

Even after completing the restart of your modem or router the issue is persisting then the next fix you can apply is to Forget your network and reconnect your Firestick again.

This refreshes the connection.

Take your Firestick remote and go to the section for Settings and then tap on  Network. Now find out the network that is causing the trouble and tap on Menu for further options.

Remember! The Menu button has an icon is the one with three horizontal lines.

Select the option for forget the network. Give confirmation by tapping on  Select. This will disconnect your Firestick from the network. When the network is successfully forgotten, search for it and reconnect. Enter your password, check if the problem is resolved.

Trouble With Password

If you cannot get connected to WiFi even after you have restarted the device or modem, the trouble could be from an incorrect password. If this indeed is the case, then you will be shown an error with the password.

To get rid of password issues, the first tip is to see that the upper case and lower case letters are being entered correctly as assigned on the password. If you think you cannot remember the password, you can retrieve it by seeing the same network saved on other devices.

Try saving your passwords on a secure place.

Check For Compatibility

You should know that Firestick and Fire TV devices need certain specifications on the modem and network.

As far as networks are concerned, Firestick is compatible with following formats:

  • WPA1-PSK encrypted,
  • WEP,
  • WPA-PSK,
  • Open,
  • Hidden Networks,

To get rid of this problem, you must take a look on your network or equipment to check if they are compatible with Firestick or not.

Wrapping Up

WiFi connectivity issues are very frustrating not just during work but during streaming and entertainment too. On the up side, this article has effectively outlined all fixes and solutions you can adopt to get rid of the Firestick won’t connect to WiFi trouble.

If you have any concerns, queries or trouble don’t restrict yourself to use the comment section below. We will try to help you out as smartly and promptly as we can.

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