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Get Rid of FireStick Remote Issues

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The other day I was binge-watching my favorite TV Show using the FireStick device and somewhere in the middle, I decided to have a snack so to pause the show I picked up the FireStick remote and was annoyed that it didn’t respond. I kept pressing pushing the buttons constantly but the FireStick Remote Issue did not get resolved. In fact, even rebooting the Amazon FireStick device didn’t work.

FireStick Remote Issues

After constantly trying to fix the trouble I finally realized the issue is with the FireStick Remote. Given the circumstances that this can happen to anyone, it is important to know how to fix the FireStick Remote Issues.

Below we have compiled a list of causes and solutions to the FireStick Remote Issues that can generally occur to anyone and applying the given fixes can easily resolve the trouble at hand so you get an uninterrupted source of Amazon FireStick entertainment.

What to do with the FireStick Remote Issues?

Following are some of the causes of the FireStick Remote Issues. You must thoroughly go through from each one of them and see if any solution works out for you.

1.     FireStick Remote Batteries: Check them Instantly!

The remote for Amazon FireStick runs on battery and once it has been used for some time the battery can easily drain out causing it to not work properly when you operate it. Hence with the FireStick Remote Issues, the top one which can safely be ruled out is the battery issue.

The battery that is inserted in FireStick Remote can deplete without any prior indication. So if your FireStick Remote has ceased to work all f a sudden at night during a time where you cannot go buy new batteries neither have any at home, then you can safely bet that the issue is with the remote batteries.

FireStick Remote and Amazon

It is still unclear the amount that the FireStick Remote consumes in terms of is battery but at times in general the battery can dry out in a few days or perhaps weeks. Honestly, I am not yet sure why the remote consumes so much battery power. Moreover, FireStick also makes use of Alexa, the voice recognition software so the battery drainage can be blamed upon Alexa as well. However, it is not like Alexa is recognizing the voices all the time so the entire blame cannot really go there as well.

Nevertheless whatever the reasons may or may not be the solution is to initially invest in a battery that is of good quality and always keep some extra in your nearest drawer in case the need arises. Alkaline batteries are known to be top-notch and must be purchased from a manufacturer that has an established reputation.

Another thing that must be kept in mind is to look and check for the ‘+’ (plus) and ‘-‘ (minus) signs of the ends of the battery because the connectors in the battery container have the similar ends meaning the plus side of battery should be aligned with the minus side of the compartment connector and vice versa. People do end up putting the batteries in the wrong end and struggle for ages trying to fix them.  

If you have checked your batteries, replaced new ones and are still struggling to get the FireStick Remote Issue resolved then keep reading ahead.

2.     The Amazon FireStick Remote Pairing

Generally, the FireStick remote is automatically pared with its connecting device however under the circumstances that it is not paired then it is your job to do it and doing it might actually resolve the FireStick Remote Issue at hand because there is a high chance that FireStick TV remote is not properly paired.

In order to pair the FireStick TV remote follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your FireStick connected to the port of HDMI of your TV.  
  2. Now switch on your TV as well as your Amazon FireStick device.
  3. The FireStick will finish booting up, press down the HOME button present on the remote for a good 10-15 seconds.
  4. This should complete pairing up the FireStick remote with the TV.

If even now the Amazon FireStick Remote issue hasn’t resolved then hold and keep pressing the Home button again for at least 20 seconds. In fact sometimes you may have to repeat this procedure many times to finish pairing up your Amazon FireStick Remote with the TV.

Also, Amazon FireStick can pair up with seven Bluetooth devices which include the remotes as well. If you have already paired up seven devices, then un-pair one of these devices for your FireStick remote to begin working. This is how you can un-pair the device:

  1. Go to Settings by launching the home screen of FireStick. The option for Settings will be present at the top of the menu.  
  2. Access the section for Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  3. Now the whole list of paired devices will appear in front of you. Simply select the one that you wish to disconnect by doing as you are told on the screen.

Note: Bear in mind that if your Amazon FireStick Remote doesn’t connect to your FireStick device in the first try then keep repeating the process before panicking. P

3.     The FireStick Remote Compatibility

This section of the FireStick Remote Issues cannot be included in those issues where the remote has freshly been taken out of the box. In fact it is for those remotes which are separately purchased. There is a variety of third party remotes in the market that are very well compatible with FireStick and its TV devices.

FireStick is compatible with Amazon and other controllers from third party manufacturers which can be used to make the device interactive. If any Amazon item states that it is compatible with Firestick then you can stay rest assured that it will work.  Hence if you do opt for third party remote controllers then please make sure that it is indeed compatible with FireStick.

In the market you will also find low-quality replicas of the remotes that look exactly the same as the original one but these devices hardly function and even if they do their life span is way too less which once again brings back the user to square one.

4.     Check if Your FireStick Remote is Damaged

If you have the genuine FireStick remote and its showing issues and you have replaced batteries and tried all other possible solutions as well then it is about time that you accept that maybe the remote is damaged or has some inner fault.

If this is the situation then the only solution is to go buy a new one as a replacement however you can seek comfort in the fact that the replacements do not cost much and in fact if you have as much as $10 you can easily buy a replacement. You can also seek a customized remote with added buttons for apps like Netflix etc.  

However, you should keep in mind that customized remotes are not always from Amazon so beware of the manufacturer’s credibility.

5.     Amazon Fire TV Remote App as Backup 

If you have tried and exhausted all other above mentioned options and your Amazon FireStick Remote Issue still has not resolved itself then take solace in the fact that this in NO way means that your FireStick device has become totally useless.

You can use the Remote App of Amazon Fire TV to take control of the device. This is the app which will turn your smart cell phone into a remote device and allow you to complete interaction with FireStick just as you do with a normal remote.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote App can be downloaded both on Android and Apple devices. Simply go to your play store or the app store to download this app and then complete the set up with your FireStick device. All you have to do is ensure that your cell phone and the FireStick are connected to a single Wi-Fi network.

6.     The Buttons of FireStick are Faulty

If the FireStick device is improperly paired with the remote then the buttons of the remote may not work. Press down the button for Home for 10 seconds to see if it works.

If this fix does not resolve your issue then follow the steps given below to complete its resetting and re-pairing.

  1. Un-pair your FireStick from the main power source by either pulling off the adapter or simply switching off the power outlet.
  2. Then press and keep holding the following buttons for 10 seconds:
    – Back button
    – Left part of the navigation ring and Menu button
  • Remove the batteries from your remote
  • Then switch on the FireStick device until you see it on your home screen
  • Now put back the batteries into the FireStick remote and wait for a few moments
  • This would have now paired up your FireStick TV remote and in case it hasn’t then hold down the Home button for more than 10 seconds.  Take off the batteries from the FireStick remote

7.     Miscellaneous Solutions

There are other several causes of your FireStick Remote issues and it would be a pity if we do not briefly discuss them here.

  • You must take into account the distance of the device from your FireStick TV remote because the remote is well operational within 10 ft so if you are in a huge hall then get the remote closer to the TV so that it is in the recognizable range.
  • The FireStick remote only gets connected through Bluetooth which means that FireStick necessarily doesn’t have to be aligned with the device. However, if you have placed the device in a cupboard or somewhere close then this will cause a hindrance in the signals so it is prudent to keep the device out in the open because interruption of signals is a huge cause of FireStick Remote Issues.
  • You must avoid keeping many devices around the FireStick device which once again will interrupt the signal.

We hope that the above-mentioned solutions have helped you get rid of your FireStick Remote Issues because we understand that interruption in the source of your entertainment especially during holidays or the weekend can be really frustrating. If you have any questions or other solutions in mind then feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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