How To Install FireDL on Firestick | Best FireDL Codes List (2020)

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FireDL should have some special place in heaven for all of our FireStick fantasies. Yup! we are not even exaggerating to begin with.

In case you are wondering what FireDL is, let us just put it in a simpler way. FireDL is your Google Store to FireStick, only with certain codes.

Basically you get the convenience of having multiple apps in one go. Each app has a unique code which we are going to mention in a while. You can sideload the apps within a few snaps.

Your manual work is all sorted with these following codes.

Here you go! Some of the top picks are here written for your ease. You can simply copy paste the codes and use them on your FireStick:

FireDL Codes for Apps

  • Aptoide TV- 300016
  • Mobdro app- 564837
  • Aptoide app- 300012
  • FreeFlix HQ app- 452090
  • Amaze File Manager app- 300013
  • MX Player app- 278885
  • Terrarium TV APK app- 666244
  • Aptoide app- 280847
  • CotoMovies (Bobby Movie)app- 451896
  • Live Net TVapp- 790249
  • BeeTV app- 455775
  • Morph TV app- 355326
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FireDL Codes for Kodi

  • Durex Wizard- 573999
  • Diggz Xenon Build – 473156
  • Gensis reborn- 033882
  • nvidiabigbuild- 967928
  • Aura Skin Kodi- 316880
  • One Alliance Lite -206207
  • SpartanRepo- 728037
  • DreamXBM STB EMU- 190672

New FireDL Codes for FireDL on Firestick Apps (2020)

  • Kodi 17.6 32 Bit APK Android (296283)
  • Fildo – (300006)
  • Geo Streamz – (680025)
  • Mobile TV – (680028)
  • HBO Movies – (680010)
  • IPTV SMARTERS PRO – (124349)
  • Bobby Movie (cotomovie) – (680032)
  • ES Explorer – (300010)
  • VLC 2.0.6 ARMv7 – (300014)
  • Newest Movies v 1.4 – (539401)
  • Kodi 17.6 64 Bit APK Android -(296282)
  • TV TAP 2.1 FIRESTICK – (170607)
  • Mouse Toggle 1.09 – (300008)
  • i4Sports – (680021)
  • USTV 4K – (050504)
  • Cinemax – (680032)
  • STREAM! – (600000)
  • TeaTV Official – (808853)
  • Kodi 18 – (268215)
  • Digibit VPN – (829111)
  • mxplayer – (518809)
  • Movie HD 4.5.5 – (440289)
  • YesPLayer – (022997)
  • RedBox TV – (693082)
  • APK Time – (767221)

FireDL APK Installation Guide

  1. Fire up the Main Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
FireDL Installation 2020

2. Click on Device and My Fire TV.

FireDL settings

3. Select the Developer Options.

developer options

4. Select on Apps from Unknown Sources.

apps from unknown sources

5. Make sure the toggle is turned on.

apps from sources

6. Go back to Home Screen and go to the search icon.


7. In the Search bar, type in Downloader.


8. Select the searched Downloader.


9. Click on Download.

click downdownloader

10. Click on Open.


11. Click on Allow.


12. Click on OK.

13. Make sure you type in the right URL as showed in the following name path:

14. Wait for the download to finish, it will take a minute to download.

15. Click on Install.


16. Tap on Done.

App Installed

17. Now after the downloading the Downloader app. Click on Delete.

18. Click on Delete again.

19. Navigate back to Home Screen. Go to ‘Your Apps & Channels’ and click on the option of ‘See All’.


20. If you want to Move your App, scroll down to the bottom. Click on ‘Move’. and drop your app wherever you wish to drop it.

your apps and channels

And that’s all folks, Installation of FireDl is complete!

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  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

How To Use FireDL Codes

Since now we have the app installed, we will now tell about how you can use FireDL to install other apps. We will be installing Cinema APK for this purpose.

1. Fire up the main FireDL and type in the following code as shown you here.

Enter FireDL Code

2. Soon after you type into the path, it will be turned into a url link. Click on Next immediately.


3. The download will finish within a minute.

FireDL apk

4. Click on Install.

Install Cinema HD via FireDL

5. Click on Done.

Cinema HD Installed

6. This will take you back to the main ‘Apps List’.

Note: If you are using the FireStick, you should press on Settings button on your remote. Click on Move for it to come front.
Cinema APK Apps & Channels

Wait out for a minute, and your installation is done!

Enjoy the amazing streaming experience of Cinema APK via FireDL.

Our Final Thoughts!

We have loved this geniusness and we are sure you would love it too!

Let us Know about your thought and experiences with FireDL.

Please know that we update our content regularly. Although we try our best to cover all aspects of the targeted feature, however we will encourage our readers to make our work more interactive by commenting below with their thoughts and experiences.

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