Equinox Build Installation Guide | Popular Kodi Build Choice 2020

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Equinox Kodi Build- A Build that has been around for a very long time! It is one of the few builds that continued to function and stay updated when most of the other Kodi repositories/addons were shut down.

No exaggeration, Equinox Build comes packed with almost everything: movies, TV shows, Live TV, music and much much more. It is for the fact that it features so much content that it has been ranked as one of the best Kodi Builds of all time.

Equinox Build
Pro-tip: Before you install any build, try resetting Kodi to default settings.
Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

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How To Install Equinox Build

Equinox Build
  • On the top-left of the home screen, click on Settings.
  • From the range of options that appear, click and open System settings.
  • Click on Addons from the options that appear on left the of the screen.
  • Before proceeding, Kodi will ask you to confirm that you are okay with enabling Unknown Sources. Don’t panic! You are safe. Just go ahead and click on Yes.
  • Access Settings again like you did previously. Then click and open File Manager.
  • You will be able to see a number of options on the screen. From those on the right, click on Add Source.
  • You will be asked to provide a file source for Equinox Kodi Build. All you need to do here is click on <None>.
  • In the next window, you will be asked to provide a source path. Continue by entering: http://genietv.co.uk/repo/  and then clicking OK.
Pro-tip: it is always better to copy and paste the link from a reliable source instead on typing the address yourself. If you accidentally make a typo, you will not be able to install the Build.
  • Next you need to name the source. Whenever you are done with naming (of your choice, for example : Build1) click on OK.
  • Click and open the Add-ons option from the home screen.
  • From the Add-ons, open Package Installer. Then choose Install from Zip File.
  • Now click on the file name (Build1) and open its zip file (repository.Build1.zip)
  • The installation process will begin. When it is complete you will get an Build1 Repo Add-on installed message.
  • At the same window, click on Install from repository. Then click on Build1 Repo from the list that appears.
  • In the next step first click and Program Add-ons and then click on Build1 WIZ.
  • On the bottom right of the screen you will be able to spot an Install button. Click on it and installation will begin. You can track the progress on screen. It might take few to several minutes for the installation to finish.
  • When the process is complete a notification Build1 Wiz Add-on installed will appear on the screen.
  • After this you will be taken through a number of pop-ups. You can read them or simply click on Dismiss if you want to ignore.
  • Now if you want to access the build from the main screen, move back to the homepage of Kodi.
  • Click on Add-ons and then Program Add-ons.
  • You will be able to spot the Build1 add-on here. Click to open.
  • On the next window that appears, click on Build1.
  • Under the label of Krypton Builds, click on Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18).
  • Choose between Fresh Install or Standard Install.
Pro-tip: We recommend you go for Fresh Install if you don’t want to compromise on performance. On the downside, it will eliminate any previous Kodi data but a clean Kodi is definitely better for the add-on.

If you have taken our tip and chose Fresh Install, the Kodi would want you to confirm that you are okay with wiping out old data. Simple click on Continue.

The Build1 Wiz will install the Equinox Kodi Build. Make sure that your internet is not disconnected in the process.

When the installation is complete, click on Force Close.

And you are done!

How To Run The Equinox Build

To start with Equinox Build has a very interesting and happening homepage.

You might notice that the build is rather slow in the start. That is completely okay! It might still be updating addons so working slow is normal on the first run. Once the addons are completely installed, the app will start working smoothly.

The menu bar will be displayed across the screen showing one item at a time. The live TV service will be set as a default option on the home screen. The sub-menu will be seen under the main menu. It will show the related details of the item that you choose on the main menu.

Take your time in exploring the interface and options! You will also be fascinated to jump around the pre-loaded addons that Equinox offers.

Some Extra Detail You Might Want To Know

You need to remember that these add-ons and installation take several minutes. Be patient!

With Equinox you will get the perk of many more pre-installed add-ons. The list includes Stream Hub, BoB Unleashed, Cartoons8, Trident, etc.

You will also have a long list of categories to choose from: movies, documentaries, sports, TV shows. And these categories have access to an extensive library. If you are a live TV fan, make sure you select the 24/7 Tab and then choose 24/7 Cable to stay tuned.

A Wrap Up…

An article wont be enough to round up everything that is to be said about the Equinox Build.To completely know what the Build can offer, you really need to give it a try yourself. So take your time to uncover the perks of this Kodi repository and we assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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