Install Descent Kodi Addon Under 2 Minutes | Updated Guide (2020)

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The most consistent Addon in terms of high quality links, Descent Kodi Addon is another amazing Kodi Addon you should know about.


Descent Kodi Addon is the direct descent of Cy4Root Repository, which is a highly popular Kodi Repository.

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Descent became a show stopper in Kodi Addons based on its consistent quality features even after years of streaming The Kodi Addon did not disappoint us even after it generated a huge bulk of traffic over its servers.

Descent Kodi Addon is one of the first Addons to offer Real Debrid account compatibility. Since the version is more updated now, you also get to have integrated support from your Trakt Account.

Lets get straight into how you can Install Descent Kodi Addon.

Before you Proceed…

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Install Descent Kodi Addon

Descent Kodi Addon is not a part of the main Kodi Repository, therefore it is categorized as a third party addon. You need permission for third party addons to be installed. Descent Kodi Addon is otherwise safe and legal to use.

In order for the installation to proceed, you will have to enable Unknown Sources Installation feature first.

Go to the main Settings of Kodi Home.

The above gear icon represent Settings on Kodi, on the top-left corner of your screen.

descent kodi- home screen

Within Settings, open the option of System.

descent kodi addon- system settings

Find the option of Add-ons, on your left.

kodi addons- descent addon

See the option of Unknown Sources, Enable the toggle button to ‘ON’.

descent kodi addon- enable sources

A warning prompt will be displayed, Ignore it by clicking on ‘Yes’.

warning popup

Your Kodi is now configured for the installation of Descent Kodi Addon to proceed.

Make sure you turn the Unknown Sources off after you have installed the Kodi Addon. This is a precautionary measure to secure your Kodi from installation of any malicious content.

Go back to the main home page of your Kodi and access Settings.

Look for same gear icon you have previously used.

kodi home screen-descent addon

In the Settings options, click on the option of File Manager.

file manager option

You will see the next window split into two lists of options, click on Add source on either one of them.

The option is the same.

add source-descent addon opion

A dialogue box will open next, with the option of <None>.

Click on it. It will be later replaced by a link pathway with a URL source.

Carefully type in the source. https://cy4root2.github.io/zip

Note: Any typo will lead to broken link or misplaced information. Therefore be cautious and recheck the link typed in.

Proceed with Clicking on ‘OK’.

repository link-descent kodi addon

A small window pop-up will follow up.

In the text bar, type the source name you will like for your addon. Make sure you are typing in the one which you can later remember during the later process.

We will be using the name cy4root.

reposiotry-descent addon

Press back so that you are on the Main Settings menu again.

Click on the option of Add-ons.

add-ons-descent kodi repo

Next click on ‘Install from zip file’.

descent-install from zip file

In the options given, look for the source name you have chosen for your Addon.

Likewise, we will be clicking on cy4root.

repo descent kodi addon link

The zip file you see on the next window, Click on it.

This zip file is responsible for the installation of Cy4root Repository.

zip file repo-descent kodi addon

Wait for the Cy4root Repository to be installed. The installation notification will be displayed on your screen soon after it installs.

Don’t shut down your Kodi. It only takes a couple of seconds for installation.
cy4root repo

In the same window click on the option of Install from repository.

install from repo-addon

You can now see the option of cy4root repository option. Click on it.

cyroot repo-descent kodi

You will be in the Add-ons menu now, click on the option of Video Add-ons.

video add-ons-descent addon

A list of Add-ons will be visible to you now. Scroll down to the full list of Add-ons and click on Descent when you see it.

descent-video addons

The Addon will open on your screen now with all of the details about it.

Click on ‘Install’ option at the bottom of the page.

installing descent

A small window will appear now with all of the additional Addons which will installed along with the Descent Kodi Addon.

Click on the option of OK to continue.

installation pop-up
Update: For YouTube Addon you will see a small notification. There is no individual Setup required for YouTube.

Click on ‘No’.

youtube option

The installation takes a couple of second. Again, you will be able to see the installed notification bar at the top right.

installation descent pop-up

The Kodi Addon is all set to be installed and used.

Explore Descent Kodi Addon

We will be looking out for different aspects of Descent Kodi Addon for better ease of use:

  1. How can you easily access Descent Kodi Addon
  2. Getting started with Descent Kodi Addon
  3. Features and Settings of Descent Kodi Addon

Access Descent Kodi Addon

Go to the Main Home screen of Kodi, click on Add-ons.

You will be able to see the newly installed Descent Kodi Add-on.

youtube and descent

This is how you can get access to any of the newly installed Kodi Add-ons.

Getting started with Descent Kodi Addon

As soon as you launch Descent Kodi Addon you will be able to see the ‘Changelog’ on your screen.

It may also appear if you have most recently updated your Addons.

Dismiss the message by clicking on Back button.

descent message pop-up

The main screen of the Descent Addon offers a very plain layout with straightforward categories.

Some of the main categories you will be able to see are as follows:

  1. New Episodes (Better integration with Trakt account).
  2. My Movies
  3. My Shows
  4. New Episodes
  5. TV Shows
categories-descent addon

The interface is very neat and set straight in further sub categories.

For example, if you click on the option of Movies category, you will see further sub-categories like ‘In Theaters, Popular, Upcoming, Anticipated etc’.

categories descent

On a side note, you may find even more subcategories to the already divided subcategories.

Regardless of endless subcategories, as you may feel, you will get all of your content organised and available.

The content library for Descent Kodi Addon is therefore huge.

content library-descent kodi addon

There is a special category within the Kodi Addon with the name ‘Descent’ on the Main Screen.

main category-descent

When you click on the Descent category, you get to explore a whole new set of special features. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • IPTV
  • SportsPlugins
  • Radio
  • Music Choice
  • Oneclick
  • Boxsets

If you are looking out for a Live TV Addon option, you will be able to get Live TV option under IPTV.

iptv descent kodi addon

Lets look into additional features and some settings to enhance your Kodi experience.

We tip-toed around some of the settings which helped us later with our streaming.

We Enabled all of the providers option in order to fix the streaming issue

If you are facing any working stream issue, or you are not getting many working streams, here is a small tweak you can do to make it better:

Go to the main screen of the addon and click on the option of ‘Tools’.

descent tools

Go to the option of Open Scrapers Settings.


Tap on the General Tab.

Further in the tab options click on Enable All Providers.

settings small window

For better user interface-which you will assuredly experience-Connect to Real Debrid.

To Authorize Real Debrid

Click on ‘Tools’ from the Main Screen option.

real debrid

On next window, click on ResolveURL Settings.

video descent addons

On your left side of the screen, click on the option of Universal Resolvers.

Universal Resolvers.

Scroll down and you will be able to see Real-Debrid section.

Click on ‘OK’ for the authorization to proceed.

real debrid-authorization section

Highlights of Descent Kodi Addon

  1. You get a huge expansion of categories with seemingly endless collection of all time amazing Movies and Shows.
  2. Occasionally the Addon introduces a special category which offers extra perks and benefits apart from the regular content.
  3. Live TV section is another amazing kick. You get to watch popular shows and channels.
  4. Almost all of the links are working and delivers High Quality. You can use the option of OpenScrapers to fetch the best quality links.
  5. Your streaming will increase two folds if you connect with Real Debrid. The compatibility and integration is very smooth as well.
  6. The Addon is very VPN friendly. Your streaming is not halted or disrupted when streaming it with a VPN.

Our Final Say…

Without a beat of doubt, Descent Kodi Addon has been one of the finest Kodi Addons we have ever worked with. The quality links, simplistic user interface and good content tick marks everything on our list.

We highly recommend Descent Kodi Addon for our Kodi readers. Give it a try and let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on the Kodi Addon.

Till then, happy streaming!

Cy4root Repository is currently down, you can check Descent Kodi Addon from other Repositories.

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