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What are the 2020 Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick?

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As a competition to the famous Roku and Chromecast, FireStick by Amazon was launched in the market back in 2014 as a device that connects to the HDMI port of a normal TV and magically converts it into a smart TV allowing the users to enjoy uninterrupted smooth streaming of their favorite TV shows and movies using a Wi-Fi connection.

The bad news, however, is that a lot of the content that can potentially be streamed is what we call “geo-locked” which means that it is only accessible in a particular region of the world and is protected strictly under content licensing laws. If any user wishes to access the geo-locked content then they can indeed do so by using any of the following best VPNs for Amazon FireStick which masks your IP address and hides you from government and Internet Service Providers. Of course, the main source to create a workaround this is by using any of the Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick.

Editor’s Verdict

We have tried and tested all the VPNs listed in our list of Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick and have successfully concluded that IPVanish definitely tops the list followed by ExpressVpn and even though Ivacy VPN ranks at number 3 it still is not any less than the other in terms of features.

Editor’s Choice

IPVanish is our top choice for the Best VPN for Amazon FireStick. If you avail this IPVanish offer from then you can enjoy a 73% discount on Annual.

Get 73% discount on IPVanish VPN or get an extra 20% discount on your first billing on any planning if you avail this VPN offer from our platform.

Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick 2020

1.   IPVanish

Servers: 1,300 |  Multi-Logins: 10 | Locations: More than 75 |  Encryption: 256-AES | Amazon Rating: 3.8/5 | Price: $3.25 (73% discount on annual billing)

IPVanish is another name in the list of Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick and this is the VPN that fulfills its promise of delivering the best speed on connections that are over a distance as well as on shorter hops. It has been claimed that IPVanish is five times faster than some of its competitors and has a 15% increase in its downloading speed on average. It has a wide range of servers that can be selected from and covers the globe at all important locations.  

IPVanish VPN

This VPN has a special app for FireStick that is convenient to install and configure in fact this app self launches itself as soon as IPVanish VPN is connected to the device. Furthermore, this VPN has features such as the automatic IP switching and speedy server optimization and the drawback that must be noted here is that IPVanish is not compatible with the first-generation Fire Stick but it does not keep a history of any traffic or browsing you conduct while the device is in use.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they do not have active customer support so if you land into trouble it is a hassle to get hold of their customer representative individuals.

Moreover, IPVanish does not offer any free trials but there are plans that include the option for guaranteed money back in a week. However, if you opt for the annual subscription it is the most reliable and convenient option out of all.

Customer Reviews

ATK says, “Extremely easy to use and very customizable. The speeds are excellent and the performance hasn’t changed since I started using IPVanish. Priced just right!! Highly recommend.”
Vadmin gave IPVanish five stars and said, “Love it really easy and simple”
Carter Web says, “I was very skeptical that there would be no lag time and cutting in and out of streams but man, was I certainly impressed with the VPN …all in all, A Skeptic totally impressed with the speed and just overall performance is awesome!!!!!… Thank You”
Tony says, “I really enjoy using IPVanish cause it’s simple works great and I can choose my location. Haven’t Han any issues and is fast.”

2.     ExpressVPN

Servers: 3,000 |  Multi-Logins: 5 |Locations: 160 | Amazon Rating: 4/5 |  Encryption: 256-bit | Price: $8.32 (49% discount)

ExpressVPN is the topmost choice in the list of Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick and has been solely designed for FireStick device. It has almost 3000 servers in around 160 places hence has an arena of location choices to select from. During the conducted tests, however, it was concluded that the speeds were slower by a fraction on the hops that were relatively shorter and only changed a bit on connections that were over a little distance.  


Moreover, ExpressVPN is renowned for giving the best quality apps and the list of these apps also comprises of the newly launched Android App which works smoothly with Android streaming devices similar to FireStick and can be taken control of with the same remote. When you launch the app you will instantly be auto recommended as to what locality will give you the highest speed on the connection.

Also, ExpressVPN is known for providing excellent customer support for all technical issues comprising of guides to troubleshoot problems and the all-day live customer chat option as well. The customer can also get their concerns across to ExpressVPN over email.

You must know that the Android app makes use of the OpenVPN protocol which puts all of the traffic in encryption of 256-bit while the company does not keep any data of the traffic with itself.  As far as the pricing of ExpressVPN is concerned it is safe to say that even though it isn’t the most affordable of all but the cost is worth the result for all streaming options on Amazon FireStick and it offers the most discounts out of all Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick.

Customer Reviews

Max says, “I use ExpressVPN almost daily, and I’m glad that I found this VPN service first. I mainly use it to watch/stream shows that are not available in my country, the connection speed is great and is really easy to use, and I have recommended it to many of my friends. I do have some problems occasionally with stuff like it not disconnecting though which is annoying and I have to restart my laptop to fix it. the price also seems a bit steep compared to other VPN services, although the speed and simplicity that express VPN provides are what I like about it. All in all, I really recommend it.”
Mike says, “Mate, all I can say is that when turning on my laptop every morning I feel as though I have someone looking after me and making sure I safe from prying eyes. Bloody excellent value!!….Cheers Mike”
Gaspy claimed, “Best VPN so far…I’ve tried many VPN services including many paid ones and this is by far the best, you have many countries to choose from and you can pass undetected by services like Hulu and Netflix and that is a huge plus.”
Lady Carrington says, “I wonder why Air Mail does not allow us to have points with ExpressVPN. In a year with them, I have never traveled so much in all my life, and in addition, I have never traveled so much by being so well protected. To travel incognito aboard ExpressVPN, one has the impression of being always alone as a stowaway hidden in the luggage compartment. It gives a lot of exoticism to his adventure internets.”

3.      Ivacy VPN

Servers: 1,000 | Multi-Logins: 5 | Locations: More than 100 |  Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 3.2/5 | Price:$1.99 (80% discount)

Ivacy is the VPN that is based in Singapore and as claimed by its owners it is providing all the features and options that any FireStick user is looking for in a VPN.

Ivacy VPN

This VPN is indeed included in the list of Best VPNs for Amazon FireStick and it has more than 100 servers that are distributed around in 100 places on the globe. There are separate apps for Windows, Apple, Android, Mac and even Kodi. It also has Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Other important and prominent features include the following:

  • Torrent compatible,
  • malware blocking,
  • no logging,
  • service can hold five connections side by side,
  • kill switch for your privacy protection

Furthermore, the support site of Ivacy is easily accessible if you have any queries or need technical help in addition to troubleshooting guides.

The sign-up process for Ivacy is pretty straightforward just like with any other VPN; you can even select a payment plan for your choice.

Customer Reviews

Peter Standish says, “It’s been fine – happy to recommend Ivacy to others who travel and need to use WIFI of unknown provenance.”
Craig Garland says, “So far the best VPN I’ve ever used. It connects to the internet fast without any issues and does what it’s supposed to do. I would definitely recommend it.”
Raymond says, “Excellent and efficient service, helpful and guiding me without pressuring me in contracts. Was able to assist me and even help me for future business”