24 Best Torrent Sites| An Exclusive List (2020) [Unblocked Torrent]

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Torrent websites ensure that the online version of your favorite movies, music, electronic books and your childhood video games are just a click away. The best torrents sites provide an easy way for YOU to search for the required content files and download them without any hassle.

After a large number of people resorting to cord-cutting, streaming platforms have become popular all around the globe. But does that mean the best torrent sites have faded back into stone age?

Not at all! Studies on the traffic generated by torrents sites and torrent clients have proved that this form of downloading and content sharing is still demanded by many.

best torrent sites
Did you Know? The rise of torrent sites started in 2001. The BitTorrent protocol quickly gained the attention of many soon after its arrival on the landscape. Currently, the US has the highest number of torrent downloads.

With all the legal issues involving pirated content and a number of torrent sites being shut down on daily basis, You need to know where to look for finding the best torrent site. This is why we are here!

This article has rounded up the top 24 torrent sites that you must try in 2020 if you haven’t already done so. They are loaded with a hefty amount of content and are free of any virus or malware problems.

We suggest you stick to the list to avoid the danger of harming your device. However, before beginning , we would like to give you a quick overview of what torrent is and how the torrent sites work. Let’s jump in!

Flash Card: What Is A Torrent?

A torrent file contains set of data that will tell you about other data you are looking for. A torrent does not contain the file itself, instead it lends a helping hand to the torrent software to look for a computer that is sharing the file.

It is not as complicated as it sounds like! As soon as the computer has been located, the torrent software connects to it and copies the required movie, music, application or whatsoever you wanted to find.

A torrent file functions just like an electronic library of a university. It contains catalog of all the files available and upon searching, it will provide you the address of all the computers that have previously uploaded the content.

The index within the torrent software contain all the information regarding the address of a torrent file. It does not contain the file itself.

Before fully understanding a torrent file and how a torrent site works, you need to know the meaning of two important terms: metadata and peer.

A metadata is the index of the software. It is basically a set of data that contains information about other data.

A peer is a computer sharing the file. Transfer of torrent file works with peer-to-peer network. Now you might ask what is P2P Network?

how P2P works

Peer-2-Peer networking is based on BitTorrent protocol. It goes through the internet to dig out the best available downloads. A pre-designed algorithm then finds the computer’s address which has the download and links you to it.

The whole process is called seeding. If there are larger number of feeders, the download will proceed faster. Collectively all the computers account up to the total number of seeds.

As the torrent files are broken down into smaller “chunks”, you should aim for a file that has the most seeds. This would guarantee that you get a good downloading speed.

How a Torrent Works: A Quick Overview

Now let us quickly take you through an easy guide on how a torrent works.

First of all you need to reach out to the group of computers that can take part in P2P sharing. As a client you will receive the files through downloading.

P2P sharing will be done on the basis of BitTorrent protocol. You would need a reliable Torrent client to request the download from the seeds.

A seed will have the complete file while the the peer will only have a portion of it. As you start downloading from the peers, small pieces of the file will start moving to your computer (remember you are the client here!)

Next stop! You needs to know what a tracker can do for you. A tracker will help you keep an eye on the portions of the file that you are requesting and receiving from the peers.

A trackers also records other important features related to torrenting such as the number of the seeds, number of peers, total downloads and the size of the file. It will also let you know which part of the file you need and which part you have to provide to others.

It is sort of a tit for tat! This is why it is always recommended that you share files to other clients too. What will happen if you don’t?

Leeching! This means that you have gone offline without making any contribution and now the new clients looking out for the same torrents will have lesser number of seeds. They may never get enough copies of the file anymore.

Remember to Hide Your IP!

how a VPN works

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you are browsing behind the closed doors no one will know about your online activities. The Internet Service Providers strictly keep a check on the users.

Being a part of P2P sharing, you can never be sure of how secure you are. If you are not careful while receiving files from other users, you are openly putting yourself at risk of being involved in legal issues. How does that happen?

What if you are unknowingly accept a file that is not licensed for free distribution. Sharing of pirated content is considered a serious crime not just in the US but around the world.

A lot of civil suits have been files against torrent users in recent years. Countries that have high rates of such suits include the UK, US, India, and Canada, just to name a few.

Unless you have a million dollars just lying around the house, we recommend you never get into sharing files without permission. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act states that you will be punishable by law and can be charged up $150,000/file. You may even have to serve 5 years in jail.

But you are not out of solutions! All you have to do is invest a reliable encrypted VPN and make use of it when browsing or making use of torrents sites and clients.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPSs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

IPVanish has been the fastest and most reliable secure VPN we have come across so far. Their servers are widespread and strictly secured. The VPN is very easy to install and user-friendly on every device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you are not sure about the app, it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee with a refund. IPVanish also has a very attractive deal in which, when paid for a whole year subscription you can avail 46% discount on your annual plan!

Register for IPVanish VPN, by clicking on the link

Our readers get an exclusive hefty discount, so make sure you are making the most of out it!
  • On your FireStick device, go to the homepage and type in and search for ‘IPVanish VPN’ in your search bar.
  • Click on the IPVanishVPN you see in your search.
  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
  • Once signed-in, click on ‘Connect’.
  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.

A VPN will mask your identity and location as well as the online activities you perform. Enjoy the torrents without worry!

That’s enough about how a torrents works and how you can keep yourself safe from any issues while making use of torrent sites. Now, we need to talk about what are you most reliable options when it comes to best torrent sites out there.

The Best Torrent Sites For 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular name on the list of best torrent sites and the oldest one too! The site has been around for almost 15 years now although it has been in and out for time more than we can count on our fingers.

It has the largest number of seeds for the most popular torrents. So get ready to enjoy an amazing download speed with the pirate bay.

Did you Know? The developers of the Pirate Bay were also jailed once within the first two years of its launch.
The Story Has it! “Gottfrid Svarholm, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde were tried in a Swedish court in April 2009. They were all found guilty of “assisting” in copyright infringement. They each served a year in prison for the offense and were required to pay fines on top of that. By 2015 each of the men had served their sentences and were out of prison.”

Then why has the Pirate Bay topped our list?

It has the simplest user accessibility and features like “tags” that highlight whether to torrent is safe to download or not. It is only second to Torrentz2, which is a meta-search engine, in bringing out torrent site databases. That is not all! The site is extremely user-friendly.

With so much of content to share and such a large number of of users relying on it as the best torrent site, it would not come as a surprise that the Pirate Bay has been banned in many countries. These include UK, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia. Lucky for the US users, the site is still up and running.

You can do a local Google search to find out whether the site is accessible in your country or not.

If it is, unfortunately, blocked in your region, the problem can be solved by looking out for mirror URLs (like and ). Read on to find out how these can be a big help for you in torrenting.

Here’s another fun story! The Pirate Bay faced a couple of cases under the accusation that it was hijacking user’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

The developers were doing that to make up for the income loss due to advertisement cut off. Now, you can actually help the site by making a donation. That is a very small cost to pay for the greater good it is offering you in return.

Visit the Pirate Bay at:

Mirror Sites Available:,,,


Hats off to the intuitive design of this torrent site which set it apart from all the other candidates in the list of best torrent sites.

The torrents. me is a well optimized search engine that quickly scrapes information an files from a large number of active repositories.

You would love even when you don’t know what to download. It would constantly make suggestions and bring to your dashboard everything that is currently popular online.

This is just like following the Twitter trend so you don’t fall behind anything. In a nutshell, this is a great all-in-one site for the data geeks and the new users!

Visit at:

Mirror Sites Available: None

3. Zooqle


The underdog of all the best torrent sites! Zooqle has stayed under the radar for many years. The database is diverse, the number of country bans is low and the site is particularly famous for bringing out new movies and TV shows.

Did you Know? Currently, the Zooqle has more than 4.4 million verified torrents.

It is one of the few torrent sits that have not been blocked by any country. You might wonder how it is playing so safe. The trick is simple. This new kid in the town makes sure all the torrents go through a verification process before being accepted.

It is actively providing link to audio books, eBooks, anime, hentai content, games, music and obviously movies and TV shows. The users of also loved it for the excellent search bar that gets them exactly what they are looking in a click. The interface itself has been a delight for everyone.

The Zooqle presently has a library size of more than 3,200,000 files. It is also reported that the site has at least one mirror URL that is working great.

Visit Zooqle at:

Mirror Sites Available:,

4. 1337X


The 1337X torrent site stands out for many reason. It has a rich torrent library, an easy-to-use navigation and an efficiently working tracker. The library size is as large as 2,500,000 torrent files. It even has 3 mirror URLs available for its users from the regions where the site has been shut down.

1337X is a site that smartly took the opportunity when it came its way. There was a phase when big name like the Pirate Bay were down and others like KickassTorrents had completely disappeared leaving the users with no good choice to run to.

That is when the 1337X came into play. But now it has grown into a very strong competitor. Besides the red and black site design, that we are not personally fond of, 1337X is working great with its game of functionality up 100%!

Did you Know? The Alexa ranks the 1337X torrent site as one of top handful torrent sites around the globe!

The site separately highlights top 100 searched in every category. It shows a list of trending torrents and has a cinch navigation. So we can conclude that it took the place of other wounded heroes of the torrent world pretty effectively.

Visit 1337X:

Mirror Sites Available:,,,,,

5. Lime Torrents

lime torrents

If 1337X was the new kid on the block, then Lime Torrents is the grandma in the old generation. It has been around for so long that we can’t but wonder how it has successfully dodged internet authorities and avoided so many shutdowns.

One major reasons is that it scrutinizes the content were sharply in terms of data. Even with such strict policies, the Lime Torrents can offer everything you need and that too with amazing downloading speed.

The torrent website lists down top 50 searches on monthly basis for each category. The torrent and search directory is performing great. Lime Torrents is now considered a part of “top 10 torrent sites visited in the world”.

In the recent years, the site has somewhat gone underground. It looks like they are moving the whole torrent business to a secure web for which you need an access of Lime Torrents client.

Either they are being “just extra careful” or they truly want to be the last site standing when the dust of web scrutiny and lawsuits settle downs. Only the time will tell.

Visit Lime Torrents at:

Mirror Sites Available:,,,

6. Kickass Torrents

kickass torrents

Kickass Torrents is another old name for the best torrent sites. But also one that is not commonly used now.

The Kickass Torrents used to offer eBooks, anime, movies, music, TV shows and much more until the day it was shut down. The Kickass Torrents was launched in 2008 and by 2014, it had gone up to the heights of even surpassing The Pirate Bay.

Soon afterwards, the domain for Kickass torrents was seized by the Homeland Security Investigations. The torrent directory and the magnetic links were banned. Popular social platforms like the Twitter and Steam were even restricted from mentioning the name of this fallen hero.

The Story Has It! ” In July 2016, Artem Vaulin left Ukraine for a vacation to Iceland with his family, but he never made it to his destination. During a layover in Poland, Vaulin — the 31-year-old accused by the United States of operating KickassTorrents (KAT), the web’s most popular place to illegally obtain movies, songs, and video games — was arrested by authorities. ”

The effect of disappearance was felt by the entire torrenting community. However, the developers did not leave their followers in despair. They brilliantly designed safer alternative, of which KATcr really stand out.

Just in a short period of time the KATcr has won a huge following of active users. Just like the original site, this clone would let you download games, software, movies, TV shows and any and everything between them.

Although there are other proxy sites out there, some of them are fake. Therefore we suggest you stick to the one recommend by general torrenting community. Otherwise you might end up on malware-ridden sites trying to get hang of personal information. Ouch!

Visit the KATcr at:

Mirror Sites Available:,,,

7. Torrentz2


It isn’t a typical torrent site. It is, however, a really good meta-search engine. How does that serve your purpose?

Simple. It hunts out all the torrent trackers for you.

The Torrentz2 was launched in 2016 so we can’t say it has been around for a very long time. Nonetheless, it is doing the job of satisfying torrent users very nicely. Currently , it has a library of more than 61,000,000 torrent files.

The working protocol is a bit different from typical torrent sites. When you find the BitTorrent file, you can’t download it from the Torrentz2 site. Rather choosing from the search results will take you to a lit of sites from where you can get the BitTorrent file.

Did you Know? The Torrentz2 was born after the demise of the original site, the Torrentz. Seems like the authorities didn’t realize that internet is a place where cutting off one head means 2 will replace it.

The Torrentz2 won popularity rather quickly due to simple interface and design. It was also helpful in digging out old content and finding the healthiest torrents. If you can’t find it on Torrentz2, it’s gone for good.

Visit Torrentz2 at:

Mirror Sites Available:



Even though it sounds less like a torrent site and more like a tongue-twister, the ETTV torrents has proved to be a great choice for TV show fans from the dedicated torrent community.

Other type of content present here includes movies, animes, software, books, music and much more. The library size however is small as compared to other best torrent sites with only 160,000 files entry.

ETTV has not been in the business of file sharing for a long time but it has won a prodigious reputation. You will be able to trace this name on the list of best torrent sites given out by many different critiques all over the internet.

With ETTV you can download both, magnet links as well as torrents. Either way, you are going to love the nimble downloading speed it offers.

Visit ETTV at:

Mirror Sites Available:

9. Torlock


Torlock is a torrent site that somehow manages to stay on the list of best torrent sites. If you were looking for a legitimate library of content for anime, TV shows, eBooks and others then this is a place you need to stop at and explore.

Torlock was launched in 2010 so it has been up and running for almost 9 years. Throughout the course of this journey, Torlock has pledged to provide safe content.

How? Torlock developers put up an offer that if any user discovered a fake torrent file on the site, they would be awarded with $1. This made sure that the Torlock team wasn’t the only group of people keeping an eye on fake users.

Torlock has been banned in a number of countries including Australia, UK and India. Nonetheless, it continues to provide great quality movies, music and shows to the audience as well as features like instant download and user-friendly interface.

We are hopeful that it would continue to do the job efficiently for many years to come. As for the regions where the site has been shut down, we recommend you make use of alternate URLs given below.

Visit Torlock at:

Mirror Sites Available:



Prospering over the internet is a risky business. The more people know about you, the more you would be scrutinized by the authorities. Staying in the limelight brings you fame at a cost of a heap of trouble.

This has been the case with RARBG. Launched in 2008, RARBG ranks as one of the oldest torrent site. It has gained a lot of success but was targeted the hardest too. Luckily, it somehow managed to survive the peaks and valleys of tough times and still qualifies as one of the best torrent sites in 2020.

With a clean reputation, a solid user-interface and a healthy library of content, the RARBG torrent site has a lot to offer to its users. Surprisingly, unlike the other torrent sites, it does not specialize in movie content.

One major reasons behind why such an old bird is still regarded as one the best sites to go to if you are into torrenting is because of the simple and sparse design of the site. Everybody loves the place where they can easily and quickly find what they were looking for.

RARBG also provides tracker service. It also features a list of “top 10 most downloaded content” so you can see what other torrenters are spending time on. The library size has grown up to 800,000 files in 2020.

Did you Know? Most of the torrent sites are classified as Private or Public depending on whether you need to log in with an account or you can use it as a guest. RARBG, in this case, is a perfect hybrid. You can use this torrent site either way you want to.

Currently, the site has been banned in at least 16 countries. Some of the names that we confirm are Denmark, Bulgaria, Ireland and Indonesia.

With numbers so high, the chances are solid that you might not be able to open this one in YOUR internet browsers. In that case, you can try a mirror sites from the list given below.

Whether you are opening the original site or going for one of the proxies, we suggest you do this while using an encrypted VPN. Otherwise, your online activities will be traced and monitored.

Visit RARBG at:

Mirror Sites Available:,,,,,

11. Yify Torrents/YTS


Once upon a time in the land of torrent sites, a warrior feel, ironically like many others, due to massive legal threats and lawsuits.

It might not sound like a news anymore that an “amazing” torrent site was shut down because that been the case with many of them. But what followed in the story of Yify was even more interesting.

Undoubtedly, Yify was doing a good job in providing a lot of content for file sharing to the torrent users. It was also popular for audio-encoding and well-optimized videos. For these reasons, it quickly became one of the “favorites” for people around the world.

Yify was one of the few sites that achieved best quality-to-size ration. It was a digital God to people in the third-world countries who normally had a limited bandwidth. So where could they run to when Yify was closed down?

That is when YTS was born. This site came with a simple agenda:

“We are not Yify but we want to continue whatever the other site was delivering”

…and this started a whole new era in which YTS and Yify has been used interchangeably to refer to the same of torrent site. So far, YTS is doing a great job of media encoding that keeps the spirit of Yify alive.

Although the library size is immensely small as compared to other good torrent sites (only 9000 torrent files), the type of content has not been compromised. YTS provides movie files in 720p, 1080p as well as in 3D.

Visit YTS at:

Mirror Sites Available: , , , , .

12. Torrent Downloads


Clearly the developers did not feel the need to spend a lot of time here to come with a catchy name!

A place for torrent downloading, Torrent Downloads, has a generic name and somewhat a boring design too. BUT, buy our suggestion when we say that it is one of the best torrent sites available.

The site has a library of almost 16,000,000 torrent files with unlimited content on music, books, TV shows, movies, cartoons, animes, and what not! The Torrent downloads is particular famous for its very large repository. In fact, this might be your only chance of finding that long lost book or an old Windows.

It makes the experience of browsing even more interesting by providing popular trends based on days. The site also given an insight on the health of torrents and how secure they are to use.

The developers at Torrent Downloads have not been very particular in hiding the site. Still, there are no solid reports that it has been shut down in any region except the United Kingdom.

Visit the Torrent Download at:

Mirror Site Available:

13. TorrentGalaxy


When the TorrentGalaxy was launched, the team made its aim very clear:

Our aim is to deliver the best user experience we can by offering safe clean content from a name you know you can trust. We have a large selection of trusted uploaders offering a wide variety of choice in many categories to suit your needs.

Our site bots TGxMovies and TGxTv are always ready to fetch the best selection of movies and TV shows available to entertain you 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

TorrentGalaxy was created after the former ExtraTorrent site was shut down. It provided vast options of categories for its users to choose from. From games to eBooks and further to documentaries, the TorrentGalaxy seems to have it all.

There is also a separate section where you can find live TV shows and movies. Recently, TorrentGalaxy has been moved to a new domain. This is because it had to face a world-wide ban and now you need proxy sites to access it.

Visit TorrentGalaxy at:

Mirror Sites Available:,,

14. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is not much behind any other best torrent site. It provides a good content on movies, software, eBooks, music and much much more.

Although the site started with an introductory line “ditch the pirate bay”, it did not rise up to that height of fame for people to actually consider it as an alternative to the ever-famous torrent site.

Visit the TorrentFunk at:

Mirror Sites Available:,

15. SkyTorrents


SkyTorrents is one of the SAFEST torrent site to browse. With minimal tracking and legal issues, you can enjoy music, games, software, ebook and videos.

The SkyTorrents has a user-friendly interface. In fact the interface is so minimalist that users say other torrent sites should learn to follow it.

Visit the SkyTorrents at:

Mirror Sites Available:

16. PassThePopcorn

pass the popcorn

PassThePopcorn is the final stop for anyone looking for good movies. New or old ones, the site includes a huge library with all the entries in high definition.

The only downside is that the signing up process is extremely difficult. You will almost feel like going through a jungle with no guide map. Even at the very start, you will not even have any registration link or any other information given on where to start.

Visit the PassThePopcorn Site at:

17. IPTorrents


This is an all-in-one private torrent site. You would need an invitation to join this platform. Also, currently, the IPTorrents is not accepting any new members.

Many reviewers have left good compliments for the site on social platforms. As Galant V. has to say:

“I have never had an issue with staff or my account. Have found many virus free, quality stuff. They have in fact implemented new rules, but it’s not really that big of a change. Donating is not mandatory by the way, I don’t know why people are complaining about that.”

We don’t know that either Gallant!

Visit the IPTorrents at:

18. BroadcastTheNet


This is another private site on the list of best torrent sites. The BroadcastTheNet has an extremely large library of torrents although the primary focus is in delivering TV shows and series.

At the present, this torrent site is catering to 34,000 members and qualifies as one of the biggest private website for torrents all around the globe. It is that big!

Due to a high influx rate, BroadcastTheNet has limited down the access by making the whole process to join, very difficult.

This torrent site has also changed the seeding game a lot. Just like other torrent site you do need to seed torrent to at least a ration of 1:1. However you do not gain seed time unless you have seeded 100% of the file described by the torrent.

The BTN also offers bonus points. In exchange of these points you can purchase an upgrade to the next class or enjoy perks like lumens.

Lumens are like a BTN currency which can be used to buy fancier features like custom user title or invites which are otherwise very expensive. You can also share the bonus points earned with other users.

Visit the BroadcastTheNet at:

19. NyaaV2


We all know that Anime has been around for a very long time. It gained major popularity in the 80’s after which anime was not only regarded as an entertainment for kids, but for the grown-ups too.

Shows like Robotech and Akira gained the attention of many in the western world and soon Anime rose up to one of the most searched category in entertainment.

NyaaV2 caters just to that! The torrent site was launched especially for the anime lovers. It is rich in content from Japanese, Chinese and Korean side of the world. The library size is greater than 500,000 files.

Right now, NyaaV2 is hosting English-translated anime (Naruto and Dragon Ball Z that you must have heard of!) on services like Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu.

Besides anime, the NyaaV2 also has a library of TV shows, music, a little of graphics and software as well. So far it has manage to stay away from any country-wide bans. However, it might be under scrutiny by individual internet providers.

Did you Know? The Nyaa openly “ignores DMCA requests”. This makes them a sort of criminals if judged by law. As such, they are under the radar of anti-piracy groups like the RIAA and MPAA.

Visit the NyaaV2 at:

Mirror Sites Available:

20. Bibliotik


PassThePopcorn for movies….

Redacted for the music…..

…. And we have Bibliotik for the eBook geeks out there. Currently the site has more than 300,000 torrents, all dedicated to books!

These include popular eBooks of all time. However, the registration and sign-up is extremely difficult to complete as is the case with most of the other private torrent sites.

Visit the Bibliotik at:

21. GazelleGames


As most of the gaming torrents were shut down, GazelleGame was left as the last standing hope for the game-lovers. In fact, it has got the job done very nicely for a long time now.

With 15,000 active member from around the world, GazelleGames offers classic games and well as the newly released ones to satisfy the needs of all the gamers out there.

Visit the GazelleGames at:

22. Demonoid


Demonoid was launched in 2003. Although the site is still up and running, we can’t say that it had a smooth journey.

Demonoid not underwent lawsuits and extended down-times but it was also unlucky enough to face the death of its creator in the recent years. In addition to that, the torrent site is still under political pressure for permanent shutting-down.

Demonoid provides reliable RSS feeds for almost all the categories. It also keeps a strong check on malware-ridden links and porn content. So don’t be surprised when you can’t find any adult movies here!

Both the Demonoid torrent site and the IRC Channel is quite famous among people interested in movie torrents. It is also one of the few torrent sites, other than the Pirate Bay, that work well with Tor Network.

Unfortunately, the Demonoid does not have any mirror site available.

Visit the Demonoid at:

23. Dirty Torrents

dirty torrents

Dirty Torrents is another torrent file search engine just like we talked about the Torrentz2 for torrenting. It does not host a torrent library of its own but it can take you to the platform which does.

The Dirty Torrents is a great place to find what you were looking for because it will most definitely HAVE IT! This holds true for new movies, famous TV shows, apps for Windows, Mac and trending music.

This torrent sit makes use of crawler bot. This is much like the Google bot which “crawls” through web pages to find what you are looking for. It can gather heaps of information about torrent files all over the internet in split of a second.

Just like the Demonoid, the Dirty torrents does not have any mirror site available yet. However, we are hopeful that we won’t need any! So far, there has not been any ban imposed on this smart torrent site.

Visit the Dirty Torrents at:

24. Redacted


The last candidate on our list of best torrent sites is Redacted. Although it does not lack any good feature that other sites have to offer, this torrent site is particularly just for the music lovers.

But that does not mean the library is a little one! From hip-hop to country music, from rap to rock music and from jazz to classic, the Redacted site has got it all. With Redacted, you will not have a shortage of audio content to choose from.

Again, registration is only possible if you have an invite. Overall, Redacted is also very hard to access and join.

Did you Know? ” Its CEO, Max Kelly, was in charge of “security” at Facebook $FB when Mark Zuckerberg green-lighted the Facebook Platform. The Facebook Platform made Cambridge Analytica possible. So we have Max Kelly to thank for keeping all of that data “secure.”

Visit the Redacted at:

How To Choose The Best Torrent Website?

how do we choose

Having a long list of options is as troublesome as having a restricted one. So much to choose from, where do we go?

Although the final choice is always up to you, there are some considerations you can keep in mind while taking your pick from the list of best torrent sites.

First thing that comes to mind with torrents is: ARE YOU SAFE? Obviously while pick which torrent site to use you should address legal issues, chances of a site getting blocked and what kind of content that particular site is sharing.

Due to some legal problems that have surfaced in the past, government authorities and ISPs are keeping a strong check on streaming activities and torrent sites number of which have been shut down recently.

Therefore, you need to make a choice that is both safe and reliable in terms of content.

But there’s more. We suggest you also look over the following factors while choosing the best torrent sites for your use.

When was it launched?

Year of launch is a good estimate of how reliable a torrent site is. A lot of them just come and go without even winning moderate number of users. Now we don’t want to spend time on a site which won’t be here when you wake up in the morning.

However, if the site has been around for long that means it’s here to stay. Therefore, we can rely on it to give us what we came for.

Generally, a torrent site that has been up and running for 10 years is considered to be a safe choice. Although you should still watch out for download speed it can deliver before opting for it.

How good is the content library?

So basically we are looking for something that has everything under the sun! Although you won’t find anything that matches to the description exactly, you should aim for a torrent site that is offering the most.

Some torrent sites are specific in the content that deliver. For example, torrent sites for PC games are popular in this aspect. Some other sites have files from many different categories such as software, movies, TV shows and much more.

What is the quality of torrent links?

Here we suggest you aim for a site that offers both speeds of magnet links for downloading and healthy number of torrent files.

When you have been in the torrent business for long, you would realize that some torrent sites deliver files of very low quality. Some of which are even fake. The only thing you will end up doing is wasting your bandwidth.

Why waste a lot of time downloading a movie you won’t even get to watch.

How good is the user-interface?

Remember you are here to get the file you needed and you don’t want it to seem like a run-for-life through a jungle. Therefore, avoid any torrent site that is a mess of ads, auto-play videos and pop-ups.

Choose the torrent site that will immediately get down to the business. There are very high-chances that you will waste time trying to figure out the interface just to realize in the end that the site does not have what you were looking for.

Did you come here for Ads?

No! Although a large number of torrents sites are ad-supported, some are just too plagued with them for their own good. It is common for users to come across a page with intimidating ads that will make it look like that the privacy of your device, mobile or even yourself has been compromised.

Ads and pop-ups can also slow down your internet. In some cases, they might lead to a software dysfunction due to viruses or malware. Make sure you kick any such torrent site off your list.

Look for Mirror Sites

ISPs can block a number of torrent sites if they sense any suspicious activities. However, the best ones out there have realized this and provide their users with alternate URLs to try.

Try your best to stick to torrent sites that work to provide these mirror platforms. You will be safer. Through these URLs you can always access the file even if the torrent site has been shut down.

Look Out For The Number Of Country Bans

Some torrent sites are blocked regionally. They might be up and running in other countries. If you can’t open the site abroad when it was working fine back at home, this could be the major reason.

One way to decide whether the torrent site is reliable or not, determine in how many countries it has been shut down.

Downloading Torrents: The Good And The Bad Sides

It’s always a good practice to weigh both sides prior to getting down to torrenting. So what can be the good sides of downloading torrents?

First of all, we can not ignore the fact that torrents let you watch the movies and shows of your choice and they are a very reliable too for sharing the content with other.

Another huge advantage is that torrents help avoid building up of unnecessary traffic while a client is downloading from the server. How does a torrent do that?

The file which is shared through peer-2-peer networking does not completely rely on one central server. As we have explained before, there are many sources available for that file in form of different seeders.

Even if the peer connection breaks down when the downloading is in process, there is nothing to worry about. You can simply access the other portions on other computers. Oh the perks of P2P technology!

There’s more! Think back to what used to happen when you were downloading from a central server and an error occurs when the process is not complete? You would have to start the download from the scratch (after you were done throwing a tantrum!)

Torrent downloading has solved this issue for you. When you are downloading a file from torrent and an error occurs suddenly, you can just leave it there and resume the downloading of remaining bits of files elsewhere. You will never have to start from scratch!

The torrents also eliminate the need of having to wait for a long period of time till the downloading was complete. The window has been shortened a lot and if you are lucky enough to find a file with many peers, the download will be even faster.

Lastly, torrents reduce the risk of both: file corruption and unavailability of a file. As BitTorrent regularly checks each file, this ensures that only the working ones are provided to the users.

File unavailability used to be a huge issue in the times when everybody relied on centralized servers. Now, as long as peers share the file, YOU will always have a source for downloading!

Now What Are The Downsides of Torrent Downloading?

We can’t sugarcoat the truth for you. Everything has a bad side, right?

Now let’s talk about some of the limitations of using torrents.

The first point here is the issue with bandwidth. Downloading torrents takes up a lot of user’s bandwidth and might not leave room for any other activity. This is a huge issue for anyone who does not have a reliable internet connection.

Can you download all file easily when and if you have a good internet speed? Sadly, no! Not all the files you will be looking for on torrents will be genuine. And obviously, it there are no seeds available, you can not download the file.

With most of the torrent sites, there is no information available whether the file is legit. So basically, you will never know whether it is what you were looking for. The only way to find out is to DOWNLOAD!

Torrent sites are also a major attraction for scammers. Most of the files present there are fake or malware-ridden just waiting for a click from unsuspecting users.

The last issue left to discuss is that of IP address being shared with everyone in the network. All of the users who are seeding or leeching can get hold of your IP address?

Do you think that’s a problem? well, it’s not if you don’t care about sharing your location, web history and other details with EVERYONE. Besides that, IP address can also be used to keep a check on your online activities

Did you Know? A film distributor in Singapore files a case against users who downloaded the movie through torrent. He won and received $2,000 from each, the users and the company!

Final Note

All in all, torrents are a reliable way to get your hands on the files you need. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that that it is not entirely a safe process and you must keep yourself secure by using an encrypted VPN.

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