11 Best Torrent Clients Updated List 2020 | Hassle Free Downloading

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Do streaming platforms and the cloud providers leave a room for Torrent clients? Surprisingly, tons of users still rely on Torrents for content-sharing and file distributions!

Even as a happy Cord-cutter, you might need to download very large files from the internet. A video file, maybe? or a piece of software?

This is the major perk of torrenting: it lets you download very large files, without the headache of a slow experience that you are bound to have with traditional downloading.

FlashCard! What are Torrent Clients?

If you are not a tech-savy person (like me!) you would probably ask “what are torrent clients?” Basically, they are your friends who will be doing the hard-work FOR YOU!

A good torrent client will let you find the required files easily, download them without any hassle and piece them all together at one convenient place.

Here’s the GOOD reason why you need a Torrent Client! Regardless of what software or platform you are using, the computer’s OS will not recognize torrent files itself. That is when your reliable torrent client will come into play!

The torrent client acts a bridge to connect you with other P2P users so you can download files conveniently.

By now I am sure you understand why you should be using a Torrent client. But which one? Continue reading to find out what you should be looking for while choosing a good torrent client.

How To Choose A Good Torrent Client?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are a shopaholic who likes the shirt in a good color or you like it in a good fit?

The only major difference you are going to spot between various Torrent clients is the interface and some specific set-up options. It is for this reasons that I can not make one strong suggestion on which Torrent client you should go for.

Just remember that you want the Torrent client so you can fetch your sweet data! If you are new to this business I would suggest you use the one which has an extremely user-friendly interface that you can easily grasp.

As a starter, just don’t fret too much! After all it is not a decision that your life depends on. You can always give one a try and change it later if you are not satisfied with the choice.

In this article, I have rounded up a list of Top 11 Torrent clients so you only invest your time on the options that are worth trying. I have personally tried few of these and found them to be very satisfactory.
best torrent clients

Can Torrents Get You In Any Trouble?

You can always get in trouble if you are not careful enough!

It is quite sad that Torrents currently have a bad reputation. This is because of piracy issues although Torrents themselves are completely legal.

If you are only accessing material that falls in the category of public domain or you are installing an open-source software, you are safe! These are legitimate uses and no one will point a finger at your activities in this case. BUT….

But the trouble starts when someone tries to download a file or access the content which has copyright issues. The thing you were trying to get for free might end up costing you double!

In this case you need to keep your activities hidden from the eyes of ISPs. Some countries have completely blocked P2P and will not hesitate cutting off your web connection if you are caught using a torrent client.

So before we begin, I would like you to consider the option of using a reliable VPN to mask your identity and stream free of legal issues.

always protect yourself with a VPN
Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

While most of you may or may not know, Governments and ISPSs worldwide have a strict check on their users online activities. In case, any copyrighted content is found streaming, you can land into serious consequences which may be as severe as suspending of your online account. Please know, that your current IP is visible to everyone. We therefore urge you to get started with a reliable Firestick VPN immediately. This will help cover your identity via VPN’s multiple servers, while giving you the premium viewing experience.

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  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.
Now, without any further delay let’s talk about the choices you have when it comes to good Torrent clients.

Our Top 13 Torrent Clients

1) qBittorrent


This is for the starters. It is simple, ads-free, light-weight and has an interface that is easy enough to grasp for anyone.

qBittorent will meet you right in the middle of “keeping things simple” and “offering all the conceivable functions”. Simply put, this torrent client has the reputation of meeting most people’s demands and needs.

qBittorrent is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

What’s more? It won’t even take up a lot of your dear memory space on the computer. So if your aim was to find out a complication-free, cross-platform torrent client, you have it right here!

If that is not enough, here are some more features you can consider qBitTorrent for:

  • Integrated torrent search engine,
  • Amazing media player,
  • Valid encryption,
  • IP filtering,
  • Prioritization of torrents,
  • Automatic port forwarding,
  • Scheduled speed limits,
  • Support for magnetic links,
  • Web user-interface to view downloads,

… and not to mention that this torrent client is completely junk-free!

Another interesting feature of qBittorrent is that it will let you watch the video you are downloading while the process is still going on. Cool, right? You can do this by “downloading a torrent sequentially”.

But we know that nothing is perfect! Same is the case with qBittorrent. Reviewers have not been completely satisfied with the built-in search engine that it offers. Some have also highlighted that the plug-ins are not updated.

The Cons: Out-dated plug-ins, low performance of built-in search engines.

However, I still think it is a decent choice when you are just a starter in torrenting.

2) The Vuze

the vuze

Previously known as Azureus, Vuze can prove to be a good torrent client if you are not annoyed by the ads (because you might get a lot of these here!).

Vuze attracted a lot of users because of its simple interface. This was, in fact, one of the strongest selling points it had in the start. It will cut through all the useless stuff and let you jump straight to the advanced features that you actually want to enjoy.

If it wasn’t for the long list of features that qBittorrent had to offer, I would have definitely placed Vuze on top of the list here. But not to forget that the Vuze also offers some interesting perks itself. For example, bandwidth limiting, support for magnetic links, chat rooms, built-in forum access, and IP filtering.

The Cons: Full of ads, bundled anti-virus trials.

Currently the Vuze is available in 2 version: stripped-back Vuze Leap and the Vuze Plus. The later one would let you steer clear of ads for $10/month. It also includes a number of extra features like DVD burning and anti-virus support.

3) BitTorrent


The original torrent client! BitTorrent is BitTorrent’s own client. Crazy!

BitTorrent and uTorrent have been maintained by the same developers. However, early in 2015, uTorrent went through heap of trouble while the BitTorrent stood out because:

  • It had simple configuration,
  • It offered download scheduling and web-based seeding,
  • Let users comment and review on the provided service,
  • It was surprisingly small in size,light and offered IP filtering,

This was not all! BitTorrent also let its users customize UI according to their liking, download specific files, prioritize files and stream torrents. With so much being given out, who could have said no?

The Cons: Annoying adds, does not offer installation without bundled software.

BitTorrent has been around for a long time and I think it is a pretty smart choice for the Torrent client. Give it a try!

Anybody here remember the uTorrent?

uTorrent had to be the first Torrent client I heard of in my early days of exploring what torrenting means. But there is a reason why I have not included it on the list of my recommended Torrent clients to use.

uTorrent went through a number of issues back in 2015. It was allegedly involved in taking up resources without the user’s permission. Furthermore, it was also accused of embedding a cryptocurrency miner on the user’s computer.

Not to mention other issues like the bundled “crap-ware” and the client being flooded with ads. The company did a lot to protect the reputation at stake. But like they say, the trust once lost is hardly ever won back!

4) Deluge


This one has been around since ages!

The Deluge looks much like qBittorent. However, if you look deeper you will be able to figure out what the core differences here are. The Deluge uses a plug-in system. This means that it would let you build your own torrent client YOURSELF!

Other perks include:

  • Auto-addition of torrents from a folder,
  • Auto-extraction of completed files,
  • Assigning labels to torrents,
  • Incredibly light-weight,
  • Lets you add alphabetical downloading,
  • Offers speed adjustment according to the network,
  • Supports integration with Chrome and Firefox,
  • Takes up less of your CPU and RAM!,
The Cons: a little confusing interface.

5) Transmission


Most people who have landed on the Transmission came here looking for a place whose interface was a little less busy that that of qBittorrent.

Transmission is an open-source alternative of qBittorrent for the Mac and Linux users. But there is something for the Windows users too! They can make use of the “early preview” although this version has some issues in the start-up.

Unlike the other Torrent clients, Transmission does not have a hefty list of long features to offer. The opening window would just present you with a concise list of open torrents. In additions to that you can pause, restart, or delete the ongoing download.

Some of the more advanced settings are:

  • Scheduled speed limit,
  • Folder organization,
  • Web user-interface to view downloads,
  • Command-line tools,

It is for this simple environment, that Transmission has been famous among the beginners.

The Cons: does not stand out because of the small list of basic features it has to offer.

6) Tixati


A retro choice! Although the Tixati is one of the most “fully-featured” choice on this list. All of the basic features work smooth on this amazing Torrent client. These include:

  • Supported magnet links,
  • Prioritization,
  • Sequential downloading,

But the point is, what is it offering that other might not? This is obviously a valid question that any user might ask while shifting to Tixati from any other client or choosing it above other options.

Let me answer this for you: Tixati comes with comprehensive data on the peers that you have connected with.

It also rounds up the data density you are sharing with them, their IP location, the priority where you have placed them, your total bandwidth usage and last but not the last; an event logger.

So basically Tixati makes sure that you stay on top of your torrenting game.

The Cons: There is not much to say here except the very retro look!

7) BiglyBT


I have talked about the Vuze before.The developers who were first trying to launch BiglyBT ended up starting the Vuze. It was after a while that this Torrent client came into action. Subsequently, it is also the youngest one on the list here.

BiglyBT was started in 2017 as an open-source, advertisement-free torrent client. It could not give much competition to the tougher ones like the qBittorent but it did a decent job in offering some basic and other advanced features like DVD burning and having a clean interface.

BiglyBT might seem like the innocent, new kid on the street but that is not the case. So far it has performed well with:

  • Offering full support for WebTorrent,
  • Supported by remote control functions of Android apps,
  • Security settings like VPN integration,
  • Supported proxy searches,
  • Swarm Discovery window that would suggest other torrents to you depending, on the ones you are downloading,

Besides these, BiglyBT also let you decide on the limits on downloads by peer-set, tag, network or by individual peers. It is also keen enough to help you with optimizing your downloads and uploads by keeping a check on internet speed.

The Cons: A little more hefty than other option available in the market. This is because it uses JAVA and takes up more RAM and CPU as compared with the qBittorent or the Vuze.

8) WebTorrent


If there is anything that WebTorrent has attracted a handsome number of users from its this: it lets you stream the file without waiting for the download to finish.

The WebTorrent is an open-source software supported by the Windows, Linux and the Lac. It comes with a polished user-interface and:

  • Playback controls,
  • Subtitles,
  • Sequential downloading,
The Cons: Nothing really if you don’t consider not having a mobile app as a downside!

9) BitComet


For those who are just starting the use of Torrent clients, I would not really suggest that you stop and read what the BitComet had to offer.

This one is for the advance users.

BitComet is old and may not be recieving many updates on regular basis. However, it is still very prominent in offering an intelligent disk caching, and previewing while downloading.

The Cons: Only meant for the Windows users. It is not supported by any other system and I can’t get your hopes up by saying that it might be updated any time soon.

Nonetheless, you can rely on the BitComet to cater to all of your torrenting needs. It is one of the most smoothly working torrent client on the Earth (can’t say much about the other planets!)

10) BitLord


This one is an old bird with features still competitive enough to stand up to some new entries on the list of Torrent clients. BitLord can be used by both experienced and the new torrent users.

Installation of BitLord and downloading here can be a little tricky. This Torrent client proceeds by first downloading the required files and then going ahead with installation. Therefore, you might be at a risk of coming in contact with unwanted software.

Nonetheless, BitLord has stacked up enough features for you to enjoy. Some of these are:

  • Built-in search tool for video and audio,
  • Allows streaming videos on computer and then playing them on Chrome-cast,
  • Download for subtitles,
  • Password protected,
  • Easy file sharing,
The Cons: You will be at a risk of coming in contact with unwanted software.

11) Halite BitTorrent Client


Halite BitTorrent is the last candidate on the list of Torrent clients here. If you were looking for something extremely light-weight and simple, this is going to be your final pick.

Halite BitTorrent is an EXE application. This means when you are done downloading it, you can immediately unzip and open it. The application will run smoothly on your device.

The Cons: supported by Windows only.

What Is Your Pick?

You came here looking for a reliable Torrent client to try. As much as I hope that the list was helpful in making a final choice, I would still suggest that you try on a couple of them instead of relying on just one.

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