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The best working Netflix VPN in November 2020

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Netflix and VPN? It might not make sense to most since it is available now in almost every country. However, some people might still ask for the best VPNs for Netflix. Now, why is that so? Plenty of popular TV shows and Movies are often restricted in your area, or might not be available altogether.

Netflix has to place Geo-restrictions to comply with copyright and licensing land laws. But you do not have to wait around paying for Netflix, yet missing on your favorite shows. Therefore, there some really good VPNs out there. You might find some free VPNs, but they cause ‘Netflix Proxy Detected’ error every once in a while. So what are the good catches without jeopardizing your account? Stay tuned for that.

Netflix VPN

The biggest online entertainment service provider, Netflix is more famous than any entertainment provider with a pool of millions of subscribers worldwide. Netflix started expanding its business only a couple of years ago and started offering its services in more than 190 countries. When Netflix announced its expansion, we know most of you were over the moon for finally getting access to all of your free movies and dramas. There are certain content and database of Netflix which is restricted because of the geography. You might be surprised at how much of the binge-worthy content has been limited in our area. (yup! That happens even with Netflix).

So while all of your favorite content might not be easily accessible to you and your besties, you can still tip-toe around Netflix in finding the right content for you using everyone’s all-time favorite VPN (Virtual Private Network).

So why does this happen, you say? Well like any other strategic media and entertainment developer, Netflix has its legal and/or strategic reasons to Geo-restrict some content this might be frustrating for us, yes but we urge you to not bang your Netflix across the wall. Because of various reasons, privacy and other continent based reasons Netflix chooses to make certain content unavailable to you. (chill, it is okay, we have all of your fixes).

Because of how servers work worldwide, there are some credible VPNs out there which will help you relocate your location to a server somewhere around the globe. They use multiple servers for such purpose which comes with many restrictions and the threat of being detected. Well, what is scarier than how Netflix is invested in getting their hands on such servers and blocking any VPN server detected. It spends a great sum of its revenue in doing so. So yes folks, we have to be extra sneaky and careful here.

Netflix VPN

But worry not, there are some very reliable VPNs which even Netflix fails to recognize. So before jumping to providing you with the right content, we will help you understand why VPNs are such an important must-have thing you should have with your Netflix. Apart from that the extended information on everything you need to know about VPN.

The first and BEST question you may want to ask, So Why Does Netflix Geo-Restrict Some Content?

Before you feel like throwing tantrums at Netflix for being such a mean network by not giving full access. Let us clear this out for you by letting you know that geo-restriction is definitely not their business strategy. I mean what would they get out of it if some content is available on their website yet it is not fully viewed. They stand to provide the best marketing and best content available worldwide, so as to gain more viewers and increase their audience. So think about the better aspect!

The majority of the studios and production houses have various licensing contracts in different countries. Similarly, when it comes to Netflix, some of the content might be restricted on some other platform. For example, what Netflix USA shows will be restricted in the UK due to the licensing issues. This situation makes using a VPN handier than usual.

Another way of putting it is that if a satellite channel has secured or constructed particular copyrights in a region. The satellite might not be able to broadcast certain particular shows again because of the copyright issues especially when it comes to streaming via Netflix. Since Netflix is based in USA it automatically has the largest content library because of its headquarters situated in the USA.

Whenever you log in via a server, your ISP assigns a unique IP address to your internet connection. IP addresses are designed in a way where it not only identifies your country but also the region from where the content is being searched. Some particular IP addresses even tell who the particular address belongs to. Often these IP addresses are used by Netflix to route the content specific to your region and in most cases, it is because of these IP addresses. Because of these IP addresses, you aren’t able to access the USA Netflix library until a VPN is activated to change your IP address.

Not All VPNs Can Stream Netflix’s Geo-Restricted Content

Since we have been talking about VPNs from the start, let us give you little insights on how VPNs work and having VPN is important. The VPN can surpass the geo-restriction and allow you to stream Geo-restricted content easily available via a VPN. So how does it actually work? If you wish to access Netflix USA, then you would need to have access to a server that is based on the USA. Your original IP address will be masked by activating this VPN and will trick the connection in believing that the access request has been made from within the US.

However, there are several VPNs out there and not all of them are good enough to mask the IP address especially if they are the free ones. Therefore, you should discard any VPNs that come off as free versions. (We know you might not want an extra burden of money on your pocket, but believe us when we say this, this post will be worth the effort).

Netflix is widely known for its work and securing their addresses from end to end subscriptions. Since Netflix is already on their tail to catch all such VPNs. We have dug out these three commendable VPNs. The most effective VPN for Netflix are;

How Does Netflix Detect a VPN: Quick Look?

However, you are connected to a VPN server, a new IP address is provided to your connection. We know this much this far. However, there are thousands of people using the same server at any given time. since it is more convenient and light on the pocket for the VPN providers. They lower the subscription fee and get more users to use their servers. This also keeps you anonymous because of many users on the main server.

Since when it comes to Netflix, a lot of Netflix users are logged into a particular server at any given time. since when many such servers get on Netflix’s radar, they are easily able to detect what is happening and how a VPN might be in action. The company puts a certain algorithm into action and voila! Your servers and everything is exposed. The IP address is instantly blocked and you are no longer able to stream region-restricted content. That is when you come across an error Netflix Proxy Detected.

This is how you come under Netflix’s VPN buster radar.

So how have these VPNs topped our lists?


Servers: IPVanish might come off as a weaker server provider as compared to the other two however, they still have many servers working. Unfortunately, IPVanish has been the biggest victim of the Netflix VPN crusade. However, as compared o many other unreliable sources of accessing Netflix, this one is preferably much better.


Price: just like the other two VPNs, IPVanish is available in 3 packages.

  • The Monthly package: Paid $10 per month
  • The Quarterly package: Billed $26.99 per three months
  • The Best Value for Money package: Billed $77.99 per year

Platforms: this VPN is also compatible with almost all the platforms.

How can you install IPVanish: just like the previous two VPNs, you would have to buy the subscription by visiting their website and then following the instruction prior and after the downloading and installation starts happening?


Servers:  what makes Express VPN stand out from the majority is how it has multiple servers. Express VPN has over 3000 servers widespread over 100 countries. The biggest percentage of its servers are in the US. And surprisingly many servers are just for Netflix VPN service. They have a very secured back to back linking followed by a security team that is helping in maintain these servers without getting caught.


Price: express VPN ha hefty price and does not come off as a cheap VPN service. But is it worth its price? Most definitely yes it is. ExpressVPN is available in three pricing tiers;

  • The Monthly package: $12.95 per month
  • The Half-Yearly package: $9.99 per month
  • The Best Value for Money: $6.67 per month

Platforms: since Netflix is supported on all the platforms, ExpressVPN is also available on all the platforms as well. You are definitely lucky if you happen to own any of these; Apple TV, Amazon FireStick, PlayStation 3 or 4, or Xbox. Along with the Geo-restricted Netflix content ExpressVPN also offers MediaStreamer on these platforms as well.

How can you install ExpressVPN: you can easily install this VPN on any device by going on their official website?


Servers: NordVPN has over 1000 servers in the majority of the countries where most users use a proxy for Netflix mainly. It might not be as widespread as express VPN but it is most popular among users after ExpressVPN. Some of its servers have been banned by Netflix. However, they have many pending servers that keep you going. You can move from one server to another server if you aren’t able to aces Netflix with one server


Price: when looking at the subscriptions, the NordVPN is much cheaper than the yearly subscriptions. They have a very attractive 3-year plan where this VPN service really shines. The VPN is billed an average with $99 every 36 months and allows you to save you more than 75% taking the entire cost down to only $2.75. we believe this as a massive good catch.

Platforms: NordVPN is compatible with every platform you provide it with. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned about whether it is compatible with your platform or not.

How can you install NordVPN: you would first need to buy the subscription via their website, access their website and then download and follow all the procedures that follow after the download has happened.

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