23 Kodi Skins for 2020 | Make Your Kodi Look Fantastic in 7 Steps

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Kodi skins is a throbbing question almost every other reader is asking us every now and then.

Well here you have it folks. Our Top Kodi Skins for 2020.

Testing out these Kodi skins has been a very interesting and fun activity so far. We thoroughly enjoyed (even liked some for ourselves) testing these out for our users.

For those of you who do not know what Kodi is?

It is a free and breezy media software which acts as a domain for operating and installing various media streaming outlets. With Kodi you can have aces to your favorite movies, TV shows, live TV streaming, sports, games, videos and what not. The possibilities with Kodi are endless!

The multiple streaming options, addons and features it has to offer, doubles your experience of entertainment.

Before getting on with our top picks, let’s first look into how can you install Kodi Skin on your Kodi Firestick.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

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1. Fire up your Kodi Main Home Screen and go to Kodi Settings.

best kodi skins

2. Click on Interface.

how to install kodi skins

3. You will view ‘Skin’ Option on both sides. Make sure you click on both on the right and left.

how to change kodi skin

4. You will now see a number of Skin options. Choose your desired skin from the list.

top kodi skins

If you want to view more click on ‘Get more..’

5. Choose the Skin you want to apply and allow it to download and install.

best kodi skins

6. Proceed by clicking ‘Yes’.

install kodi skins

That’s all folks! You are half way through.

Let’s get down to the real deal.

Our Best Choices of Kodi Skins for 2020


This is our top pick since its quite popular and goes hand in hands with the in demand Kodi build Xanax Build these days. The skin reflects the true theme of Kodi. The categories are well organized and easy to use. For those of you who prefer a simple layout with a very plain yet modern outlook, this will be our top pick.

Aeon Nox

The futuristic appeal of the Kodi skin is quite a catch to the eye. The Kodi Build we use No Limits Magic Build uses this amazing Kodi skin. You will find the sub-menu items quite extensive since this particular Kodi skin is large in size. This skin is also gaining popularity with its amazing space-tech layout appeal. You will find this one in some notable Kodi Builds.

Fuse (neue)

The categories with Fuse Kodi skin are only four. However, we like the simple layout which is quite direct and straightforward. We would rate as a great choice for the first time Kodi users. You will find plenty of Video, Music, Add-Ons and some other creative features which will be great for first time users.


This Kodi Skin is designed for an ultra HD streaming show. Everything on your view is pretty much in HD, from the titles and pictures. Your visual streaming experience will be automatically elevated with this Kodi skin. If you are someone who find big HD tittles appealing, this is particular Kodi skin might be for you. Give it out a try!


If you are into customizing your home screens the way we do, we’d say pick this fine piece of a Kodi skin. You can shift whatever way you want to see your settings to go like, from vertical layout to horizontal. You will find quite many options while customizing. Our favorite part is uploading a laughing gig picture on your Kodi.


It somewhat reminds us of the former Estuary Kodi Skin which used to be a great Kodi layout. You can change fonts, upload pictures, play around with the background and do as much changes as you want with this particular Kodi skin. We will suggest it especially to those of our users who want light size Kodi skins for their device.


This Kodi skin is specific for those who use touchscreen devices. It pretty much comes with all the satisfactory features you may be looking for in your Kodi skin. The layout is an exact replica of Estuary, so we can assure it that the layout is pretty nice to the eyes.

Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is something similar to the previous Kodi Skin Chroma, which offers distinct High Definition streaming content. Apart from the content it makes the content looks ten times better than any other streaming Kodi Skin. What makes this Kodi skin stand out is the main feature where you can hide your personal photos and upload them as well.


If you are someone who likes their TV shows, movies streaming with in depth details, Adonic is most definitely your cup of tea. From duration, rating, cast and year of release you will find each and every specification for your streaming content.


A very innocent and simple interface, for people who prefer clean cut user interface and straightforward category choices. You will find the categories directly laid out in the middle of the screen, you can easily navigate yourself from there. Simple and easy!

Bello 7

A very minimal user-interface Kodi skin, for people who like minimum functionality and direct streaming options. You can search for titles easily and look into categories, which are very conveniently done for you with name like Most popular, Box office films and latest movies additions. Give it a try folks!

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  • Click on ‘Download’.
  • Once downloaded, you would need to register with the username and password information you must have provided while registering.
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  • Soon you would be connected. You can disconnect from the connection whenever you wish to stop using a VPN.


Another true specimen for Kodi layout with the mix and match of older versions of Kodi skins. You can easily customize your Kodi skin by enabling visualization, modifying the background and theme color of the skin on your own terms. What struck is the most that all TV shows and movies have different displays according to the theme of the streaming content which is quite a different punch.


A true majestic artistic Kodi skin which is no less than an art gallery. The rich display does not hinder with the features and categories Kodi has to offer to its users. There is plenty of customization available with this Kodi skin as well. For our fancy readers! This one is quite a catch.


A bit different and unique, Quartz is quite a creative Kodi skin. It is a fan based Kodi skin which in a lot of ways similar to Apple TV interface. You will find the ease of navigation just the way you get it on Apple TV. That being said you get to have a lot of art based fun with it and customize it in ways which seems fit to you. A cool Kodi skin to have.


A very clean yet classy design with no-nonsense interface, Rapier has very eloquent and neat features. Who does not like a classic user-interface? We are totally into the clear icons, splashy displays, and great audio support. This Kodi skin will offer you all of that.


This is the longest and active Kodi Skin till date. Most Kodi users have always chosen this Kodi skin because of its amazing compatibility with FireStick TV and Fire TV. The outlook is very direct and to the point. You can find fTV officially at the Kodi add-on repository.


In our list, this is a fun funky Kodi skin which will add some color to your FireStick life. The display is different, categories are simple and straightforward yet has a twist of visual presentation. On top of it you will get so many options to choose from. Meaning you can change modify the main menu and animation accordingly.


Eminence is a very light Kodi Skin to have on your device. It was basically designed to accommodate maximum add-ons on your Kodi. It will show you maximum display of add-ons on your screen with practical designs and very smooth user interface.


AeonTajo is a library full of amazing Kodi skins. While using this one it did not bore our brains out. The top feature was its soothing background playing music which is quite aesthetic and pleasing to ears. There are lots of visualization and relaxing music and displays to enjoy. We suggest all of our users to have this one on their Kodi.

Xperience 1080

One of the top Kodi skin for best features with neatest and organized visualization. For our neat freaks if you are unable to find any alternative for your previously boring Kodi Skin, Xperience1080 is an amazing alternative. The graphics are quite fancy which is an added bonus for Kodi users. Make sur you check this one out.


Just as the name suggests, this Kodi skin has a very cool and calm aura to its user interface. The features are quite cool and compatible with all of the features it has to offer to its users. You will find incredible episode list in your favourite TV shows categories.


If you have not updated Kodi as yet, please know this is our most popular choice for Kodi Leia 17.6. we highly recommend you using this Kodi skin if you have no intention of shifting to the updated version of Kodi. It works great for all of the Kodi devices. Moreover, you can pick your own default categories like pictures, videos and YouTube as add-ons however and whenever way you want them.

Our Final pick?

To be honest we truly enjoyed testing all of this Kodi skins on our platform. AeonTajo however is our favourite in terms of variety and quality Kodi skins.

Some of these Kodi skins will be specific for certain Kodi builds as we have mentioned in some of our top picks in our guide above. In our opinion you should pick out the ones which are taken over by the Kodi Builds.

In that case those Kodi skins will come off as more reliable and popular among the Kodi users.

That’s all from our side folks.

Please know that we update our content regularly. Although we try our best to cover all aspects of the targeted feature, however we will encourage our readers to make our work more interactive by commenting below with their thoughts and experiences.

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