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Amazon Firestick for Streaming in 21st Century

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Amazon Firestick is the exclusive streaming device of this new age. This device lets you convert your old TV to a smart television. The smart TV is equipped with all the amazing streaming apps that you can imagine. This device offers a hassle-free source of entertainment.

If you have decided on pursuing your desire for a non-stop entertainment experience, then it is time to check the Amazon Firestick cheapest prices. It is important to know what these gadgets cost!

This article has covered all the best deals that are available on Firestick. However, if you have a little room in your budget then we advise you to go for the upgraded Fire TV Stick 4K. The 4K version provides enhanced video and sound features.

Another perk of using Amazon Firestick instead of its competitors such as Now TV and Roku is that it is featured with the smart assistant Alexa. Moreover, the huge library of games and apps available on Firestick simply cannot be matched by its competitors.

It can rightly be said that all those who are looking for a smart TV experience in an affordable range should invest in the Amazon Firestick.

amazon firestick for sale

Why choose Amazon Firestick over your traditional Cable TV?

Just getting rid of your cable connection and shifting your entertainment sources to the new age streaming devices may be the best thing that you do for yourself.

The real question for many users here is that should they go for the Firestick over their conventional cable TV? The answer would be “Yes”. Firestick has multiple advantages over the regular cable TV. Let us do a quick comparison between the two for you to have a better idea.

FirestickCable TV
Live TV StreamingAvailableAvailable
SubscriptionNot Needed on Jailbroken DevicesRequired
Premium ChannelsAvailableAvailable
Internet ConnectionRequiredNot Required
Purchase Cost$29 OnlyFee for Equipment Charged
Monthly Cost$0$35-$65
Annual Cost$0$420-$780!!!

Keep in mind that cost is not the only major advantage of a Firestick over Cable TV. There are other advantages listed below for you to quickly go through:

  • Firestick is highly versatile. All famous streaming platforms such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime can be accessed with a single click,
  • It has the Alexa Smart Assistant. You can press a single button and just say what you want. Alexa will take care of it for you,
  • Firestick does not need you to sign any contracts whatsoever,
  • Firestick is a portable device. Its size is no more than of a thumb drive. You can easily carry it anywhere while you are traveling,

And of course like we have already stated that Firestick is budget-friendly. The only major expense is the purchase cost. There are No subscription or maintenance fee involved,

How can you cut down on the cost of using Firestick?

If you have brought the Firestick device and avoid paying for the cost of the additional channels and use it completely for free, then simply Jailbreak your Firestick by downloading this easy to follow guide.

Jailbreaking is not illegal but you may get into trouble for streaming copyrighted content. Since governments and ISPs can track your online activity, we advise our users to make use of a good VPN.

An Overview on the Perks of Amazon Firestick

Before we proceed on with the price and feature details for Amazon Firestick for sale, let’s take a quick look on all the advantages that Fire TV device has to offer:

  • Fire TV device easily attached with the HDMI slot on your TV and converts it into a smart TV. This is the most convenient source to stream more than 250,000 films and episodes available on Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and etc.
  • Firestick also lets you stream live television such as news and sports channel. NBC, Sling TV, CNN, AMC, ESPN, Cartoon Network and a lot more.
  • The Firestick has a storage capacity of 4X, a dual-core processor and a memory space of 1 GB.
  • You do not have to worry about the waiting time on buffering because you can instantly select the TV shows and movies you wish to watch.
  • You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies from the convenience of your home even those recently released.
  • The members of Amazon Prime have unlimited access to all Prime Videos + more than 1 million songs on Prime Music.
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Amazon Firestick for Sale (4K)

This version of Amazon Firestick well known as “4K” is the best in the market for streaming 4K standard movies and TV shows.

Quality of Picture:  4K HDR10+ | Alexa Smart Assistant: Available | Ethernet Connection: Needs an added charger | Voice Remote: Compatible Storage Capacity: Up to 8GB | Pricing $49.99 | Dolby Atmos Audio: Available

If you are in search of the most recent and the ultimate streaming device, then you should never look anywhere else apart from Amazon Firestick 4K. You will not have to spend a handsome amount to buy the latest 4K Firestick device.

This 4K Firestick is a small gadget but has a world of features in form of a thumb-sized pin drive. Apart from this, the drive is high definition, has 4K compatibility, Wi-Fi enabled and a quad processor of 1.7GHz. It is also equipped with the exclusive Dolby Atmos Audio. All these features are hard to locate in a single device except the 4K Amazon Firestick. It further has the exclusive smart assistant Alexa with voice control features.


Amazon Firestick for Sale

This is the basic version of Amazon Firestick famously known as “Firestick”. It offers a super affordable way of converting your TV into a smart TV within the comfort of your home.

Quality of Picture: 1080p (Full HD) | Voice Remote: Compatible Alexa Smart Assistant: Available | Storage CapacityUp to 8GB | Ethernet Connection: Needs an added charger | Pricing$39.99 | Speedy User Interface |

Let’s be real! The ugly black box on top of the TV in your living room not only looks tacky but appears pretty old school as well. Hence it is time to enjoy a full smart TV experience without the need for the black box by buying the Amazon Firestick device.

The Firestick is providing all the quality entertainment content that any black box is offering. However, the main advantage is that the Firestick comes packed in a small, USB sized device which is portable.

Furthermore, you will be surprised at how friendly the user interface of this Firestick device is. It is smartly designed to help easy browsing for the users. It also has the voice search feature which further makes the use of this device convenient. You can easily toggle between different apps. Almost all of the mainstream streaming platforms are compatibles with Firestick.

The previous model was only compatible for the high definition streaming but if you are craving for the 4K user experience then you should opt for the 4K version. When it comes to this basic model of Firestick there are many discount deals available so even if one has a low budget they can still enjoy a complete HD entertainment experience.

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