3 Step Installation 1Amazing Build on Kodi 18.3 Leia 2020 (Works 100%)

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Another amazing Kodi Build is the 1Amazing Kodi Build for the Kodi 18 Builds. This one is fairly new and since Kodi 18 is itself quite new in the market. There are very limited and few build-ons you can rely upon.

You may find many add-ons to add on your Kodi, however, when it comes to having certain Builds it is hard to say that there are many available in the market. There have been many numerous Kodi Builds that have caused trouble in initiating the launch. However, 1Amazing Build has proved itself to be a reliable Kodi Build.

With this guide, we will walk you through with what are the main steps and then a detailed guide of how you can follow these simple steps for the installation procedure of 1Amazing Build for Kodi Leia.

The installation can be done on the following devices:
  • FireStick
  • Android TVs
  • Android Boxes
  • Android Mobiles
  • Mac & Windows
  • Software/Hardware for Kodi
  • Raspberry Pi

What makes 1amazing standout is its easy streaming and no troubleshooting in the entire process. It is one of the few Kodi Builds which are very lightweight and runs super smoothly. It can even operate on devices with very low specifications, making it easier for you to access Kodi from time to time.

Apart from the above-mentioned software, it works ideally with FireStick and Android TV box devices as well. You will find the build as a very likable user interface that is packed with manageable add ons for various media content whether it is about movies, TV shows or sports shows.

Some of the recommended add-ons from our experience are:
  • Exodus Redux
  • The Magic Dragon
  • DeathStar
  • Supremacy
  • SportsDevil
  • Deceit

Because of its easy user interface (out of our experience), it is safe to say that 1amazing is a definite Kodi build to have whenever you are looking for easy and safe Best Kodi Builds!

Let’s dig into how we can have access to this amazing Kodi Build for ourselves.

Installation Procedure for Titanium Build on Kodi 18.4 Leia

To help you have a better understanding of how 1Amazing Build can be installed, we have broken down the entire process into 3 major steps.

STEP 1: Switch on the ‘’Unknown Sources’’.

STEP 2: Complete the Installation of the OneAlliance Reborn Wizard.

STEP 3: Finish the installation for 1Amazing Build.

For a detailed version of how you can access these steps, keep on reading folks.

STEP 1: Switch on the ‘’Unknown Sources’’

warning Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice before you continue reading!

Please be aware, that the step to be explained is in no way a part of the direct installation of the Kodi 1Amazing Build. It becomes absolutely essential if you are looking forth for online smooth steaming and less online traffic hindrance on your server and surfing. Always be mindful that If the Unknown Sources are not turned on, you will not be able to install any Kodi Build and may end up downloading something you have not bargained for. So let’s look into how we can skim our way towards the 1Amazing Build installation.

1.            Fire up Kodi and navigate through the Home Screen. Go to the Settings option on the top left side of the page.

Kodi settings

2.            Access the system which will show on the bottom right of your screen


3.            Click on the add-ons and scroll down towards the right side. Click on the Unknown Sources and turn the slider ON.

add-ons settings

4.            There will be a warning box pop-up on your screen, tap on Yes and ignore it


If you are worried about how this Build is going to turn out to be, you do not have to worry about this particular one as all of the recommended builds on our site are tested and secure to install.

With this one step off you, you are now successfully prepared for the installation of Titanium Build for Kodi Leia.

STEP 2: Complete the Installation of the OneAlliance Reborn Wizard

For a very breezy user interface it is always really important for any Build to have an interface medium for smooth access. Therefore, it is quite important for OneAlliance Reborn Wizard to be installed for 1Amazing Kodi Build to be functioning fully. You can access it and install it by following these simple steps below.

1.            Navigate through the Home Screen to Kodi Settings.

1Amazing Kodi Build

2.            Go to the File manager


3.            Tap on the ‘Add Source’ option.

file manager

4.            In the Add File Source, you can click on the option ‘None’.

add file source

5.            Using the keypad which now appears on the screen, type in the following link  http://onealliancereborn.com/repo  and click on OK.


6.            Navigate back to the window and enter the same path (link) you entered above. As per name you can name it anything you wish it to be recognized as. Now click OK.

add file source

7.            Go back to the main Kodi Home Screen once again. Tap on the Add-ons.

Kodi Home screen

8.            Navigate through the option for ‘Package Installer’’. You should be looking for the icon of ‘Open-Box’.

add-ons settings

9.            Click on the option install using the “zip File next”.

install zip file

10.          Tap on the name you have earlier assigned it as.


11.          Access the file in it.

file manager

12.          The OneAlliance Reborn Wizard will now be successfully installed about which you will be notified eventually.

zip file installation

13.          The window which now pops-up, you would have to dismiss it.

14.          On the next window popup, you have to click on Continue.


15.          The final popup, tap on the Build menu and access the Kodi Builds list to find the ‘1Amazing Build’.

add-ons browser

You have now successfully installed the OneAlliance Reborn Wizard as a host for the installation of further Kodi Build.

STEP 3: Finish the installation of Titanium Build

1.            Go back to the main ‘Kodi Home Screen’. Access the Add-Ons and then tap on the Program Add-Ons.


2.            Launch the newly installed OneAlliance Reborn Wizard

3.            Tap on the Builds


4.            Go to the 1Amazing Builds

1Amazing Kodi build

5.            Select the option of ‘Fresh Install’

fresh install
Trigger: It is best to install the build after resetting of the Kodi. That is why Fresh Install is there.

6.            Proceed with Continue

OneAlliance Reborn Wizard

7.            The download will prompt immediately however you would have to give it some time as it greatly depends on your internet speed.

kodi builds

8.            Once the installation is done. Tap on Force Close for Kodi to shut. (at times Kodi shuts down on its own as well without any prior warning)

kodi build

Open Kodi again and find the downloaded Built.

Attention FireStick Users: Important Notice Before You Continue Reading!

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Recap on 1Amazing Build for Kodi

If you follow these guidelines you will have absolutely no trouble in accessing the 1Amazing Build for Kodi. Navigating through this Build is fairly easy as the layout is very simple and easy to access.

It is a perfect build, which manageable add-ons, user-friendly menu bar options and much more. Do not forget to enjoy this Build fully by gaining access to a very good VPN such as the IPVanish.

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